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  1. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    Actually, 70+ and a bit more (1**'ish) returns 30/33 mpg, around town high 20's A very spirited drive mid 20's and if I drive like a grandad, change up at quite low revs i can get high 30's and I put It In sport mode before I left the dealers when I picked her up and she has never been in anyother mode. Cars done 4600K miles but I didn't buy it and worry about MPG. She only drinks super unleaded and she loves it.
  2. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    The 245 has the bigger brakes as it needs to stop more times for fuel.
  3. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    ................................and the Black 19" extremes ( dark grey is the standard colour ) and black exaust tips. Think I'll stick a greenline badge on mine along with a 1.6 Tdi
  4. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    I would but you cannot get 245 stickers cos they don't make 'em
  5. 3.6 V6 vs TSi

    www.skoda. Any Good ?
  6. Job change

    and the job is, or is it top secret ? Good luck Tompson
  7. Peculiar findings after buying a car

    I once got some Viagra dust in my eyes, didn't hurt much but it made me look hard. I also got a viagra tablet stuck in my throat, I had a stiff neck for a week
  8. Can you make a 230 Vrs into a 245 Vrs ( Engine power ) by swopping/fitting a new ECU or is it not that simple.
  9. Wear on front seats?

    I find it's easiest to drag the photos onto the desk top the drag them into the thread/post
  10. Below the waistline operations.

    Pleased to hear you are now on the road to recovery. Mrs G had the same option 3 as yourself when she had a new knee firred last December. Every thing was a complete success and was up and around on sticks the following day and was home the next day so a 3 day stay in Hospital. Looks like you were just unlucky or had some sort of reaction to the Operation
  11. vRS245 ordered club

    Thats basically what swung me towards a Pre FL 230 over the 220. The extra bits fitted at no cost was a no brainer and cheaper than buying the 220 and adding extras. I also liked the Idea of the e-diff.
  12. New cupholder phone tray

    What's a C D Please .................
  13. Deactivate Alarm

    Apology accepted Tilt, you can keep your eye
  14. The " Days, till Christmas " Part Six

    97 days to go folks, Times creeping on.....
  15. White Fabia rally kit Preston Docks

    ^^ I'm rather liking that............... ^^