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  1. vRS Seat Protector

    You go by car, missus and the kids by Bus Simples
  2. Moved in today. New house

    Mrs G and myself moved into our new house today. We have moved from North Yorkshire to East Yorkshire. We'll be unpacking boxes for the next days..................
  3. Washer bong and Tyre pressures Q

    I have the Coloured Maxi Dot so I wonder if thats why I get a Red Wheel.
  4. Washer bong and Tyre pressures Q

    On my Octavia 230 if you get a TP warning I get a picture of the car ( in white ) and the wheel at fault is coloured red on the radio Screen.
  5. Ovtavis VRS purchase

    .........as is the exaust on the Pre FL 230, along with the e-diff.
  6. Extended warranty premium

    Very true, bit theres nothing worse than putting in a claim thinking your covered when infact you are not.
  7. Extended warranty premium

    I'd check what it covers TBH, the extended warranty offered by Skoda is an aftermarket warranty by a 3rd party. ( not like the factory warranty ) Major component's might be add on's so increasing the price
  8. Ovtavis VRS purchase

    Something might be on the cards, seems strange that the 245 was pulled and now the 230. Unless the Octavia Vrs has met it's end and Skoda are going to push the Superb Sportline
  9. Problem with Drivers Door Seal

    Skoda UK decide if it's a Warranty claim, not the dealer.......
  10. Mike

    Do you mean between the dials ? ( Maxi dot screen ) I think it's a tick box on the Car settings on the Radio.
  11. ** Days Until Christmas, ** Part Seven.

  12. vRS245 ordered club

    If you cancel you wont be able to re-order. No new orders, books closed
  13. A couple of well placed plastic wire ties might do it, drill a couple of small holes and wire tie it up....................
  14. Tonights Tea.............

    It did, it tasted great but had quite a lot of cooked lead in it.
  15. Wiper blades

    Just replaced the wipers on Mrs G's Fabia and on my 230. what a different it's made. Fitted OEM from the dealers

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