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  1. The " Days, till Christmas " Part Six

    29 days left
  2. Fly Tipping.................

    Watching the news tonight there was an artical on Fly Tipping. Councils charge horiffic prices for tradesmen/general public etc etc who try to use the tips hence it results in fly tipping and then it costs the Councils/tax payers an arm and a leg to clean it up. Wouldn't it be cheaper for councils to allow free disposal of rubbish than pay for rubbish to be removed from fly tipping Doesn't make sense to me
  3. Sat Nav issue & Dash Display

    There's a software update for the early Bolero units on the MKIII Octavias. Mine used to jump from Station to Station then ring a number from my phone. The touch screen was unresponsive until thecar warned up.
  4. The " Days, till Christmas " Part Six

    only 30 days to go
  5. I might ring him and ask BTW what new car are you getting ? You can PM me if you like
  6. Near death experience - electric tailgate

    Reminds me of this:-
  7. Sat Nav issue & Dash Display

    The Sat nav screen its self might be the problem. The wifes MKIII Fabia is the same, my old ( 63 plate ) Octavia Tdi Vrs also had a mind of it's own. Usually happend then the outside temperature was cold or on damp cold days. Once the car interiour warms up evrey thing goes back to normal. There might be a software update, if not you might need a new screen. I think it happens because the touch screen gets cold and possibly damp on the inside. The wifes Fabia is in the Menders next week to sort the problem out. Hope that helps
  8. vRS245 ordered club

    Sits and awaites the arrival of the Exhaust noise Police................
  9. The " Days, till Christmas " Part Six

    31 days left
  10. Northern Ireland Meet - Sunday 19th Nov 2017

    I also like cheese ones
  11. Northern Ireland Meet - Sunday 19th Nov 2017

    Theres 308 bags missing................. ^^^ I only like Beefy ones .........^^^ Irish customs, Mr FUBAR why do you have 350 bags of salt and vinigar Hula Hoops, (everyone sits in a circle)........My name is FUBAR and I like Hula Hoops Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'm an addict I need help................
  12. 2012 Octavia vrs black line.

    Don't think it has Xenons, no washers on the lights.