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    Fabia vRS & Octavia estate
  1. Fabia VRS LE Register Part Trois

    049 is for sale in a garage on the south side of Glasgow
  2. Just bought a Fabia (picking up 19/08/2017)

    Looks like a tidy car and a good buy, many happy years of motoring in it.
  3. Warning: Fabia Door Leaks

    Had this problem 4 yrs ago simply used external window sealant along the rubber at the bottom of the window and slightly up the sides and had no problems since. Removed the door handles so that the windows could not be opened not that there is usually anyone in the back seats of our car. When it's smoothed off you hardly even notice it, saves messing around with the door card and solves the problem permanently. The car is now 12 years old and dry.
  4. Look! Safe to move?

    Have exactly the same problem with my 2014 octavia estate, it started first with the drivers side parking sensor staying on for three days which seemed to resolve itself, then i got a lane drift warning which should not have come on, then the problem mentioned above which remained for the 150 mile journey. Next day everything was normal. i phoned the dealership who advised me to take a video of the problem because if they could not find a fault Skoda UK wouldn't pay for the work under warranty. Since I don't have the means of taking a video I thank you for raising the topic, it's what I was looking for on the site. As an owner of a 2006 Fabia my honest opinion on the new vehicles is I could do without half of the clever electronics there's more that can and will go wrong.
  5. CJGREEN's Fabia VRS

    Can I ask why Octavia calipers?
  6. Someone persuade me! (Possible new owner)

    Agree with Lauran, I too have a vRS 2006 has now done 98,000 just sailed through it's MOT, reliable, well built (apart from the rear door seals), cheap to run, good mileage and great fun in the mid range which is very useful on two way roads if you want to overtake, the torque is amazing. It also has cruise control which makes driving restful on long journeys. Buy one.
  7. hello

    New to the site which I have read often so thought I would join in. Current vehicles 2006 Fabia vRS black bought in 2007 great car, solid, reliable, cheap to run just through it's MOT without any problems 98,000 miles on the clock.Still raises a smile when I accelerate in the mid range. Bought an Octavia estate 1.6 recently Dark Blue, 2014 with 10,000 miles on it, as a load lugger, lots of electronic toys on it, bluetooth, variable cruise control,sat nav, DAB radio, split boot, roof rails etc Very comfortable family cruiser without the excitement of the Fabia. Very impressed by the knowledge of the members on the site, a great resource for all Skoda owners.

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