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  1. VRS Timing Chain Damage. Round 2

    yes he did say they will be checked upon strip down and will inform me if there is any issues. If I did not mention this before the work this time is being carried out by an award winning vw audi specialist garage and not the garage that I bought the car from like the first time. they have plenty of experience of the EA888 engine. I think they tried to save money by using the old cam bridge the first time around. The garage carrying out the work told me there was a service bulletin regarding replacing the bridge if the timing chain is replaced. once again thanks for the advice and info.
  2. VRS Timing Chain Damage. Round 2

    Hi. Just quick update regarding my timing chain issues. Specialists rang today to tell me as rayx suggested that both cams need replacing due to being worn. this has added another big chunk of money to the warranty bill. If the cam bridge had been replaced on initial repair this situation might have not got so bad. He told me the repair bill is now in the 2k region. It's only a month ago the turbo was replaced. I'm just having no luck with this car. so glad I have a warranty. Thanks again to rayx for the heads up regarding the cams.
  3. VRS Timing Chain Damage. Round 2

    The Car is in the garage so I do not have any more pictures of the cams. I will just have to wait to see what the results are and take it from there. But as this is a warranty claim it is going to cost me nothing and all work is guaranteed by the garage and car supplier. If it fails again they will have to sort it.
  4. VRS Timing Chain Damage. Round 2

    yes the steel ball is still in place
  5. VRS Timing Chain Damage. Round 2

    Thanks rayx for the reply and info. I have that bracket at home with me and the timing cover and bolt. there replacing the bracket with a new one and told me there was a service bulletin about this so there onto it. Gauze filter looks like the plastic type. the surface on the bracket seems reasonably ok from what I can see but I'm no expert might be wrong, The lads at autotechnica no there stuff so I'm leaving it in there capable hands. They explained everything and said it will be sorted by the end of next week. All previous work by them has been superb. Can't fault them. Pictures are not the best
  6. VRS Timing Chain Damage. Round 2

    Just to add this is being fixed again under warranty
  7. Hi all. Well after less than a year since my failed timing chain tensioner and related damage it caused I thought those problems were over. It was all fixed by the dealer I bought the car from (I thought). All Genuine VW Parts (Latest tensioner) However I was getting a vibration again from the engine and very noticeable from about 2800/3000rpm. Worried it was timing chain issues again I Took it strait to the guys at autotechnica In Hull. Even though it was 5.30 and they were about to go home they told me to bring it around the back and stick it on the ramp. Andy the owner and Richard both tried to sus out were the vibration was coming from. They thought it might be the new turbo they fitted 3 weeks earlier (Due to failing. Another story). Suggested I do not drive it and leave it with them till they work out what's Wrong. So I left it with them and was kindly given a lift home by Richard. Three Days later Andy rang me to say they had removed the turbo and exhaust But nothing was wrong with those parts and they would do some more investigating . Well Today I got a phone call from them to say they had found the cause of the vibration and if possible could I come in so they could show me. What they had found and had never seen it happen before was one of the guide bolts had worked it's way out and was rubbing vibrating against the timing cover. Fortunately the bolt was not able to completely Drop out But was gradually gridding a hole in the timing cover. Lee who was doing the work told me that a couple of parts that should have been replaced when it first went pop were re-used. You will see in one of the photos some metal gauze that was found in the sump. That's the only largish piece he found in the sump and said it should be ok and they have changed the oil and filter as a precaution. Andy told me that although the chain has not lost tension the guide and tensioner and a few other parts should be replaced again . He said I was very lucky the bolt had not dropped out. Only other issue is what damage has been done to the guide bold thread on the engine block. This might need Helicoiling but as it's only torqued to 20nm it might be ok.
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