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    Octavia II Combi 1.6 MPI SE, Fabia I 2.0 MPI Elegance
  1. Hopefully a not too silly question - does the manifold need to come off to change the plugs on the 1.6 MPi, or does the plastic housing come off seperately? Have a had a Google and a poke around but not sure and co of do with some quick pointers. Thanks.
  2. Service reset

    Looks right, tried doing that myself a while back after the first service and did take a couple of attempts. Since then I've used an OBD cable and VCDS or similar to reset as it was a bit easier. If you don't have a cable already would be handy to get for code reading/resets anyway.
  3. Briskoda Insurance's September Special...

    Yes that's pretty much it, will hopefully have a better idea in the next few weeks so will get in touch before renewal is due. Thanks.
  4. Briskoda Insurance's September Special...

    Couple of quick questions Nick - it's possible we'll be going back to one car but might need a bit of overlap with our policies being due in a few weeks. Do you have any temporary insurance products (say 1-2 months)? Also, if we're back to having the one Skoda (in my wife's name), could I switch my Freedom discount to her policy instead? Cheers.
  5. Fuel gauge

    If it's the reading playing up, could be a couple of different causes. Mine was the sensor in the tank - integrated into the tank pump, was about £45 IIRC from an indy factor.
  6. seaweasel's Fabia 2.0 MPI

    Thanks Trevor, that was my thinking too but I eventually got it re-adapted and it didn't seem to make a difference. It's not a big deal but I found a local independent VAG specialist so might call him about it at some point to see if it's just the way the car is or if there's something fixable.
  7. Can a car be jinxed?

    Ha! I was about to say it sounds like a Fiat, maybe that's too unkind. Any Silicone spray should be fine for rubbers and plastics.
  8. seaweasel's Fabia 2.0 MPI

    Front pads replaced and also needed a new driveshaft. Gave the headlights a buff with the last of my 3M rubbing compound as they were looking a bit dull, better now. Was a good afternoon for it so polished (Autoglym Resin Polish) and gave all the black bits a rejuvenation. Noodle reconnected. All ready for MOT!
  9. seaweasel's Fabia 2.0 MPI

    Service performed: Castrol Edge, Mann oil, air and cabin filters (splashed out on the activated carbon). Don't do a huge amount of miles so skipped the fuel filter and plugs as I did them last year. Went to reconnect the engine bay joint for the rear washer noozle as I had to do previously but can't find the other end! Will need to have another look. Did get a bit of trim refitted in the boot though that I kept forgetting about. Sleep, Furby and tomorrow you shall be inspected by a real mechanic!
  10. What did you do to your Skoda today?

    Further than I got, sounds like you'll be doing some drilling!
  11. HELP Cigarette lighter

    That's a good point, I ended up blowing a fuse when I was replacing mine when I accidentally shorted the socket (screwdriver I think). Also David289 if it's looking a bit rusty then might need replaced anyway - as DubDub says replacements are cheap enough on eBay. Bear in mind if you want a quick swap then you'll need a VAG part as it has a has a different connector (three-wire plug) than the generic socket (not a big deal to fit a generic part though).
  12. What did you do to your Skoda today?

    Good luck with the deadlock! Had a lot of bother with a Passat B5 a couple of years ago, replaced one door mech because of central locking trouble and ended up deadlocked. Decided to sell it in the end as there was other electrical trouble and I couldn't face attacking the stuck door (ended up with the Fabia).
  13. What did you do to your Skoda today?

    Furby got a mini-valet ahead of service this weekend and MOT next week, smelling nice and fresh, and almost entirely free of dog hair!
  14. Relatively Cheap Used Car Wanted in Glasgow

    Sounds like a bargain! I think they'll need something ready to go though, so don't think it would suit them. Cheers for letting me know.
  15. It seems my friend's Fabia 16V Elegance has couped (some serious engine problem, don't have full details yet) and they're looking for a replacement so I thought I'd see if anyone in the Glasgow area has anything for sale. Think they're after something of a similar price range so I'd say £1500 or less approximately, engine/specs not terribly important. Would say Fabia hatch or slightly bigger would suit - Fabia Combi, Ibiza, Octy, Golf, Leon etc. I offered to put their Fabia up on here too so might have an ad up for that shortly. Thanks.

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