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Remote Central Locking Fuse

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My central locking works fine but not from the key. This is manageable but is a pain sometimes as I have to open the door to open the boot. I changed the battery in the key, no good. The key rattled when shook, which isn't right, so I got the key mended by a local electronics place. They showed me the key now emitted a signal but this still wouldn't operate the central locking. I thought that this was not a problem, they just need re-synchronising. Followed the instructions in the manual but still no good. Asked the guy at the local shoe repairers (they do car keys too, especially remote locking ones) to have a look but he could get no response from the remote gubbins, he plugged in a diagnostic programmer/reader under the dash. He then said it would need to go back to Skoda. Well I thought that the first thing to check is the fuse but I can't find out which one to check. The list of fuses shows a Central locking one but no fuse for the remote. The car is a Fabia 1 1.4 Silverline '03. Any help please?

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Just doing a search for a similar problem with my 2000 Octavia.

Like Campagman I've changed the battery in the fob. The locking will work (remotely) maybe after I've pressed the fob about 50 times - this standing right next to the car!

Could be a common fault for Skodas perhaps?

Any help also appreciated.

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