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Citigo -making things better-

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Its been almost three years since we have a Citigo and the car is absolutely a rarity in our country. As I wish to make it better, I just tried to make things a little better in terms of looks and functionality. Here is my story about retrofitting things.


It's a Citigo 1.0 ASG + Sunroof Colorado Red, as a second car to my Skoda Superb.







[EXT] 1ST 064 FL8 Metallic Black Race Stripes applied from the Sport version, It's a bit challenging to apply it with a sunroof.

[EXT] 1ST 071 494E FM9 Apus Metallic Black Rims

[EXT] As there is no option available as parking sensors a third party parking sensor installed with same colour. 

[EXT] As I'd  like to show jawbones on front spoiler I used some black foils at the bottom 

[EXT] Tinted Mirrors with films.


[iNT] One of the challenging thing is that our cars doesnt feature navigation unit. Even there is no place to fit it in. So using the guides for VW Up! series. I bought required cable sets and hardware. Using a craft knife, I gently cut the hole and after a challenging radio removal.  I installed everything using the guide:  http://www.upownersclub.co.uk/forum/retrofitting-maps-more-solved_topic1041_page3.html


My next challenge was Map doesn't include Turkey. I browsed for Android version of the Navigon. extracted .map file to the device and voila! it works including POI information. So maps updates are free for me forever.


[iNT] Finally as there is no light in the boot. I bought a Osram Nightlux Sensor Light which lights up immediately with the movement in the boot.














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That looks superb, whereabouts and how did you mount the night light in the boot? Think this could be a good idea for when my wife needs the car at night.

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