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  1. Gaz's Mk2 vRS Blackline

  2. Gaz's Mk2 vRS Blackline

    Interested in how you get on with the steering wheel retrim. The site looks interesting, any idea how much would they'd charge you?
  3. National meet 2017 - PHOTO THREAD

    I think it was red tape?
  4. Many thanks to all who attended today, I got good feedback about the venue, made better by the rain holding off, so I'm sure we'll be back. Colin and my daughter did a sterling job of issuing tickets, checking names, and chasing down those attendees trying to sneak round the back! Thanks again for coming.
  5. Please post your photos here!
  6. Briskoda badged citigo in the car park, I see you!
  7. We're Telford bound, anyone staying at the Holiday Inn we'll see you there!
  8. There'll be plenty of parking in the main car park.
  9. National Meet 2017 VCDS services

    Post your reg please.
  10. Coil pack issue last time with matching miss fire.
  11. Didn't you have this issue before the last EoE meet?
  12. It's an Octavia adventure!

    Shark DSG remap day! Interesting Polo! With a weeks driving under my belt I can say I am very happy with the results. So many little issues I had with DSG have been tweeked to make the car drive soooo much better, even the wife notices the difference! Just a few of the positives; Change points moved making the car feel more lively. Gear changes are a lot quicker with more power retained between gears. Much less delay when pulling away. Kick down in D is a lot smoother. Sport mode is now usable! Overall the is much nicer to drive sensibility and smoother when applying some beans. The only negative I would say is where the box used to wanted to change up too early, it now will change down when you feel it shouldn't. This is probably the driver needing to get used to the new change points rather than a map issue. Big thanks to Ben and Sam @Shark Performance.
  13. National Meet 2017 VCDS services

    For assistance on the day, can you post your reg please so someone can help. I'm not sure if VCDS can fix your issue, have you posted this problem in the Octavia section?