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  1. Hunstanton run - Sunday 11th February

    Big thanks to the guys who braved the rather fresh sea air and the freak hail storm! We'll do it again in the spring.
  2. Wheres the sale? I could do with a top up.
  3. Hunstanton run - Sunday 11th February

    We leave Tesco’s 10.30 promptly. I’ll be there from 10.15 in the Optima.
  4. VAG tuner live - BRISKODA stand.

    Link for tickets on first post. Please post you name when booked so we can see numbers.
  5. VAG tuner live - BRISKODA stand.

    They allocate stand space after booking has closed so no limit. Last year was a good show, plenty of bargins, track action, and hot VAG.
  6. Hunstanton run - Sunday 11th February

    Next week people!
  7. Dilksie's Octy II VRS

    Talk to me about pocket inserts, got a link?
  8. It's an Octavia adventure!

    Nothing major till the spring though the wife has her eye on a new house so any car funds will probably be distributed between Ikea and B&Q. I'll just be keeping it clean for the time being.
  9. vRS Facelift Blackline Edition (Estate)

    Going for the gangster look, nice.
  10. Hunstanton run - Sunday 11th February

    Theres quite a bit on interest on the owners club FB page, should be a good mix going. Don't forget your 2p's!
  11. http://www.vagtuner.co.uk/ Sunday 8th July 2018. Was a good show last year with a good range of brands, discounts, and track action. Tickets are available here, select Briskoda in the ticket option. Please post you name on the list once you have booked for the purpose of recording numbers. 1. Tony 2. John
  12. 2004 Mk 1 Octavia vRS in Stunning Condition

    Is it a replaceable or has a part of the bumper been cut out?
  13. 2004 Mk 1 Octavia vRS in Stunning Condition

    Nice clean car, might have a need for a cheap runaround. Can you explain the difference in the lower bumper vents please, whats going on behind there?
  14. Had my car scanned. Though the last letter is different, can I assume I can play and play the mirrors? Address 42: Door Elect, Driver Labels:. 1K0-959-701-MIN3.clb Part No SW: 1T0 959 701 T HW: 1T0 959 701 T ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 52: Door Elect, Pass. Labels:. 1K0-959-702-MIN3.clb Part No SW: 1T0 959 702 R HW: 1T0 959 702 R Thanks!

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