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  1. It's an Octavia adventure!

    Looks a little lower.
  2. It's an Octavia adventure!

    There's a guy at work with H&R 40-45 on his Leon FR and they look fine.
  3. It's an Octavia adventure!

    Thanks! She feeling a little unloved at the mo, no shows or toys purchased . Still shines up well though. These are the springs I purchased. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eibach-Sportline-25mm-Lowering-Springs-Octavia-Mk2-VRS-Estate-Exclusive-Offer-/232117648850?fits=Model%3AOctavia&hash=item360b4a3dd2:g:JHYAAOSwmLlYBee7&clk_rvr_id=1373407300240&afsrc=1&rmvSB=true
  4. Skodafest 2018

    Yes unless you’re a member. I’ll post any relivent info on here should any Briskoda peeps want to attend.
  5. Very happy with Shark, both engine and gearbox mapped to stage one with an offering to update the map with the extra mods I've made (next year maybe). No insurance cost due to moving to a modified policy with a specialist, my insurer at the time refused to insure a mapped car. And I'm old.
  6. It's an Octavia adventure!

    lol, the wife had packed the whole house in the car!
  7. It's an Octavia adventure!

    Forest Holidays, Sherwood. Lodge cabins and hot tubs!
  8. It's an Octavia adventure!

    Nothing major happened in the last couple of months, mods on hold while I get Christmas out the way. Did I’d have an issue with a damp headlight from yesterday’s flooded A14, some bum twitching moments on the way to Birmingham. Headlamp was removed and checked for cracks and dodgy seals, no issues found. Just a freak puddle I guess. Xenons are cooler running than halogen so the condensation would have taken longer to burn off. Dried out with the wife’s hair dryer
  9. 2L TSI MPG questions

    I average 40 on a run, 30 round town on my 12 mile round trip to work. The commute MPG was the same as my Fiesta TDCI due to the thing never warming up, though now I have the extra power to play with. Mine has Shark stage 1 engine and stage 1 gearbox remaps, the engine was mapped when I purchased it but I had the box done this summer and it makes all the difference.
  10. bring back the new steering wheel look

    Flash do one found in most supermarkets though you can find them in pound shops but these only last one go. I used one on leather seats too.
  11. bring back the new steering wheel look

    I use this method, works every time. http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/51862-magic-eraser-trick-for-those-who-havent-seen-it-before/
  12. Skodafest 2018

    Date - Sunday 27th May 2018 Location - Stanford Hall Caravan Park LE17 6DH Organised by the lovely people at the Skoda Owners Club GB. Full details here - https://www.facebook.com/events/155758471688909/?ti=icl Just for numbers, post below if you are going. 1.Tony
  13. Or carbon fiber! http://www.engtaobao.com/item/taobao/550146827614.html http://www.engtaobao.com/item/taobao/550144739932.html Stop me if I'm getting carried away.
  14. Or dark wood if that floats your boat. http://www.engtaobao.com/item/taobao/520017029224.html
  15. Like this one? > http://www.engtaobao.com/item/taobao/554475267189.html