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  1. Mrs G's new CitiGo.........

    Nice one! Thanks.
  2. Mrs G's new CitiGo.........

    What phone is being used with the move and fun app please?
  3. Mrs G's new CitiGo.........

    Thanks for the interior pictures. There's been some concern if the latest Citigo's still get three dials on the instrument cluster,but this proves there's nothing to be worried about.
  4. Skoda Surround problem...

    Glad it's resolved,thanks for the update.
  5. Mrs G's new CitiGo.........

    Looks great! My wife picks up her new Citigo in Crystal Blue next month. Any chance of a picture of the instrument panel please? It may answer the binnacle debacle on another thread. And when when did the order go in please?
  6. paint clear coat peeling or flaking off ?

    So are they saying "It's your fault but we sympathise and we'll help you out" or "It's no one's fault,these things happen, let's all join together and sort it out" or "It's our fault ,let's make him a weak offer and see what he says,he may bite and accept it".
  7. Thanks Graham. I can't find anything about losing dates either.
  8. Well done! I would have done the same even if it was pink and lime green........I'll have to think about that
  9. I didn't know this. Please can you give me a link to a page explaining this more fully. Thanks.
  10. New Fabia 3.5

    Thanks for the very interesting feedback.
  11. Car ! Car symbol

    As above,it happens to me now and again because I'm too close to the car in front.
  12. Mine is the edge 7 but I don't know if the 6 would work as seamlessly as mine sorry. I did use a cheap Motorola Android with it before this and it was always letting me down.
  13. First time Skoda owner

    Well done Ginger,I very much doubt you'll regret your new purchase,welcome to Briskoda forums .
  14. I use a Samsung Galaxy edge with Android Auto and it's never let me down yet.
  15. Collision avoidance system

    Joking aside Chris,as above,get it checked out at the dealership just in case there is a problem with it.

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