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  1. GFK Questionnaire

    Just wondered if anyone has been asked to participate in a questionnaire from a company called GFK, on behalf of Skoda? I received a paper copy of it a couple of weeks ago, all eight pages of it! They want to know the far end of a what not, so it was promptly binned, however I received a reminder today asking again to participate with a link to the same thing online. I probably wouldn't have gone along with it in any case, but given the current situation with the 'phonebox' charging/amp situation and the total lack of info from Skoda, it seems to be a one way street regarding giving out information, so this one will get binned as well. At least they got the GF bit right... Mods, feel free to put this into General as it would probably include other Skoda models.
  2. Possible recall

    Likewise. VAG should have done their research first, and not be resorting to disabling or chopping bits out.
  3. Any one got there Karoq edition yet

    Well mine sure as hell won't be going back to get butchered just to satisfy some EU regulations. My charger is never used in any case as I have a iPhone 7, not 8. If the signal amplifier is buried somewhere deep inside I'm sure the dealers won't be all that fussed how they extract it!
  4. Any regrets?

    As above, the UK cars aren't fitted with auxiliary heaters, although I'm sure they are fitted with supplementary heaters, which are a different bit of kit altogether. Auxiliary heaters are more for colder climate countries, and can be programmed to come on at set times before a journey, and use fuel for heating direct from the tank. Supplementary heaters are usually something like a ceramic heater which is part of the cabin heating system and is intended to give some heat almost instantly before the normal engine heating takes effect. At least that's the way I understand it ,and is as was fitted to my previous Kuga.
  5. Karoq Order Times (2 factories now)

    So much for a drop in diesel car sales (according to this) : https://www.petrolprices.com/news/number-diesel-cars-record/ . Once again, it's all smoke and mirrors - or just mirrors if you're driving a Euro 6 car...
  6. Digital dash

    I think we should put an end to all these #gates - at least until #sparewheelasanaccessorygate has been resolved.....
  7. Any one got there Karoq edition yet

    Surely it would be common sense to leave the lid open whilst the phone is charging on the mat? Mobile phones get warm to varying degrees just charging normally on a worktop etc. I hope this is the only reason for deleting the charging facility as loads of other manufacturers fit them now albeit not usually covered. ŠKODA might do a recall which entails getting an apprentice to drill loads of small holes in the lid.....?
  8. Karoq tv advert

    MASS1, I'd 2nd that word for word. Skoda, particularly the Karoq are IMHO as good as, if not better than anything in the price range, and anything costing £20k more. It makes me laugh when such car journalists as Car Wow harp on about 'hard scratchy plastics' in door bins etc. All car manufacturers are the same nowadays - what are they supposed to be made of - lambswool? At the end of the day, it's down to badge snobbery, pure and simple.
  9. Aftermarket spare wheel options

    Yep, you bet there is. I had my car in at DM Keith, Hull only a week ago, and the spare wheels (as accessories) are still on back order. I collected my Karoq in Febuary and I've been waiting for the spare wheel and fittings ever since - I believe I'm number three of six on the list. At the time of purchase, I ordered the Protection Pack, and the front mud flaps which are part of the pack were not available at the time - they took about a further six weeks to come through. Patience is a virtue, so long as you don't get a serious puncture in the meantime...
  10. Aftermarket spare wheel options

    Not a lot. You could either get your name on the ever lengthening list for the proper listed spare complete with polystyrene surround and jack kit which fits in the surround, or simply purchase one of the many alternative spares and have it floating around in the boot, depending on Karoq model and wheel well depth. Still waiting for mine from my Skoda dealer, and their list is growing likewise.
  11. ACC & Brake Lights.

    That depends on the road conditions and traffic flow speed. I've found that if I've got the ACC set to either the middle distance or maximum distance setting the system just leaves too much space, and then you're forever getting cars coming out of lane one into lane two. Maybe it's just a learning curve one has to get used to. Like I said earlier, if all vehicles had ACC fitted and up & running by default everyone would be safe. As it is, I think it's better to be in control yourself in case of numpty's pulling out in front of you at the last second. The same goes for BLIS, you should be well aware of the situation around you without pulling out in front of someone else without being warned by a flashing light and audible warning in your own car. But that's down to the general p poor standard of driving nowadays.
  12. ACC & Brake Lights.

    Possibly, but I haven't had any warning buzzer/ping at any time. I've been in a few situations with tight left & right bends with cars coming in the opposite direction, and half expected the brakes to come on or at least have the warning as in those examples, but nothing happened at all.
  13. Why did you buy a Karoq/SUV?

    Came from a Ford Kuga to the Kodiaq. Originally it was going to be either another Kuga or a CX5. The Kuga hasn't moved on enough technically or in looks to justify spending such an amount of cash. The CX5 was much better, but on the day I was going for a test drive in the Mazda, I found the Karoq on Autotrader, both in Grimsby. Had a good test drive in both, but it was the Skoda which won me over, both in looks and tech features.
  14. Finally car collected

    Congratulations Nicky, lovely looking car. The DSG is excellent, can't fault the car so far. Enjoy.
  15. ACC & Brake Lights.

    Not in every instance. I found that out last week, travelling up the A1. It will brake if the system thinks it's necessary, as in the above scenario. Under normal situations, if you catch up with someone in the same lane it will show a message 'vehicle detected' well in advance. If you still shorten the distance between you and the vehicle in front, it does as it should, and ease off gradually, as can be seen (if not felt) by the digital speedo. Normal cc would let you career into a brick wall if you didn't override it.

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