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  1. Does it affect/damage cambelt if it go's ?
  2. Hi guys ! I've just put a deposit down on a mk3 vrs without seeing the actual car in the flesh ! Its a 14plate red corrida (with black pack ) TDI vrs with 32k on the clock... Is there anything I need to look out for when I check it over ? Have read about water pumps going on these... Managed to get Skoda sandicliffe down from 14k to 13150 with a bit of haggling ! I would have liked sat nav, but I suppose you can't have everything... I don't normally go for red cars but I saw a red 17plate red vrs with black pack at a Skoda dealer and the more I looked at it, the more I liked it ! I hope it stands out from the, race blue, black and white ones you see most of the time... However... I will be very sorry to see my mk2 PD vrs to go.... I've had her just over 7 years, its done 174k and I've done 120k most pleasurable miles in her ! Not sure now if I'm doing the right thing now in getting rid, but the abs pump has just gone (350ish-400 to repair ) also its on original clutch and dpf... I just hope the mk3 lives up the mk2 ! Can't wait !
  3. Esp light on, octy vrs pd

    No other dash lights on... Very doubtful if I would get a free fix from Skoda as I have no Skoda service history... And I would rather have Stevie wonder work on my car than any Skoda clown/technician after the last time they touched my car lol
  4. Hi My esp light came on this morning and has not gone off.... Any ideas what could the fault could be and... 1. Is it safe to drive 2. Likely cost to repair Not sure if its also abs light, I hope its not a expensive repair bill, as the old girl has done 173k and still on original clutch and dpf.... Would like to see 200k on it, before i even think about getting rid !
  5. Thanks for the advice, not quite sure what to do now, to clean the dpf is just slightly cheaper to do, had quote around £300ish to clean and £380 to gut and remap, only planning on keeping the car for another 3 years max, which is about another 60k in mileage... The new not rules are a bit of a worry though if I decide to gut and remap
  6. Yep, thanks for the reply, I've booked my car in next week to a local garage that also does aircon, most probably rain non stop after it's fixed !
  7. I think my dpf is on its last legs as my vrs is trying to regen most of the time now as it ticks over at 1000rpm.... I suppose I can't Complain as the dpf has done 170k with not much trouble other than the usual stop start traffic and I always manage to get dpf light off if it comes on.... My question is, if it goes into limp mode, can you still gut the dpf or is it tottaly unuseable and you you have to buy a new dpf ? Or is it a good idea to have it done before it goes into limp mode ? Thanks.
  8. How easy is it to replace the aircon-refill valves on a octy vrs ? Was told you couldn't replace the valves as they are part of the pipe, but when I rang Skoda up today to find out how much the pipes were, they said that they sell the valves for about 14 quid each....a lot cheaper than buying the complete pipe ! So, is it a easy job to do ? Many thanks !
  9. Abnormal warm start

    I had a similar sort of problem for about 3 years with my vrs, always started until my starter motor died couple of weeks ago... New starter motor fitted and its like new ! Must have been a problem with the starter motor as there's no problems starting a hot engine
  10. Spotted at 1800 on A45 heading out of Northampton near M1 J16... Heavily modified yellow octy vrs Big spoiler, big twin pipes, black wheels... You've spent some time and money on that vrs fella...
  11. Hi, Can anybody recommend me a decent 4300k 35w bulb for a hid kit ? After 6 years, one of them has blown on my vrs... I have no idea what to buy as I have never replaced one of these bulbs before ! Thanks !
  12. Well I've fitted the USB charger... And still no joy, not enough umph to charge anything, only 2.8 volts showing... We have 12 volts supply at the the lighter but as soon as anything is connected, that's when we have a drastic drop in power The only thing I can narrow it down to is a wiring fault between fuse and cig lighter, as everything else has been replaced with new, eg...new CIG lighter, fuse, USB chargers and cables... Anyone got any ideas please !
  13. Ok thanks ! Will give it a try !
  14. Have tried usb chargers and cables in different vehicles and phone charges with no problems ! So I'm really stuck as what to do next...
  15. Changed my cigarette lighter on my 57 plate on my vrs as I thought my old cigarette lighter wasn't working correctly as it wouldnt charge my phone... but the new cigarette lighter isn't working neither... Have changed fuse, tried 3 different phones, 2 brand new usb chargers and cables and it's still not working so I think I may have a wiring problem now... cigarette lighter churning out some strange voltages... With nothing plugged in it reading 12v but there is only 2 volts coming out of sub charger... very strange ! Anybody got any ideas please ! Thanking you very muchly !!!