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  1. Followed you down A5 this morning from the A426 gibbets island just before 8 this morning \14th... A red vrs following a green vrs... Not something you see everyday !
  2. Funny... I was thinking just the same thing today about my vrs which I've only had 6 weeks My old mk2 vrs had 2 condensers written off due to stone damage... So if my vrs needs any extra protection from stones, then im all ears !
  3. Well i finally got my vrs back a couple of days ago, after Skoda have had it 12 days over 3 separate visits in a 2 week period... Its had the waterpump replaced twice a and also a new cambelt was thrown in free of charge and waterpumps under warranty ! I've only had the car 6 weeks and what a eventual 6 weeks its been, at one point i was thinking i had made a mistake by getting rid of my mk2 vrs... Well lets just hope it behaves itself this time, and i must try to drive around using both eyes, instead of one, because my other eye is constantly looking at the dreaded temp gauge ! Just to throw a quick one in regarding my old vrs... Its currently up for £2990 after they gave me 900 quid part ex, that's quite a tidy profit for a 10 year old car that's done 175k and still on original clutch and dpf ! Think i will give it a miss...
  4. Post your Mk3 Octavia photos!

    No problems with waterpump or overheating ?
  5. Post your Mk3 Octavia photos!

    What year and mileage is your car ?
  6. Well after 1 week with skoda, car still not ready to pick up, its had its 2nd new waterpump and cambelt.... Its going to be a good conversation when i pick the car up, to decide who's going to cough up for cambelt, particularly as its been fitted and I've haven't been told how much goodwill (if any)contribution im getting from Skoda...
  7. Post your Mk3 Octavia photos!

    Only had it 5 weeks, Skoda have had it for over a week, its about to have its 2nd waterpump in as many weeks, ive done less than a 1000 miles in it, paid over 13 k... Not happy lol
  8. Well it's water pump number 2 in as many weeks as the cause of the overheating again ! I've also asked for a goodwill contribution towards the cam belt as i want that replacing as well, the service manager i spoke to at Skoda Coventry said he would have given me a goodwill gesture if i had bought the car from them, so he is going to ring Skoda Leicester, where i bought the car, to see if they can help in anyway, i will find out Monday and hopefully it will be good news...i need some ! I
  9. Low frequency 'boom' in cabin

    I have a vrs hatch and there is a booming sound between 70-80mph, it doesn't do it all the time though.... Would you worry ?
  10. Well this overheating saga still continues ! Picked my vrs up from Skoda Coventry at lunchtime today, they have had it 2 days to sort out why its still overheating after having waterpump replaced 2 weeks ago, they think it may have had a airlock, ( if it did have a air lock, it took 2 weeks and 400 miles to appear ).... Anyway long story short, got about 5 miles down the M6 and temp gauge went past 90c and settled halfway to the red, i slowed down from about 75 to 50 then temp gauge went back to 90c, where it stayed for the next 10 miles when i arrived back at work.... On the way home, it did exactly the same overheat thing, so i took it straight back to Skoda, told them its still overheating, told them i will pick it up when they have fixed it, i then got back into the passast r-line I've been driving around all week, and drove home ! Only had the car 5 weeks and done less a 1000 miles in it... Getting a bit fed up now !
  11. Well Skoda Coventry, have had my vrs for 2 days now, and when i spoke to the service manager, he said that there were no fault codes, so nothing has been replaced and all that they have done is plug my car into a machine that will ' bleed ' the coolant system and all this takes a couple of hours ! It better work or i will overheat as well...
  12. Not what you want to see, when you've spent 13k and had the car less than 5 weeks...
  13. Well I've only had my 14 plate TDI vrs 5 weeks, had the waterpump replaced less than 2 weeks ago and its overheated again ! Called Skoda assist and they sent the AA out and the guy thinks it could be a thermostat problem.... the new waterpump could be defective, although unlikely as it overheats slightly different....it now goes all the way into the red and you have to stop, when before it sometimes it wouldn't reach the red, but would always come back to 90c, but now it goes all the way into the red and alarm goes off ! I have to say, im pretty impressed with Skoda assist and this is going to cost Skoda a bit of cash as they have to recover my car from my home and transport it to Skoda Coventry, its not that far about 10 miles and i have a third party hire company supplying a hire car tomorrow morning at 8am so i can get to work...hopefully all goes to plan and its a easy fix on my vrs and its all covered by there warranty !
  14. Waterpump today, cam belt wasn't changed... 14plate Vrs tdi 33k... Only had the car 3 weeks !