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  1. vRS245 ordered club

    Its cheaper than they normally offer, but chech out GAP from 3rd party places... its substantially cheaper. Have you raised your unhappiness with Skoda CS? They will also give you some compensation, but will not reveal what that is till the car arrives. I think Richard earlier in the thread got £500 to spend in store, and the dealership gave him the use of a new Yeti till his 245 arrived.
  2. vRS245 ordered club

    Lucky you, Maxine spoke to me once and then decided that once was enough! Deals with Nick at the local dealer now!
  3. vRS245 ordered club

    Well my latest update, still an unconfirmed build week but came forward to week 15 from 18. Should have delivery early-mid May at this rate... 6.5 months waiting... my compensation should be interesting; given that my case handler has yet to call me back, instead choosing to call the dealership who have been very good at keeping me updated, even wheren there is no update to give. Anyone adding anything to theirs new? Mine should be provided with mudflaps at my request when ordered new, going to add the bumper scuff protector too. Unsure whether to go for the gloss black or perhaps get some clear Lamin-x style film applied to protect it.
  4. First 2018 Meet, March?

    I'd be up for Oxo... I'll throw a date out Sunday 10th June; should have the 245 by then!
  5. vRS245 ordered club

  6. vRS245 ordered club

    No Likey...
  7. vRS245 ordered club

    Still waiting till Week 18 for it to be built. Complaint lodged and escalated to a Customer services rep who has yet to call me back. Some sort of compensation awaits me on collection, but to what amount they would not tell. Expecting to collect it in June knowing my luck 21 weeks on from my order. Starting to get tedious now.
  8. First 2018 Meet, March?

    So did you buy it? I see its sold!
  9. First 2018 Meet, March?

    I've linked this post in all the posts I made!
  10. First 2018 Meet, March?

    I'll stick this onto some of the Facebook groups too, seems to be a bit of a contingent that isn't on here
  11. First 2018 Meet, March?

    Sounds good to me! Could be the MK2's last meet... This MK3 better be worth the stupidly long wait!!
  12. Wheel swap with older Octivia

    Which model Octavia do you have and we could assist.
  13. vRS245 ordered club

    Mines quoted at 8.9p from the Skoda Dealer!
  14. vRS245 ordered club

    £500 compo @Richard_vrs245, that's not bad at all. I'd take one of the rather fetching looking Skoda Mountain bikes that was perched atop an Octavia Scout for my compo! haha. Given you ordered at the start of October, I ordered at the end, I'll give it another couple weeks and chance my arm!
  15. Wheel swap with older Octivia

    Depends on brake size. If it has 312mm brakes or larger you will need 16" at a minimum. I'm unsure what the sizes are on the MK3's but that is the size the Mk2 VRS had, and possibly any other CR/PD170s

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