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  1. Aye end of October it was orederd and i tihnk they closed the books about 2-3 weeks later.
  2. Yup! White estate manual and thats it... just have to wait about 6 months :'(
  3. Trawling this up just to say that dealing with Nick Flynn in JMM was a nice experience. The newly done up showroom is very nice indeed.
  4. vRS245 ordered club

    HA! So, just checked with the dealer this morning and We've went from a 16 week wait from October 21st, to finally getting a provisional build week of 24... 2nd week of June haha! Moon White Manual 245 Estate with no extras asked for. Auch just well i'm easy going! I'm sure it'll come forward a bit!
  5. I'm not a fan TBH, think it looks a bit too chinny.... Forsythe like.
  6. Weirdly Amazon were by far the cheapest when I was buying the 50mm H&Rs for my MK2FL, Even cheaper than my friend who had a trade account with them, once he paid for shipping they came out more expensive. As for links for the right one, cant help im afraid :(
  7. vRS245 ordered club

    I've also ordered without DCC, tbh I cant see it being something I'd use much after the novelty has worn off. Glad to see that not everyone is ordering it
  8. 245 insurance

    I'll be carrying on my years insurance with Greenlight when mine arrives. They're by far the best for me. While we dont have a discount with them, www.rmsmotoring.com does and i've been on there since 2001
  9. vRS245 ordered club

    Lovely! Seems that the 245's going to be a common sight on the roads! Till then I think I'm just going to make the most of the time with my old Mk2FL
  10. P2015 fault code

    My P2015 was caused by the rod that moves the flaps within the manifold snap between cyl 1 and 2, I replaced with another part and its been spot on since.
  11. Delivery Timescales

    Sorry if this has been covered in the 25 pages hence, but where did you get your status codes from? Is there a portal you can log into to see how its all going?
  12. vRS245 ordered club

    Ordered mine yesterday 16 week wait is going to take for ever.... Manual Moonwhite 245 Estate, no other options selected, free mudflaps though!
  13. Delivery Timescales

    Thankfully wont matter much to me here in Northern Ireland, ageless plates are all good. It'll be a 2018 regardless.
  14. Delivery Timescales

    Same here this morning, White Manual Combi 245. Was quoted 16 weeks and was told that was probably going to be closest to reality.
  15. vRS245 ordered club

    Hopefully will be an estate manual 1st thing in the morning... off to John Mullholland to see them at 10