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  1. Delivery Timescales

    Thankfully wont matter much to me here in Northern Ireland, ageless plates are all good. It'll be a 2018 regardless.
  2. Delivery Timescales

    Same here this morning, White Manual Combi 245. Was quoted 16 weeks and was told that was probably going to be closest to reality.
  3. vRS245 ordered club

    Hopefully will be an estate manual 1st thing in the morning... off to John Mullholland to see them at 10
  4. vRS245 ordered club

    Possibly looking at ordering a White 245 on the lease deal tomorrow if i'm able too. 3-4 Month wait would be OK for me I've not had a new car before so i'm a little excited and it'll be a great change to mk MK2FL to a MK3FL
  5. You can share the travel cot with the 18month old. He's a farter!
  6. I'm actually over on the Boat on the Thursday to Liverpool but will be in the Caravan/Tiguan on the Holidays! I'll be in Chester that week... might be able to convince the wife to head down!
  7. So who's for Castlewellan then? If we're serious about trying to get a 'site stand' (loosest sense of the word) we would probably need to get a bit of a heads up to the GTI-NI chaps. I'm booked in on the Campsite so will be there from the Friday... @browne174 @FUBAR @Bmena @cormac81 @VDubbin @JonnyHS @veedubnoodle
  8. I cannot put my finger on that... its familiar but I know not why...
  9. Dark_Hero's Evil Fabia

    Looks great Charlie! Grand you got sorted in the end... however many months it took! Hope you're happy with Areks work on the wheel? He came very highly recommended on these shores. Looking forward to seeing it fitted!
  10. That's a good idea. A club stand or at least turnout would be great!!
  11. octavia vrs 2014 seats

    Yes, Helped a mate put them into his pre facelift MK2. You can just change the plugs over. Incidentally PFL and FL seats have different plugs too as I put his PFL ones into my FL as they were in better condition.
  12. Nialls 2010 FL VRS Race Blue

    http://allegro.pl/skoda-octavia-iii-superb-rs-kierownica-poduszka-i5123404696.html#thumb/1 quarter of the price from Poland
  13. And one for luck as I've sold the 19s
  14. The bay of Kerry last year when I was out for a drive around the Ring of Kerry.
  15. 18" RS Alloys Refurbed On MK1 VRS

    Those look smart on, but never seen an RS5 on those... they look after market. What sort of money was the refurb? Always good to know of another option locally!