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  1. While we are talking about buying and selling, I am returning my car back to standard so theres an Airlift 3P kit and a set of 20s up for grabs
  2. Is this meet happening or not?
  3. Noodles Mk2 FL Octavia vRS TSI

    Looks awesome lad. Smooth the front bumper now :P
  4. Northern Ireland Meet - Sunday 24th July 2016

    How are we feeling about a meet over easter then guys?
  5. Northern Ireland Meet - Sunday 24th July 2016

    Definately a spread out bunch arent we lol. Looks like the cookstown area is the most central location for everyone
  6. Northern Ireland Meet - Sunday 24th July 2016

    Add to the list of where your from and we can see who wants a meet and choose a central location. 1. Richie - Crumlin 2. Gobsheene - Mallusk
  7. Northern Ireland Meet - Sunday 24th July 2016

    Actually sold it and bought a Fabia vRS which i ended up selling because it was too small. Moved to my current mk2 Octavia TFSI. If i had to choose, i would probably choose the 1.8t over the TFSI. The mk2 feels massive in comparison. Any more ideas on meet dates that would suit us all?
  8. Northern Ireland Meet - Sunday 24th July 2016

    My old Octavia. Aaron always kept it nice and clean and even let me drive it to the show that day. Might have to buy it back if i can convince myself i dont need a diesel.
  9. Northern Ireland Meet - Sunday 24th July 2016

    I'd be well up for a meet, although I may be leaving the Skoda stable to free up money for other projects. If thats the case, then i may ride shotgun with Gobsheene lol. Maybe too soon but how about over Easter at one of the Applegreens? Plenty of room and plenty of eating options?
  10. Aarons MK1 vRS Daily

    Boooo hiss I'd love it back but I have no need for any more cars right now ????
  11. Richie's Mk2 vRS

    They were sold to a local guy who put them on his A4 Avant
  12. Richie's Mk2 vRS

    Cheers bud. He did, but it wasn't ideal. This was confirmed by the trimmer who said it would be easier just to trim the base to match. Got the base back a few days ago. The trimmer tracked down the correct material and changed the stitching from white to red so it looks fantastic. Will post a couple of pics when I give the car a bit of a clean
  13. Richie's Mk2 vRS

    Front seats bolted straight in but the airbag plug needed changed. The rear back rest fitted with a bit of fettling and I am getting the rear lower retrimmed in the matching fabric and red thread so it will match 100%

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