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  1. I presume you can get pin striping from any car shop (motorworld, halfords etc),
  2. Contemplating an Octavia VRS Estate B)

  3. GTA V ***Spoilers/Chat***

    I wont be on for a while due to the dispicable increase to PSN. Ifso it'll be bi-monthly!
  4. GTA V ***Spoilers/Chat***

    yeah it does cost a bit to get set up, and not going for the mutts nuts of everything brings down the price a bit
  5. GTA V ***Spoilers/Chat***

    been a while since this was updated....and there's been a few updates on the game too....be nice to have a group sesh again...this is the latest thing: Gun Running. First you need a bunker, then one of the Artic Lorrys, then similar to the last udate you get side missions etc, buy/steal supplies back to bumper for research purposes
  6. Naths MKII vRS Project

    So got myself a 17yr old Escort.....van 1.8D done 77400 miles not been clocked couple dents but it's expected will do for now. i will leave all my tutotirals up as I've been told they have helped several people and i'll leave this up for memories. Who knows I might get another Skoda in the near future.
  7. Ta-ta for now

    Yeah its one of the best forums I'm signed up too, very active and have made some good friends on here, and I will hopefully get another Skoda one day, I'm just looking for a winter hack (just bid on a Austin Metro ) and looking at getting a crotch rocket for the summer months. Yeah as said above Mac, there are some good people here and some helpful, and I totally agree. Much appreciated rob, I'm glad I could help, I've probably got one more that needs uploading when i get round to it.
  8. Naths MKII vRS Project

    Yeah I'm really gutted to tell the truth one of my favourite cars i have owned. Looking at a winter hack and a motorbike for the summer
  9. Ta-ta for now

    Guys as some of you know I sold my Fabia VRS for Spares/Repairs as I had took it to skoda as there was no compression between cylinders 2-4 and they quoted me £4000 for a new engine, with no mechanical knowledge i had to give in, it had been a great car for the past 5 yrs and probably would own another MK2 VRS. I'll loiter around now adn then and probably ask the odd question as my Grandfather has just got the New Octavia this hadn't put him off thank -fully.
  10. Naths MKII vRS Project

    Car got picked up today - sold for £1800 obligatory shot after i got the monies/before it got picked up.
  11. Naths MKII vRS Project

    Replied to your PM mate :thumbs:
  12. Naths MKII vRS Project

    So the car went in to Skoda on tuesday left it for a day and they ran a diagnostics and also done a compression test, and came back with no compression for cylinders 2, 3 & 4 they quoted me a new engine at £4,000 i told them leave it i'll have it towed back. so up for sale PM me a price and if the car doesn't go as a whole i will then split it.
  13. GTA V ***Spoilers/Chat***

    what's your PSN Tag? Add me: Nifnaf87
  14. GTA V ***Spoilers/Chat***

    Where is everyone?? Seen Minibeast & Swordfish on over the weekend, (or at least signed into PS) but none the likes of vrs, or Mort?? . I've been off as my PSN ran out and not bothered topping back up yet got few things i need to sort out first.
  15. Naths MKII vRS Project

    Speak to Ant-VRS he had a Fabia VRS (bow Octavia VRS) but I can't remember if he went that far with it