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Battery completely dead after three days

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My battery has gone completely flat after three days not being used, I'm not aware of anything being left on to have caused it.

It's an almost brand new battery (Bosch silver only bought a couple of months back) and it didn't display any signs electrical faults/alternator issues going over the last week driving it - the first I have known is going to unlock the car yesterday, to find it stone cold dead (no flicker of life at all).

It's been suggested that it might be the diode pack on the alternator and to do an amp drop test (which I will in a bit).

It does have a parrot kit, but I've never had any problems with this for two years of it being fitted, so don't know why it should start now. The wiring has been butchered in the back of the radio though, so possibly earthing there - I will check that too.

Aside from this does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone with the same problem?

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have you got a Sub and amp? I have a similar problem and put it down to my sub and amp being in standby mode / diagnostic mode when the ignition is off, I have jus ordered a kill switch to wire in between the battery and the sub to rule that out.

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