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  1. Can't speak for OP but people's circumstances do change which may not have been accounted for when taking out the PCP or even Lease. Outright ownership is the best option here, as it's the most flexible. OP - I think you will be very lucky even at the end of the PCP to have much (if any) equity. Plenty on here have ended up with negative equity on their PCP.

    Very tempting... thanks for the heads up
  3. Octavia vrs 2013

    Nice one! Leather + heated, Sunset Glass (tinted windows), black design pack are all options. Rest is standard but they are well kitted out anyway so it has everything you need!
  4. Octavia vrs 2013

    Diesel is belt
  5. Sat Nav update file size

    12GB isn't bad at all, I'm sure the Columbus one is about twice the size! As above I think the assumption on the mapping is that an NSL road can be covered at 60mph rather than the much lower speed in reality due to blind corners, rough road surface etc.
  6. Octavia vrs 2013

    They definitely would, they don't like you plugging anything in. Even on a car you own. My VRS went into the dealer's with some misfiring issues. They told me they couldn't find any issue or any fault codes. Told them it was strange as I'd checked for fault codes myself and it had some. They jumped down my throat and BS'ed me saying it wipes the faults, can invalidate warranty etc.
  7. Octavia vrs 2013

    Cruise was an option on early MK3 VRS but later became standard. Doesn't mean it won't have it. Should be easy to identify - there will be a rocker switch on top of the left side stalk. Water pumps are a common failure on early MK3s so check coolant level and for excess white smoke from the rear. The smartphone linking via Car Play was only available on MIB 2 units - an early MK3 will have MIB1 so it won't have it and it can't be retrofitted.
  8. Question about Skoda speakers

    I went used - grabbed a 14k 3 year old petrol VRS with 6k of options (including Canton and Columbus) for £14k. Hoping it will last at least to 150 or even 200k without any showstopper issues. I saw the other day a Skoda rapid that was 2 years old with 400k on the clock. Was the 1.6 diesel and no idea what it's had replaced in that time, but still pretty good going! A 100k example that's been serviced on schedule and well looked after should be capable well beyond 100k. Key is condition and not paying too much in the first place. I can only imagine a 4.2L V8 is horrendous on the wallet for that sort of mileage. What you running?
  9. Question about Skoda speakers

    So really about £275 a month, but still pretty good for the mileage! I do similar mileage and always wrote off leasing.
  10. Question about Skoda speakers

    On the face of it that sounds like a very good deal but presumably that amount is not amortised. What deposit was required for that?
  11. Is it a DQ200?

    Looks like it is DQ200 given the code appearing in a few of those lines. Makes sense, the 7 speed wet clutch only appears in the higher end models with larger engines - in the Octavia's case, only the 245 VRS - That wet clutch box seems overkill for the 1.5tsi.
  12. As mentioned, probably worth updating maps in case roads have changed slightly since the version of the maps. I have the Columbus and in over a year of ownership, the navigation has never once let me down, nor have I felt the need to use my smartphones mapping instead. The only area where it is lacking slightly is the traffic updates (or lack of). Quite often by the time it's notified you, you're already stuck in it.
  13. Anything with standard font, spacing, sizing. Postcode + BS AU markings complete the look. Fully legal and doesn't make you stand out for the wrong reasons
  14. Looking at a 2.0 vRS petrol - any advice?

    The MK3 is great, definitely a step forward from the MK2 FL. It helps that I found one loaded with 6k of options, whereas my MK2 was almost stock. Yes the oil issue is very much a lottery, though many VW Group cars between 09-11 (iirc) got faulty piston rings which lead to the high consumption issue. Same with the tensioner issue, there's probably loads out there that haven't failed, but that's little consolation for those who have experienced it and suffered a 4 figure bill for an engine replacement. You can replace the tensioner for a newer version (it was revised a few times) which should reduce the possibility, looking at about 500-700 from an indy all in - not sure if it cures it 100% though. Big thread in the MK2 section on this. If you can get a later one i.e. 61-12 plate then I'd say your chances of oil issues and chain failure are lower, but unfortunately these are also higher priced and closer to MK3 money.
  15. headlights/ignition

    Will be the daytime running lights