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  1. Thanks! No I'm going to remove it, but its bloody freezing outside today so I'll leave that for another time
  2. Sasha’s Octavia vRS

    Looks much better and how it should be from factory!
  3. Ouch! I feel your pain here and would also be absolutely gutted. Whichever option you decide make sure you sort it quickly. If the lacquer is broken on diamond cut wheels then they will start to go white and milky as moisture and dirt get under the top lacquer layer.
  4. Thanks everyone who posted with advice on the struts, bolts etc. Fitted mine today and works perfectly, so much better!
  5. Sasha’s Octavia vRS

    I know exactly what you mean, I've been so busy I hadn't washed mine for over 2 months. Let the dealer wash it on its Service this week and ended up with some scratches. Lesson learnt and never again! I think I ended up adjusting the brightness of the LED units down to about 65 on the dimmwert value, so check yours at night and see what you think. I felt they were slightly too bright compared to other cars with them factory fitted. You may like it as is at full to be fair. Osram bulbs are quality but not particularly cheap. I ended up ripping all the cheap Chinese LEDs from my interior and replacing with Osrams at £5 a pop. Not cheap but so much better.
  6. Sasha’s Octavia vRS

    It's a nice straightforward one, coding takes 2 mins too. They do look good and perfectly OEM, unlike a lot of LED replacements in the original units. I've been meaning to get bonnet struts done all week but stuff keeps coming up!
  7. I'm loving my VRS TSI DSG, it's a great all rounder for my needs. No trouble so far approaching 40k. Immediately I think you'll notice a fuel economy drop compared to the diesel, though petrol is slightly cheaper to offset that. They aren't terrible on fuel but expect to average 30s rather than the 40s you might see on your diesel. As for spec, Columbus and Canton were must haves for me. Winter pack (heated windscreen, front seats and washer jets) has been fantastic. Had plenty of use this week with early starts and 0c temps. Kessy (keyless entry and start) has also been very nice and useful. Spec is all down to personal preference and they don't come terribly specced as standard. Gearbox is great and generally reliable as long as it's been serviced every 40k. Mine is nearly due its first.
  8. You say that but I'm not sure it would have given you a healthy figure at the end. Book/trade price is very different to a greedy retailer's forecourt price I bought a 3 year old 15k example in 2016 at a dealer (presumably off the back of someone's PCP ending) and "only" paid £14k. Very well specced too. Can't imagine the 3yr value for the original owner was more than £12k. Hope the original owner got a healthy discount, as the list price with options nudged over £30k and that's quite a loss in 3 years. *Edit - mine is hatch not estate but I think it's mostly still relevant, but the estate would have cost slightly more and be worth more Vs hatch.
  9. As others have mentioned try and get extra things such as tax, fuel, services, extra warranty etc. If they won't move on the figures. There aren't loads of used petrol VRS out there and now everybody wants Petrols again so unfortunately dealers know they can sell these cars a few times over. Even more so if they are well specced. Don't accept a deal on anything less than you are happy with, but also ask yourself would you be gutted if you let this one slip.
  10. Could you genuinely live with that badge plastered everywhere though?! I'm not a badge snob but it looks utterly horrendous.
  11. VRS Tyre Noise or Bearing?

    What does it sound like if it is the bearings? I get quite a lot of noise from the rear on the motorway and starting to wonder if it's bearings rather than tyres.
  12. Steering wheel scratch

    I can say with 99% certainty those were not there previously, I went over the car and took pictures inside and out before it went in. The roof was not that dirty compared to other areas as to mask such obvious scratches. As it is the roof there isn't really a huge amount of stuff that generally comes into direct contact with it day to day. I have never let anyone else wash it during my ownership, nor do I have any similar scratches elsewhere on the car. Stone chips yeah, it's littered with them on the front end, but scratches like that can only really be from someone leaning over the roof with a zip, or from a sponge/cloth with a stone caught in it etc. They do not run from front to back, but from the driver's side towards the centre. Is it a coincidence that in 2 years of ownership I have never found anything similar, and I have a keen eye for detail and take plenty of care when it comes to detailing, yet an hour after letting the dealer wash it, I find some unusual scratches? The wash and vac wasn't even good, or left me feeling it was anything other than a rush job that they didn't particularly care about. Car was streaky and still dirty in places, and I still had crumbs and bits in the corners of some of my seats. I just hope the servicing technicians take better pride in their work and pay more attention to detail. I'm not crying over it, I'm fairly sure I can remove it with my DA or at least make it almost unnoticeable. But is it so unreasonable to expect dealers to take better care of customers' cars?
  13. So it's a new 245 with a few extra bits? Introduction of the virtual dials will be cool
  14. 280 Sportline ordered

    Is that a yay or nay then for Meteor? Dragon Green with the black grille looks fantastic in the flesh - dealer I had a service at this week had one in - though a bold/brave choice!
  15. After market Air Filters?

    I think you need to be looking at replacement intakes to see any noticeable difference in performance or noise. Panel filter replacements don't seem worth the cost compared to an OEM or Mann equivalent for about £10.

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