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  1. Octavia RS DSG Newbie

    It takes a bit of getting used to if you've only ever driven manuals. You have to train your left leg not to hunt for a clutch. As for driving the DSG itself, D or Normal mode seems to change up quickly and easily enough on its on so you can just let it so it's own thing. I tend to have it in manual mode shifting up with the paddles a lot of the time. That said, I don't miss having a manual. Currently have an A3 manual TDI loan car and definitely missing DSG.
  2. 30k on a 63 for me and no signs of the wear indicator yet. My mileage is mostly motorway during the week though.
  3. TSI VRS can be good on fuel with the right conditions. I've seen 49mpg from a long journey before with my pre facelift 220.
  4. Wear on front seats?

    Mine are very much the same OP, I think it's just the quality of the leather for the wear/creasing there and poor quality cloth/stitching for the centre bit. My BMW had Black Dakota Leather (hardly BMWs finest) but even at 90k the wear was pretty good. My leather (pleather?) in the VRS is starting to show wear signs at 30k.
  5. Simple Question needs a Simple answer

    This. Theoretically possible by loading the map if the ECUs are same, or by swapping ECU if not, but completely cost (and effort?) prohibitive for the minor additional gain.
  6. Fault codes

    That's the thing... What they actually told me is that if you have plugged non VW diagnostics then the codes will wipe when they plug in their VW diagnostics. This is regardless of whether you have wiped the codes with VCDS or similar. I made it clear to them I hadn't wiped the fault codes from it and it doesn't do it automatically.
  7. Fault codes

    Didn't realise the AA had licensed diagnostics but was from a call out earlier in the year. Assuming this time because of the physical symptoms the car presented, the guy didn't feel the need to run the diagnostics. Didn't even think to question it tbh, just wanted to get off the side of a busy A road with my partner and 1 year old.
  8. Fault codes

    It was the AA as arranged by Skoda Assistance. Not sure on their usual procedures - first time I've had a breakdown with Skoda Assistance. Hopefully the last too... Whole experience has been a nightmare.
  9. Fault codes

    No he didn't do any diagnostics. Fired it up, saw it was misfiring/smoking heavily with a strong fuel smell, then said it will need towing to the dealer's as it's not something he can sort.
  10. Fault codes

    Thanks for posting your experience. Absolutely, I agree, I can understand that the dealer's don't generally want people plugging stuff in and changing stuff as it could cause them headaches etc. But I'd literally just plugged in OBDEleven and run a scan for fault codes. The fault codes were definitely not cleared and I know that it doesn't clear them automatically - I've had fault codes from months ago left on despite plugging in numerous times since. I wouldn't have mentioned using diagnostics, but to be told they "can't find anything wrong" despite me being broken down, towed to the dealer's via Skoda Assist, and having seen these fault codes personally before they looked at it today, I was completely amazed and not prepared to accept it. The likes of Autoglass and AA who have both worked on my car, also do not use VW diagnostics - wonder if their response to those outfits would be the same.
  11. Fault codes

    Dealer my car isn't currently in with. Told me they couldn't find any issue, told them it was strange because of the fault codes I read but left on before it went in. They jumped down my throat telling me not to plug non VW diagnostics in and that any non VW diagnostics results in the codes being wiped when they hook it up. Sounded like BS, just wanted other opinions/confirmation! Raising a complaint about the whole situation to Skoda UK and to the dealer anyway tbh. Was left without a car for over 48 hours after being towed to the dealer's on Saturday morning. Car was delivered late this morning when I was waiting to go on holiday. Dealer phoned me and said I could only have the car for 2 days despite VW agreeing to 5... Nobody seems to know their arse from their elbow...
  12. Hello all, Just been told that if you plug in non VW diagnostics such as VCDS, OBDEleven etc. Then when a dealer plugs in their diagnostic equipment, it wipes all previous fault codes. Even if you haven't wiped them in VCDS or OBDEleven. Does anyone know whether this is actually the case, or have they just made this up? Thanks
  13. wrc body kit project

    Can you even fit much shopping in with the rollcage etc?! What's it running under the bonnet? Sounded quite angry with a noticeable turbo noise.
  14. Not uncommon for aftermarket dash cams to cause this, usually it's down to cheap transformers creating RF interference. I don't expect it with factory fit kit though...
  15. wrc body kit project

    @fabwrc You still got this? Spotted this car at Preston docks this morning. Looked and sounded pretty good!