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  1. if you're car isn't sat at 1000 rpm+ at idle all the time, if the reading is 4% on the DPF and if you only get limp mode when booting it .. it's 99% sticky vanes on your turbo. mr muscle it, as mentioned by @Anddenton however I would start getting ready for a refurb on your turbo or replacement soon-ish as the mr muscle is only temp ( although I have seen it bring 3 +years of life back into my mates turbo) edit: and this is my 400th post
  2. Remap

    glad to hear you're happy with the remap
  3. No it shouldn't, but might be a bit rough starting and warm up but a faulty cts can also cause a glow plug code which then in turn causes rough running on start up. Just thought if you have a issue and glow plugs flashing worth getting them changed as it's not helping. Sounds more like sticky vanes as mentioned above.
  4. if you have flashing glow plugs... might be a thought to change them
  5. 6.5'' rear speakers and adaptors

    these will be on gumtree and ebay as of this weekend
  6. octavia mk3 rear mudguards

    price dropped to 25 delivered -that's the cheapest you'll find anywhere
  7. try heaven for leather cleaner with a soft brush (horse hair) and damp micro fibre spray on, brush up to a foam, let the foam absorb then wipe off with the mirco, should bring a lot of dirt and oil out and see from there. But if the leather has been worn to a smooth shine not a lot you can do
  8. For sale almost all is brand new, trial fitted then removed now everything is back in the original boxes 2 year warranty with the speakers has not been redeemed yet. Hertz DCX 6.5'' coaxial - https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Hertz-Dieci-DC ... 2266952806 -- cheapest I could find them (they sell at £60/70+ usually) Autoleads SAK 3103 - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Autoleads-SAK ... SwvihY-kLx Auto leads speaker connectors straight forward swap over to beef up the rear speakers to 6.5'' or fit them in the fronts? these will all fit into mk5 golf, passats, skoda Octavia vw sirocco, T5 think I've got a few sheets of silent coat (sound deadening) left over that ill throw in free £35ono for all of it
  9. sounds like the start of dmf failure if noisy on idle and goes on a depressed clutch. difficult to say what the noise is if only appearing in 3rd/4th
  10. octavia mk3 rear mudguards

  11. vibration

    where did you have it done ...if skoda sounds like they've done the emissions update but not they shouldn't have worked on your exhaust system
  12. Help

    Is this a mk3? If so you're better off posting there. But looks to be a coolant pipe coming off the bottom of your radiator
  13. standard exhaust? sounds like you might have a reverb coming from the exhaust system, have you gone over it checking the rubbers are still soft on the hangers. heat shield loose?