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  1. looks good man, any issues with the splitter since installed?
  2. Juddering and cutting out

    sounds like fuel supply, but without seeing it ( can you make a video ?) seeing it first hand , no codes- it's just shots in the dark. what did you have it scanned with ? Dodgy/clogged fuel filter or fitting. fuel pressure regulator injectors lift pump in the tank and the tandem pump which acts as a fuel pump and vacuum pump ( I would expect stalling with these) have you checked all your vac pipes for leaks? also could be mass air meter and the speed sensor
  3. Radio

    @rustynutts on here might be able to fix it for you. there is also one for sale at the moment
  4. my vrs project mods and upgrades

    sounds good, but you'd be better off posting this in the projects section
  5. Juddering and cutting out

    possibly injector issue if appears when hot, does it happen more under load?
  6. Cd changer activation skoda superb ll

    at current no, as you don't have a CD changer- however with VCDS coding to say you do, I don't see why this wouldn't work. the input should integrate with the quadlock connector
  7. Cd changer activation skoda superb ll

    short answer is no this cannot be done - older radios with external cd changers - you used to be able to use this for an external 3rd party input (aux in etc.) Depending on what you're trying to do you will need a bluetooth module and associated wiring or hard-wire in a USB socket
  8. Juddering and cutting out

    you done a scan on it for codes?
  9. Juddering and cutting out

    so it ran fine until you changed the filter - you sure you re fitted it correctly, checked for leaks, used the correct filter
  10. if you have an external Cd changer it can be done. Also holy thread revival batman!
  11. Rear wiper/arm

    this all reads as a weird ad for Valeo wipers ... you on commission
  12. vRS Facelift Blackline Edition (Estate)

    looks like a Maxton splitter http://www.maxtondesign.eu/produkt/octavia-ii/front-splitter-octavia-2-fit-only-for-octavia-2-rs-after-facelifting.html
  13. 2011 octavia 140bhp running cold

    I'd second this.