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  1. Start Stop button memory module

    It is a purchased module. (Your second listed.) Easier to fit this module rather than coding & warranty complications. I removed the radio trim, plastic trim that runs above the glovebox and under the switches, and also the heating controls for access to the existing wiring.
  2. Extra Load tyres? Really?

    84 is correct for 185/60R15 on a Rapid. Any rating over 84 is legal.
  3. Yeti, front wheel bearings.

    Depends on what front brakes are fitted. Check the build code sticker near the spare tyre... 1ZA, 1ZE, 1LJ have 4 holes 1ZF has 3 holes Recommend the oem one.
  4. No Media Audio

    This may help: http://compatibilitylist.skoda-auto.com/
  5. No Media Audio

    Do you have the Amundsen (Nav) or Bolero head unit? If Amundsen, on the paired devices screen, are both the phone & music symbols green?
  6. Trapped Disc Stone

    From the Skoda brake manual.. Caliper guide bolts: 30Nm Caliper carrier bolts: 190Nm
  7. VCDS Adaptions list for Yeti

    Yes. BCM is p/n 1K0 937 086. Thanks for clarifying.
  8. VCDS Adaptions list for Yeti

    Wanting to enable rear parking lights with DRLs. Know the adaptation channel, just need to get access to it.
  9. VCDS Adaptions list for Yeti

    Any suggestions as to the Access code for 'Controller 09 - Central Electronics'? '31347' works on Octavia 3 but not Yeti...
  10. I had the same issue when fitting an RCD330. Delete your phone from the phone list via Maxidot. No need to disconnect the BT module.
  11. Boot/Door Locking

    It could be that the opening of the boot is not detected correctly and hence auto locking the doors again after 30 seconds.
  12. Yeti music sd card

    Try resetting the Amundsen. Hold down the power button for 10+ seconds.
  13. Hi all Fitting a module like this will result in the start stop button remembering what state it was in when the ignition was switched off. It doesn't kill the start stop system completely, just remembers what state you prefer the button in. A "plus" version is required for Yeti. It connects via 3 wires to the wiring of the start stop button. Purple/White (car side) = Signal Yellow/Black (car side) = IGN+ Brown (car side) = Ground Fitted and works as described.
  14. Tailgate Strut

    Reply to an old post but it may be useful to know.. Our tailgate also clipped the roller door to our garage, so have fitted struts that are shorter. The struts are Topran p/n 110279. Equivalent to p/n 8D9827552F, original to Audi A3 8L rear. According to specs they have similar lifting force to the Yeti originals but are 25mm shorter when fully extended. Now, when opened, the bottom edge of our tailgate is 158mm closer to the ground. Still plenty high and the grab handle is at a much friendlier height. (Bottom of grab handle is at 173cm above ground.) Cheers
  15. Apple Carplay works well. Haven't tried android phone. No coding was required in our setup. Removed Columbus and fitted the rcd330g. Yes, you will lose voice command.