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  1. Hi all Fitting a module like this will result in the start stop button remembering what state it was in when the ignition was switched off. It doesn't kill the start stop system completely, just remembers what state you prefer the button in. A "plus" version is required for Yeti. It connects via 3 wires to the wiring of the start stop button. Purple/White (car side) = Signal Yellow/Black (car side) = IGN+ Brown (car side) = Ground Fitted and works as described.
  2. Tailgate Strut

    Reply to an old post but it may be useful to know.. Our tailgate also clipped the roller door to our garage, so have fitted struts that are shorter. The struts are Topran p/n 110279. Equivalent to p/n 8D9827552F, original to Audi A3 8L rear. According to specs they have similar lifting force to the Yeti originals but are 25mm shorter when fully extended. Now, when opened, the bottom edge of our tailgate is 158mm closer to the ground. Still plenty high and the grab handle is at a much friendlier height. (Bottom of grab handle is at 173cm above ground.) Cheers
  3. Apple Carplay works well. Haven't tried android phone. No coding was required in our setup. Removed Columbus and fitted the rcd330g. Yes, you will lose voice command.
  4. Yes, volume dial on steering wheel works. What radio did you have before?
  5. You could. Swapping the cushion & fitting your upper half is easier than a lot of other mods!
  6. Cracked front lights

    One cause is loss of the protective coating due to chemicals/abrasion/poor original coating then UV starts to deteriorate the plastic. Very common here due to high summer temperatures & very high UV.
  7. You can swap out the lower seat frame to one with adjustment. Find a LH adjustable seat from a Rapid or Toledo and fit your seat upper and lower cushion. p/n of seat frame with seat adjustment is 6RA881105D (still need lever/handle etc. if bought bare) Here's one: http://www.audivw24.co.uk/product-eng-12534-ARMCHAIR-SEAT-TOLEDO-IV-2011-6RA881105D.html
  8. Tailgate struts

    Try: Febi Bilstein 47048 tailgate struts. Probably same as oem. Part numbers list as: 5JJ 827 550 A - < 24.11.13 , PR-3RC (normal tailgate) 5JJ 827 550 C - > 25.11.13 , PR-3RC (normal tailgate) 5JJ 827 550 B - <24.11.13 , PR -3RU (longer glass tailgate) [like monte carlo or style pack] 5JJ 827 550 D - > 25.11.13 , PR-3RU ( same as above.)
  9. Spaceback wing mirror

    Remove the mirror glass (tilt mirror so it faces the door glass as much as possible and pull off carefully levering the outermost side towards rear, ours had wires that connect to the mirror heater but no need to disconnect if replacing the mirror cover.) then clips will be visible which will release the mirror cover.
  10. Spaceback boot

    The Spaceback ones are shorter than the Toledo ones. Part numbers required are: 5JJ 867 145 LH panel 5JJ 867 146 RH panel 5JJ 861 343A 9B9 LH front guide 5JJ 861 343B 9B9 LH rear guide 5JJ 861 344A 9B9 RH guide front 5JJ 861 344B 9B9 RH guide rear Total cost was less than 15euro. Get the bag hooks too while you're ordering parts. 5JJ 867 615A 9B9 bag hook : (need 2)
  11. Extreme tyre wear!!!

    I've lowered cars in the past and had to use either adjustable strut top mounts or modified lower control arms to avoid consuming tyres at a fast rate. For the rear it was usually washers or shims between the stub axle and beam. Front suspension is like Polo 6R , so it may be possible to fit Polo 6R camber adjusting top strut mounts (which do exist). Rear suspension looks like Golf Mk4, and I've seen Golf owners adjust the rear geometry using shim plates or washers between the stub axle and axle beam. (for camber and toe change) Possible for rear: https://www.urotuning.com/Mk4-Golf-Jetta-SPC-Rear-CAMBER-Shim-Priced-EACH-p/71530-1-2-3.htm Possible for front: https://suspension-shop.com/ta-technix-camber-plate-set-front-axle-vw-polo-6r.html
  12. Extreme tyre wear!!!

    Erwin has detailed alignment geometry data for Octy2&3 (Section 44), but the Rapid (Section 44) download I have has no geometry data. Anyone have geometry data to share?
  13. Rear one still working so can assume feed to stalk is still there. Same fuse for rear I think. Possible that linkage has fallen off motor. Can you hear the wiper motor running with bonnet up?
  14. Either a coincidence or the cable running up the A-pillar was damaged during installation. As trundlenut writes vcds or similar will determine what the issue is.
  15. USB running hot?

    Dodgy by the sounds of it. SD is a neater solution & frees up the USB slot for other things.