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  1. Heated washer won't help if the pipework running to that jet/washer is frozen.
  2. Does TPMS really work?

    I had something similar after a spirited overtake. I wondered if the tyre pressures were very slightly out and the increased speed was then just enough to trigger the warning. I did stop and check all the pressures though and then reset the system.
  3. Sasha’s Octavia vRS

    I'd explain the fault over the phone, and then they'd never phone me back. Raised it with SUK who then proceeded to fob me off back off to a dealer in Salisbury who then said they would charge to look at the car. I gave up at that point.
  4. Sasha’s Octavia vRS

    I used my Lane Assist camera to enable Sign detection, but not got as far as HBA (although I do get an odd warning about it being disabled a few minutes after the car starts (not sure why). My DSG ('14 plate) every now and then flashing up a warning (when it is in D) saying "workshop error, P only to be used when stationary" or something like that. Seems to be much worse in the cold. I tried to get several dealers to look at it, but they were all useless and then the warranty ran out.
  5. tyre pressure alert

    Mine went off one morning after a spirited drive down a dual carriageway. I pulled over and checked and there was maybe 1psi different between the fronts, but I wondered if the speed (around 70ish) and the slight difference was enough to trigger the warning where was 60 and less it was fine. I adjusted pressures later in the day (cool tyres) and haven't seen the warning since.
  6. iPlayer (et al) and DLNA player

    I do agree, but I liked the "one-box" (the TV can do DLNA, but is limited in its supported media types) and one remote control solution up till now. I'll give Sony credit for numerous firmware updates to the TV over the years (one every month or 2 to start with, and they have dwindled off now).
  7. iPlayer (et al) and DLNA player

    Thanks all, I've now got a "H96+ plus" on order for £55. About the only smart feature left on my TV will be the TrackId button - Sony which is only about 5 years old I'd guess.
  8. Background My current Sony Smart TV has slowly seen most of its app phased out - I turned it on tonight to find that iPlayer no longer works (itv and channel 5 services vanished a while back), and 4oD was never supported (although it is on SOny Bluray players) I also have a rpi for streaming DLNA content over the network - the TV also supported this but struggled with being unable to decode everything and the rpi running OSMC offered a slicker interface and was happy to be controlled by the remote for my TV (nice tidy solution). Going forward I want to purchase a device which will support the playback of DLNA files and be able to access iPlayer, and the like. I have little need (or demand) to record actual TV), so that feature isn't high up my list. Likewise local storage in the device isn't required, and I can then re-purpose the rpi for other jobs, Reviews that I've read so far tonight don't really seem to say if devices on the market for catch up TV support streaming from local network devices. Wifi support isn't necessary, I got 2 x cat 5 connections available at the TV. Any suggestions as to a suitable device which supports my limited requirements and may be relatively future proof (I realise the latter point may be asking too much!) Thanks :-)
  9. 2014 vrs overheated

    It should be pointed out that generally the pump itself doesn't fail, but the issue is that the sleeve which moves out to reduce water flow (to aid a faster warm up for the 'larger' diesel block) gets stuck instead of returning to its natural position once the water is up to temperature. Specially this happens on VRS CR made around 2014, the part was later revised to prevent the sleeve from getting stuck.
  10. Apple taking the Mick

    Seems that way. I'd have gone to an Apple repair centre, but there wasn't once close by. Still it does mean I've got a brand new phone. Not sure if I should report the IMEI number of the old phone has stolen.... ;-) My 830 was great till I applied the 10 upgrade, and then it turned into a crock of s****. Plus when I got my mk3 vrs it didn't fit in the phone holder, unlike my SE :-)
  11. Apple taking the Mick

    I did exactly the same about a year ago, but from my Lumia 830. However 2 weeks ago I took mine back to Vodafone as I noticed dust gathering behind the camera lens. They took it in for warranty repair. While mine was being "lost"* by Vodafone I used my Lumia - it was sadly just as buggy and slow as it was a year ago (even though it had a couple of W10 updates & the apps updated). However the interface is so much more pleasing to the eye (VPN is better on the iPhone, imho). * 10 days later, after continual chasing by me as the repair tool was showing my phone as "in store, awaiting dispatch to repair centre", they issued with me an iPhone.... oddly it wasn't mine (different serial number, etc....).
  12. Good for if you want to leave something charging (in the boot, hidden of course). My mates Focus (it is an RS, but I doubt that makes any difference) seems to have the sockets on a timer so after 10-15 minutes it cuts the power. Either way, as long as you know what the sockets do, you can work around it. I've bought a BlackMagic box which powers my cameras down after 15 minutes (or at least it will do once I get around to wiring it in!)
  13. Cigarette sockets are perm live.... I know as I've left my dash cam plugged in for ~1 1/2 weeks and then the car wasn't too happy with the idea of starting. It did at least let me unlock the doors!
  14. Recycling old laptop Screen

    Old monitors can also be converted into rpi magic-mirrors for those who like to play https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/magic-mirror/
  15. Last time I changed the fluid on a car was back on my mk1, but I've now got a mk3 (2014) and it is shortly to reach its 3rd birthday, when the service schedule says the brake fluid should be changed. It is my plan to keep the car till it falls apart, so not really worried about a full dealer history to be honest (plus it is now on 71k anyway). I've got access to an easi-bleeder kit, but is there anything specific I need to know? vrs dsg diesel. Thanks.

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