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Parking sensor control unit

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Please forgive the long post…

I have a 2007 model Superb with parking sensors both front and rear. Last October I had a vacation in Czech Republic , and had the car serviced there. The workshop where the service were done is an authorized Skoda shop. When picking up the car, the front parking sensors were not working any more.

Due to time shortage and the workshops limited interest to solve the problem, we were forced to go home to Norway without the front sensors working. The car has now been to my local Skoda Service shop several times, and they have not been able to locate the problem. I have spoken directly to the master technician working on the car, and he has really tried everything, also consulting external resources. What he says, is that he cannot log any faults from the parking sensor system, even if the sensors are obviously not working. He has also checked all connectors, checking that the sensors are actually connected to the control unit.

I have observed that the tone I hear when activating the parking sensor system has changed. Earlier I had a higher frequency tone for the front, and a lower for the rear. I guess the frequency for the working rear sensors are now somewhere between the two. Secondly I can observe that there are a green light in the parking sensor switch placed right in front of the hand brake. Earlier I could activate the parking sensor system while going forward by pressing this. Then the light would turn orange. The light is now green constantly, also when revers is selected.

I therefore have a small suspicion that the problem might be the control unit.

My question to you gurus out there: do you know if the control unit for the parking sensors are identical for cars with and without the sensors in front? Will the control unit from a VW Passat B5 fit? Any coding necessary to get a different control unit working in my car?

Are there anyone with any ideas of what could be wrong?

I am very satisfied with the local Skoda shop where I live, and trying to fix this might be a long shot, but as I am working with electronics, and even ultrasonic sensors on a daily basis, I will give it a try.

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