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  1. Iphone-MDI-USB

    It's a rubbish interface. @chrisgreen got it to work. I think using USB to old iPod cable with a litening adaptor on the end. I tried a cheap USB to litening cablewhich didn't work, gave up and connected with BT instead.
  2. Go to Briskoda forums homepage and scroll down to Technical and Maintenance. ICE forums are in there.
  3. 2018 F1 General Discussion Topic

    Irn-Bru eh? Hows the new recipe? (I cant buy it here)
  4. MotoGP 2017

    Tech 3 to split from Yamaha for '19. Have they got Suzukis or KTMs?
  5. Try posting in the ICE section. The experts are all there.
  6. brand new phone vs 10 year old satnav? and you expect compatibility? that's like wanting Vista compatibility
  7. I can't copy the link. Just Google RNS 315 Bluetooth compatibility and the first site is the VAG UK one with the info. Choose 2013 Polo or similar to get RNS315.
  8. ^^^^ did it for you. RNS315 v's Note 8 on VWs website shows Bluetooth connectivity status Yellow. Partial comparability then.
  9. Have all previous phones been deleted?. I seem to remember this may be the issue. You should search the Rapid section for previous discussions on this. also search online for the latest rns315 phone compatibility list. Maybe the Note8 isn't supported.
  10. karoq is in the UK!

    How much are they in the UK? I just drove past a billboard that said starting price here is 16500 Euro (£14576). If you don't mind LHD that's gotta be a bargain?
  11. New Cupra Ibiza

    Nah, they hate it over on SEATCUPRA.NET as well. It's mad really, since there is already a well-established Cupra logo.
  12. 2018 F1 General Discussion Topic

    Mercedes and Ferrari went public today, both very clean looking designs, Force India insists they are not considering selling up to Rich Energy. So they are then?
  13. BTCC

    Cammish signing appeared to happen after Dynamics negotiations with Matt JACKSON broke down. Matt has now been dumped by Motorbase apparently as a result of going after the Honda drive. So once again, a top level BTCC team has a spare seat and is looking for a lead driver, this time for the Focus.
  14. start/stop not working?

    I had the same thing with a 2014 Toledo for several months. However, it was caused by nothing posted above so far. Rather, If the AC is selected to windscreen it disables start-stop. Thanks to whoever found that in a 13/14 Rapid owners manual for me.
  15. Coilovers or spring

    Just checked his thread. He fitted KW not Eibach.

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