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  1. Best Place to run power for dashcam and tomtom

    Previous threads detail which fuse to piggy-back off in the panel by your right knee. Just use the search box top right of the SkodaRapid - Spaceback window.
  2. 1. Those are map files not a firmware update. 2. Is your "Amundsen" a VW Discover Media or a VW Discover Pro. The Pro has a Harddrive so the updates end up there not on the SD card.
  3. Why all the hate

    OEM PZero Nero all seasons were hopeless on my Mustang GT. By 8000 miles the grip was shocking even though the tread looked OK. The slightest dampness on the road sent it sideways at city speeds... regularly.
  4. MotoGP 2017

    ...or maybe not. Rossi rode the M1 yesterday, only 18 days after the double break of his leg. The weather ruined the test but he expects to decide by Wednesday if he can ride Aragon or not. These guys are hard; Didn't Lorenzo once break a collarbone in FP1/2 at Assen, fly to Barcelona for surgery, and still raced on the Sunday in Holland?
  5. 2017 F1 General Discussion Topic

    Honda have started the slagging match... https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/131892/honda-mclaren-struggled-to-adapt-to-change accusing McLaren of being unable to adapt to change. I think if the change is taking about 100bhp off the going rate - any of the teams in F1 are going to struggle to adapt to that. Let's wait and see how STR do next year tugging that Japanese boat-anchor around.
  6. BTCC

    Turks is a great driver in my book, and he did drive Sutton off the road at Brooklands - which is OK whichever of them came out in front. But what was completely cr4p was that Ash got penalised for being on the receiving end of the shove. It was hardly taking out the top 3 at the Grand Prix was it? (and none of them got a penalty) The stewards work for Alan Gow do they? The BMW getting shuffled to the back in race 3 was just Karma.
  7. 2017 F1 General Discussion Topic

    Looking at the overhead shot now Vettel is coming across, Max has already started to slow down and back out of it, but he's still steering left away from the #5. Kimis right rear is just about to hit the RedBull as Max slows. A racing incident, but as Max said - if you're fighting for the title maybe pulling over hard like that is just too much of a risk to take. I haven't laughed so much since Rosberg chopped Hamilton at Barcelona and they both crashed out.
  8. NO! The Rapid does not have the modules for remote window closing. It works on my much cheaper Ibiza but not on Rapids or Toledos.
  9. 2017 F1 General Discussion Topic

    Hahahahahaha. Signore Marchione went bat5hit after his Ferrari team got spanked at Monza. I bet he really wigs out over this. Ferrari still blaming Max online apparently.
  10. Start stop is deselected on the CAR menu in Amundsen. Carista is near- useless on MY16 17 18 cars. No speed sensitive wipe, no teardrop wipe, no dial staging. The only change I have made is the central locking beep. If I didn't already have Carista activated, I wouldn't pay for it if for a new Rapid/Toledo.
  11. BTCC

    The whole field of 32 is covered by 0.8 of a second. These are going to be mad races!
  12. 2017 F1 General Discussion Topic

    Its the same as where Merc were 2 years ago here - Row 3. Dani Ric says RedBull will win, and I agree - if they beat Kimi away from the lights they can split their strategy to beat Vettel.
  13. 2017 F1 General Discussion Topic

    Vettel just awesome today. Hamilton smashed Bo77as but the car was just too slow.
  14. Kiss My A@rse

    As funny as the Man Utd paper I bought my (City supporting) nephew.
  15. 2017 F1 General Discussion Topic