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  1. New or Old !

    I get sick of paying for constant repairs on old motors so we've bought new for the last 20 years. Its all about the price. Buy new, for a guarantee and reliability, but buy smart. Don't focus on a particular make and model. Set your budget and your essential features (and desirable/nice to haves) then go see what's out there on the net. I've done all these: 1. If there's a facelift happening, buy the dealer stock of the old one and get 1000's off. (30% off RRP in my case) - I saw 24k pre facelift Insignias punted out the dealerships at 13k at Xmas 2013. 2. Find the car that fits your needs and make your local dealer price match the cheapest in the country or no sale. (24% off RRP) 3. Buy pre-reg zero miles from stock. (19% off) 4. Look out for crazy sale bargains on new cars (42% off one of our current pair)(and 33% off the other one) 5. Buy a 6/12 month old one from a car supermarket (32%) Search auto trader for cars with mileage under 100 miles (or 500 miles) to find all the demo and pre-reg bargains (and some brand new offers). Happy hunting.
  2. Comedy packaging 2017

    Shame I worked 36 years for a firm where personal parcel deliveries were verboten, in case they later went BANG!
  3. Comedy packaging 2017

    Amazon have now done an about face and now save packaging and just stick delivery labels on the product where possible, thus "spoiling Xmas" according to Daily Mail readers - especially the woman who expected Johnny's Scalextric to arrive in a plain brown box, but it didn't - and he saw it! I expect "Adult Toys" still get a plain wrapper?
  4. BTCC

    WTCC almost sure to run TCR regs next year! Rob Huff thinks cost per car will be about a third. If it happens BTCC surely wont last long with the current cars. Any team that builds TCR cars instead of NGTC can race anywhere in the world their sponsors want.
  5. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the mega deals thread

    For SWMBO, at PANDORA. Free silver charm bangle (about 60-80 quids worth) if you spend over £99, till 3rd Dec. So if you buy 2 charms, you get the bracelet free, and possibly some other benefits on Christmas Night
  6. BTCC

    Maybe he was too expensive once the works Citroen team had gone. He does WEC for Toyota as well now though.
  7. BTCC

    Rob Huff won the main race at Macau, and with 9 wins on the circuit is now the all-time top man there - having previously been tied on 8 with Michael Rutter who has - WOW - 8 wins at Macau on 2 wheels!! Awesome. RIP Daniel Hegarty
  8. Hesitation

    Racechip can add up to 20 bhp to this motor. Revo did used to quote their remap at 144bhp!
  9. Hesitation

    I had one for over 3 years and depending on how hard I was driving, there was a flat spot that was detectable in 1st and 2nd, maybe it's boost limited in lower gears to protect the clutch, like our Fiat JTD was.
  10. Hesitation

    My 1.2 was the same as naxtek's. The 1.0 is very different, fine if whipping through the gears, gutless if trying to push on from low revs (in any gear).
  11. Rear mounted cycle carrier

    @chrisgreen had one.
  12. Hesitation

    Also, it's just a low compression 1.2 until the turbo starts to blow, so it's slow. what did he drive before?
  13. poor fuel economy 1.0 TSI 3 clylinder

    the OP was coming from a mostly diesel perspective and was disappointed his new 1.0TSi was doing about 30 mpg.
  14. BTCC

    Waddya Know? Huff's Leopard Racing Golf is on pole for the International TCR finale in Dubai as well (Driven by "Flash" Shedden since Huffys 1000s of miles away in Macau).
  15. BTCC

    Huffy and Chilton qualify 1-3 at the Macau WTCC. Checking the TV schedules now...