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  1. Pothole!

    Not sure if this happens in the UK but over here in Ireland the council have to pay for any damage caused by a pot hole if it has not been repaired (pot hole) whether its the wheel or suspension , you send the council a lette/email with photo's of the damage and the pothole and a receipt for the cost of repair, if they have not fixed the pothole take another photo and send it on again with a time stamp, council pays up straight away after that.
  2. LED interior lights

    In fairness they did offer replacements, was more annoyed that i had that horrible burning plastic smell in the car for a few days and had to pay for a replacement cover, the others do work.......so far so it may have been a once off.
  3. Yeah and fitted perfectly, coded for LED's so happy out now. hated the bulbs that were in them esp when you have xenon's at the front, fitted led side lights and led fog's too, think that'll do for now though i might look at the indicators next , rears are easy enough but the fronts are a pain apparently.
  4. LED interior lights

    Brought these ones too, and one of them shorted giving me a horrible smell and a burnt cover which i now have to replace.
  5. Finally arrived Today but it would have been nice to know that they were sent or at least mailed me when i asked them where the order was.
  6. Got nothing from skodadop themselves at all just a conformation mail from gopay that I paid and the order has been made.
  7. I ordered off of skodadop and they never arrived!!! they wont even respond to emails ive sent them, scam artists!!!
  8. Just fitted the led's and vcds coding all working well, what i suggest esp for the inner light is to disconnect from the bulb first, theres f all space to get the connector and bulb than place you're led in locking by turning clockwise than reconnect to the plug and sorted, the oute ones are much easier to deal with but the inners are a pain, whoever thought that design up must have though everyone in the world has tiny hands.
  9. Retro fit footwell lights Octy III

    Carista can't do it sadly , contacted someone one the forums here that lives in Galway but he hasn't been on the forum since Jan, anyone else know coders in the Galway area? cheers
  10. So last month my Rapid got written off due to an ass hole driving in the bus lane as I was turning right ( apparently I'm liable) initially it was thought that it could be repairable but it's wasn't the case as the chassis is warped. gutted as it was a lovely car , had it lowered and the front splitter added, the good news of that I'm out of PCP which as I've found is extremely dangerous and not worth doing at all ( my father died two months ago and was on PCP) heres a photo of my poor Rapid. gone on the buy a VRS in the uk , would have cost me 24-5k here in Ireland and I'm clearing it for 18k!!! happy days!
  11. Retro fit footwell lights Octy III

    Just ordered off of amazon, I've also contacted Carista to see if they can enable these functions on the beta test version (I'm a beta tester) fingers crossed they can do it!
  12. Carista - dial staging enabled!

    Carista beta(which im testing on my17 rapid) works with a few things but most dont respond sadly , sent them on details of what is working and whats not but the good news is that they are working on configs for my16 upwards.
  13. you have no idea how relived i was when i came across this!!! knew about the DPF but not about what would happen if you interrupt the process. cheers .
  14. MIB2 Bolero software updates

    I have the MIB2 Bolero on my17 rapid device prt no: 5Q00358408 HARDWARE: H30 SOFTWARE: 0353 CODEC 3101.0.0.9
  15. PS3/PS4 Names


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