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  1. New Cupra Ibiza

    Because they have been growing the production and selling of the SEAT Brand, as with Skoda, because the VW name is dirt in some World Regions. They need Skoda into North America / Canada and elsewhere, that will be needing Cupra as well quite likely. Maybe come time VW Group will be selling them off anyway, well making it look like they are no longer the parent company. Organ Grinders.
  2. New Cupra Ibiza

    Love the leaks to the social media from a factory insider who's job in the past will have been leaking to Auto Express and others. So i expect SEAT / VW Group will not be carrying out any investigations into who leaked the pics or information. Not that the story is a bit off on accuracy. Autocar, owned by Haymarket Media Group along with What Car, Pistonheads and other Motoring Publication. Haymarket Media that have VW Group as a customer, and that do vehicles launches etc for VW Group. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haymarket_Media_Group That is some monstrosity that someone knocked up for the steering wheel air bag.
  3. Oil overfilled by dealer

    Much the same is not the same. & when a Dealership does overfill, you do not need to visit them. The Dealer Principal can send out a Technician or Skoda Assist to correct the Employees error. Or pay the customers travel time and a Skoda Workshop Hourly Rate to the customer for their trouble to return so the job can be done properly. Seeing as the 1.2 TSI early engines have timing chain tensioner issues, and later ones have a few starting to have excessive oil use issues, just Email the Dealer Principal if the oil level is too high, then they can record that and rectify that as well. Belt and braces, and shamed faces. Drain off or suction off engine oil.doc
  4. Oil overfilled by dealer

    PS Best check the tyre pressures if the service desk did not tell you what they were set at during the service, then reset the TPMS.
  5. Oil overfilled by dealer

    ? On the Invoice what Quantity of oil were you charged for? I take it you did you not check the level as the car was collected. Is the coolant level correct? Was this check you did a cold dip after the car parked a few hours, or as it tells you in the Owners Manual for all engines other than 1.2 44 kW ones that are checked cold. Was this oil level with the Engine / Engine Oil at the 'Normal Operating Temperature', so at least above 50*oC after being driven a few miles, not after sitting ticking over a while, maybe best nearer 80 *oC, then parked on the flat and checked after a few Minutes. (Skoda do not say what a few are, but less than 5 would be a few.)
  6. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    lol-lol, Their % of the market is very small. Skoda Global Market not that much more when they were biging up supplying a million vehicles just the other year. I wonder who made more profits, the manufacturer shifting 600,000 more prestige vehicles or the brand that is part of the VW Group shifting 1,000,000?
  7. vRS245 ordered club

    Love the internet, full of stories that are just on-line for ever. No harm done, just talk. Great when someone or a vehicle is in a fatal or life changing incident and now the Tracker / Sat Nav / GPS is investigated and information / evidence taken from there is used in court, maybe speeding events previous to the incident also given in court. This car was provided by an insurance company and had a Tracker fitted. A bit like many Demonstrator / Media Cars out on loan. Shocking catalogue of speeding of driver who killed two women in Kirkcaldy - Fife Today.mhtml
  8. BRISKODA 'wheels / tyres' For Sale ads are good or Ebay to find what you are after. Once you know what size you want, and if that is one that means not slowing down after fitting you fit a matching to the 3 still on the same car or matching the one on the same axle. Even then you want the same pressure in a tyre that is not brand new / green, or that needs taking it easy. So an identical match needed, wheel / tyre, still you should think about it and is all A OK. Speed Limiting stickers should not be the only reason for reducing speed when a Spare is fitted, not all spares come with Stickers, but consider them as 'Temporary fits' to get you to a repair centre, and the regular tyre fitted. (but then surely all drivers know that.)
  9. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    Was that a downturn due to the reduction in disposable income of Businesses leasing 'prestige diesel vehicles' cheapo finance / leases for those getting prestige rep mobiles, or was it just less leasing or buying of diesels. The other option being heavy gasoline drinking models until they get out the EV's. Ah what a shame, all that hardship that TATA must be suffering. It must have broke their hearts having to shelf their plans for the VW Group Partnership with Skoda in India. http://bbc.co.uk/news/business-42603271 http://bbc.co.uk/news/business-39228426 Who is to blame for a down turn in the sale of diesel cars, was it VW caught cheating with Diesels or was it the EU Governments that allowed the Diesel Scandal by fudging testing for decades. EU Governments still at it including the UK that is a member of the EU & the UK Government often at it.
  10. Autonomous driving

  11. rough on cold starts

    ? What octane of fuel is it in the Azores 95 ron?
  12. There are 2 commenting on VW's, as we see, which is nice, one actually has the vehicle the other spoke to someone with one. Not sure on most people, but there have been a good few on BRISKODA that had The Fix on a 2.0 TDI and posted all is well. Most people seem on this forum to never admit to completing car satisfaction surveys that had Skoda high on the satisfaction list/ Not many seem to have on the 1.2 TDI or the 1.6 TDI Skoda, but then there do not seem to be any commenting they have had it because they put their car in for it, just that they bought a car with it done, or that a Dealership carried it out without permission.
  13. New Cupra Ibiza

    A major part of the story will be if the Cupra Ibiza is to be a 5 door. If it is to stay a 3 door that will be limiting it's appeal, but give some people something they want as VW Group drop 3 door mid sized cars.
  14. Remap

    ESSO Super Unleaded is 97 ron (minimum) Produced and in most of the UK comes from Greenergy that produces Tesco Momentum 99 (99 ron min) as well. http://greenergy.com/uk/independent
  15. Remap

    Good. Was that on 95 ron unleaded? They sell them with Minimum Max PS / Nm Torque, and to be able to achieve that at much higher feet above sea level and intake / ambient temperatures than on a Dyno in the UK which is unlikely to be & no more than 3,000 ft above sea level, not above 35*oC ambient temp even inside, but especially with a fan blowing air at the air intake, and which will be running good fuel. So even on the roads in the UK in high summer the vehicles are going to be getting their power in pretty ideal conditions. In Winter even more so with the engine oil at operating temp and lovely cool oxygen and even winter spec fuel from November till April.

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