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  1. Lift off oversteer - tyres or suspension

    Audi had 225/35 R 18 on Audi A1 with all of 122ps, and 215/40 R 17 on ibiza, Polo & A1 with 105ps, 205 /40 R 17 on Fabia mk2 with 78,86 or 105 ps, and now on the Mk3 Fabia. The 17" rims are not an issue just what rubber go on them.
  2. VRS vs RS3

    Yes, read the post in the Fabia 1 section, love it. Oversteer.
  3. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    Seen some snow last week and last night along the Deeside road. Big changes around the Airport. Luckily Hotel Prices dropping now there are some decent competition. Still not enough affordable houses.
  4. VRS vs RS3

    They all get round bends at 60 or even 70 and motorway bends at 120 + or so unless there is a really bad driver or bad tyres.
  5. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    The Aberdeen market was ridiculous, as to collapsed, have you driven up the road recently or flown in, have you seen the new house building, all around, new villages etc, the Aberdeen Bypass, the New Conference centre. 10 years or so and Stonehaven will be the start of entering Aberdeen.
  6. Blanking out Numberplates

    Cloned is just putting another plate on to get a car around without its reg showing, 5 minute plate change. Rather different from Ringing and stealing a car and changing the identity to have it become some write off, or crashed vehicle and having its VIN.
  7. Mk2 VRS upper honeycomb grill

    ^^^ Which Fabia do you have?
  8. VRS vs RS3

    You are serious arn't you, you think you have some fast diesel. A Tuning Box added Octavia vRS TDI. Have fun with it.
  9. Mods and insurance?

    Are you kidding. Leave them uncleaned and they will go black with brake dust and no charge. Since when did wheel colour become a declarable mod on cars?
  10. VRS vs RS3

    Get better tyres, surely you can get to 70 mph under control. What would 'petrol gods' have to do with inventing for Derv burners?
  11. EU referendum/Brexit discussion - Part 2

    On your bike, you have loads of money, & you will be a long time dead, buy that nearer to London property. Where the flying duck can it be a bad investment. Make it a house of multiple occupancy and rent out to your wealthy co-workers.
  12. Is it a DQ200?

    Makes no difference anyway, both have 7 gears change gear automatically or manually, and there is a warranty for 3 years and if keeping longer get a warranty. No oil change every 40,000 miles with a DQ200.
  13. Mods and insurance?

    Black wheels were a factory fit option, same wheels black or silver, neither colour more of a thief magnet.
  14. Mods and insurance?

    I insured a family member, young with modified car and got an OK deal, until renewal and it was a rip off and the call handler was a cheeky sod. So that made me look and then i found out Esure owned Go Compare. Do you really need that wrapped parts or that wheels painted now, (none declared can invalidate insurance, but....) why not just get a quote on the 'sounds' and see what the story is. You have 14 days to cancel with them.
  15. Mods and insurance?

    Best name which insurers. So the Broker or Underwriter must consider adding sticky back plastic is increasing the chance of theft, and also the 'hi fi'. Some might say otherwise. Their rules so if you want valid insurance you comply and bend over and let them abuse your wallet. Or you change insurer. As to wheel colour change, they are taking the pith if that needs declared.