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  1. Karoq or Ateca?

    Kodiak Biggish, Karoq & Ateca same wheelbase, same platform, even built in the same factory, mm's different in length..
  2. Permanent disabling of Start-Stop with VCDS - solution!

    An interesting mod. http://briskoda.net/forums/topic/438584-start-stop-button-memory-module
  3. Remap is it worthwhile

    As a lesson on how not to mod cars maybe try watching his Fabia Mk2 vRS Vids and the Audi S3 ones with quite a few mods between the 2, and never done right.... I see he has a new 'name' in the latest vids. 'Road tested on private roads in some South American Country....
  4. Welcome. Best go with a 1.0 TSI and there will be more coming available in the next 3 months / 3,000 miles.
  5. extended warranties , worth it or not

    VW Group have given you a sort of 24 month warranty on some hardware since you let them do 'The Fix', so up to you if you think £300 or so on a Skoda Extended warranty is worth while on other stuff, or just keep servicing and maintaining it well.
  6. Remap is it worthwhile

    Best to remember, When you own cars you can please yourself, when just renting them or they are on tick and they are someone elses property the sharn can hit the fan.
  7. Remap problem

    ^^^? Who is advertising a Generic Remap for Euro 5 TDI's that have had the VW Fix to remove the Defeat Device & Engine Management? (the one VW says was not Illegal in Europe.)
  8. Mechatronics failure - DSG

    Igdos, Was and is your DSG one that Skoda has as needing the Service Campaign, '34H5' started last year late on for some DQ200 DSG 2013-2015, It is a Software Update. The Dealership or Customer Services should be telling you if it is one that 'They Know' could have issues / failures. I take it you DSG was one built after the DQ200 that needed service Campaign '34F7' to change the Synthetic Oil for mineral and needed a Software Update, so not part of that Service Campaign, which was also a World Wide Recall, just not in Europe.
  9. Possible Misfire?!

    So this might be the 4th set of plugs going in. Air filter needs checked and changed. It might need a Fuel Filter at some point, they are Fit for life, that is not a long life. So start saving for a Water Pump sometime. Watch for a Engine Emission Warning or the EPC light of both, and any drop in coolant, even a little bit.
  10. Possible Misfire?!

    If they are replacements & were just as the OEM / NGK's then 12-15,000 miles might well be a plug on the way out, because not many get 40,000 or even 20,000 out of them. Spark plug thread pinned at top of section. ? Is it a CAVE or CTHE Engine and how many miles on it now?
  11. Possible Misfire?!

    When were the spark plugs checked or changed? How many miles has the car done? A failing plug, just the one can cause a misfire when there is Super Charger & Turbo Charger, 2,400-3,500 rpm. Maybe not even log misfires in the codes. Take care not to boot it until the spark plugs are checked.
  12. Projekt Grenadier 4x4

  13. Sums it up really......

    CWARD, the scheme in my area and many other areas which has Road Shows and Stalls at Events with Post Coding of Bikes, Registering them, Smart Water / Micro Dotting etc. There are ones happening this weekend, there have been for decades, and the result being...... Not much.
  14. Sums it up really......

    I have 8 bikes some going back 20 plus years so do they just get registered stating from when the system comes into practice?
  15. Remap problem

    http://fivestarremap.co.uk VAT Registered Traders with a Building, Equipment, Licences, Overheads, Expenses, Insurance covering customers vehicles etc etc home to keep and money to earn from their full time job, not just a man in a van or car with laptop and will travel and doing it as a sideline, ask no questions, tell no lies, nods as good as a wink, no receipts given......