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  1. 12V boot socket - always on?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm that the 12V socket in the boot is 'always on'? Thanks Matt
  2. My first 3 months experience

    Thanks for that. Is there a link for the TPI we can read or does it require a subscription of some kind? Thanks Matt
  3. Estate electric tailgate struts

    Maybe show your dealer my receipt and say "look even those bloody kiwis get a discount from their dealers, why can't you?!" Good luck!
  4. Estate electric tailgate struts

    There is a 2010 Superb estate being wrecked in Taupo NZ at the moment. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1463937160 Unsure if it has the electric boot option. The ones on our car were replaced a few years ago, and if it happens again I will be converting it to a 'manual' boot, due to the horrific cost. See invoice below, Skoda NZ helped out with the cost of the parts even though the car was outside of warranty. Still not cheap! Good luck. Matt 109000kms tailgate fix.pdf
  5. Skoda Superb MK2 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Bulb Types

    you can also change them by going in through the exhaust pipe....
  6. door mirror

    I just replaced the flashing indicator part of our 2010 car's mirror. I found a bunch of information on the net, but still managed to break off one tab. They are a PITA to disassemble.
  7. buying used towbar - electrics required

    Thanks very much for all that information. There is no chance the wrecker will take the looms out carefully or at all for the price quoted, and I can't get to the wrecker to do the removal myself, so have shelved the idea. Have a great weekend! Matt
  8. buying used towbar - electrics required

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a used towbar off a wrecker here in New Zealand. Our car did not come with the 'towbar prep' wiring so I need to get all of that from the donor car. Does anyone have a list/photos of what I need? I'm guessing its more than just the wiring at the rear? Thanks Matt
  9. Newbie wanting Superb Estate Advice

    We have a 2010 CR170 Elegance wagon and a dog ;o) I wouldn't have been happy with the lower powered TDI version, especially if you go 4x4. Its a big car that needs torque to get it off the line, and there is a bit of lag even in the 170. The 170 can spin its wheels in the wet so the 4x4 makes sense here too. Ours came with the retractable net for the boot to keep the dog in place. Don't let them on any leather seats as they will instantly scratch them, but I'm sure you knew that! Good luck. Matt
  10. 'EA 189 NOx' emissions service

    This sounds like grounds for an official complaint to Skoda UK.
  11. Does dash cam obscure vision

    I'm running an SJCAM M10 as a part time dash cam (I use it on my bikes most days and in the car on the weekend). To me its nearly the perfect size, cheap, and reliable. Ordered direct from the factory for $US89 incl all mounts and worldwide postage. I've wired it up to the fuse board so it starts and stops with the ignition. Pics below. Note it is battery not capacitor powered. SJCAM do a dedicated dash camera but its too big for my liking.
  12. Rear heated windscreen causes DAB to drop and FM signal to be weak

    Note that some models had the shark fin antenna but Bolero as standard (so no GPS - Columbus). I find radio reception the worst I've had in a modern car (FM).
  13. Brakefluid change messy

    I remember reading on here about the need to cycle the ABS pump when doing a fluid change, or the old fluid will remain in there?
  14. Cigarette Lighter removal from hell

    Thanks for that, it was my inspiration to get started. A screwdriver doesn't give me enough leverage on the tabs inside. I will try again another day, but in the meantime I will email the local VAG dealer and see if they have the tool in the service department and what their minimum labour charge is....
  15. How important is 5 year cam belt / water pump change?

    Great information thanks. We must have G12++ in ours after the recent cam belt change.