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  1. Squeak in back can't find it

    I have a squeak from the leather seats in the rear, which must be listed as a 'first world problem'.
  2. Small USB lighter adapter??

    These ones get good reviews and are low profile. http://www.scosche.com/consumer-tech/usb-car-charger-dual-port
  3. To mudflap or not to mudflap, that is the question

    You might be right. They are as flexible as the 'firm rubber rally flaps' but I will try and take a look at them in action.... maybe mount my action camera on the side of the car!
  4. To mudflap or not to mudflap, that is the question

    I finally gave them a 300 mile test run, including a section of wet gravel road.... and the results are in..... While they stop the worst of the road spray, and the heavy caked on stuff behind the rear wheels, they don't really work as well as expected!
  5. Stranger things happen at sea

    The indicator stork delivers new baby Skodas to the dealers every summer.
  6. Cambelt snapped on motorway

    All booked in, thanks!!!
  7. DPF Inspection at 93,000m service

    Great, thanks for all the advice, I'll tell them not to bother with whatever they had planned!
  8. DPF Inspection at 93,000m service

    Yes that is a good point, I was unsure as to why Skoda would put it in the schedule...
  9. DPF Inspection at 93,000m service

    Sounds like a great plan... but unless the DPF fails I'm unlikely to get budget approval from the wife. Good to know there is someone here in Auckland who can do it. Do you know the approx. cost?
  10. Cambelt snapped on motorway

    Yes, thats how I feel too. The point in waiting is that if I followed Skoda UK's recommendation I'd be coming up to my second cam belt replacement not my first ;o) which costs nearly 800 GBP to do down here in NZ (including water pump, etc). I've booked our in now. ;o)
  11. DPF Inspection at 93,000m service

    We are taking our 170TDI in for a service later this month (cambelt, oil/filer, fuel filter). The service book notes that at approx. 93,000 miles and then every 18,000 miles thereafter the DPF should be inspected. I have never heard our car doing a regen, have never had any warning lights on the DPF, so I am a little nervous about letting our independent mechanic 'inspect' it. Their quote for the work is 'DPF regeneration - computer scanner' so I guess this means they will do a 'forced regen' and thats all. The cost is 20 quid so it seems fair. Are there any risks in getting this done, or am I being too cynical? Thanks Matt
  12. Cambelt snapped on motorway

    Sorry to hear about the car, good luck with the fix/replacement. It does make me nervous about our car (160,000kms) 7 years old.... and on the original belt. We are planning a big road trip at Xmas and I hadn't intended on replacing the belt before then. Given yours went at 180,000kms I might change my mind and get it done early!
  13. Soon leaving Skoda fold

    I'm tempted by the bi-turbo TDI Passat..... but will have to wait until the used prices come down...
  14. Looking for a part number

  15. Superb CR 170 - DSG or manual

    As above if you do a lot of city driving DSG is the way to go. No-one has mentioned the flywheel problem in the manual gearbox.... if you do a search on the forum you'll find out about it (I can't remember if it applies to the 170). The DSG while smooth and fast is still a more risky proposition than the old style torque converter auto. My DSG doesnt like slow crawling in traffic for more than a few minutes (gets grabby), and requires the use of the handbrake when reversing uphill into a parallel park (not sure why my hill holder only works when going forward). Lastly, while the 6 speed DSG is more reliable than the 7 speed (wet vs dry clutch) I fear than one day the mechatronics (or whatever they are called) will die and I'll be left with bill of about half the value of the car.