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  1. OEM gear console switches for dash cam

    Is the reason for keeping it live so the camera can operate in a surveillance mode when the car is unattended?
  2. Detachable boot light

    I'd just try and get a second hand one from a breaker's yard. Should cost peanuts. Good luck.
  3. Detachable boot light

    There is a known fault re: power to the torch. In our car it causes the torch to flash occasionally when reversing (and annoying the hell out of me). To fix this I removed the torch ;o)
  4. VW boss jailed for seven years in US

    I just watched the 'Dirty Money' doco, he deserves everything he gets. I was under the impression that they cheated, got caught and owned up to it, but they were much filthier than that. I hope that by the time our Skoda needs replacing there will be an EV that will suit my needs at an affordable price.
  5. Clutch Eats Gearbox and Bank Balance!

    The phrase "good luck with that attitude" comes to mind.
  6. LED Side lights

    Keep an eye on the reflector adjacent to the bulb. The LEDs I tried started to discolour/melt the 'chrome' plastic reflector.

    I've been too scared to do my own brake fluid changes on the Superb as I've been told the ABS pump has to be cycled.... keen to hear thoughts on this.
  8. Electric tailgate intermittent problem

    I am on the second set of electric struts, and if they go again I'm converting them to manual! Sometimes the boot won't open due to dirt or the temperature making the boot seals sticky. I hope that is your problem as the replacement option is expensive! Good luck.
  9. Buckled alloys

    I can confirm that the 18" Thermistos are weak too. I just bought a set of second hand Thermistos for 26GBP so I will be picking the roundest of the eight ;o)
  10. Small, solid and nice looking phone holder

    I have one of these in our Superb, excellent quality and price. Only tried it with iPhone 4, 5 and 6, nothing larger. Stays put and no clashes with the dash on rough roads. https://www.spigen.com/products/magnetic-air-vent-mount?variant=6509230401 Matt
  11. Full Throttle - pedal 'feel'

    Another brilliant idea. We have the heated seats in the rear too, so maybe its a simple case of increasing the current until either the kids behave or flambe... As good as my wife's driving is.... better than average to be honest... I do find it much more relaxing to close my eyes when she is at the wheel.
  12. Full Throttle - pedal 'feel'

    Great idea! I am now considering one of these for when my wife is driving.... like yours but wireless and with steering and brake
  13. Full Throttle - pedal 'feel'

    Awesome, thanks for that. I wish they didn't have the notch, as its sticky and feels like the pedal will get stuck on the floor.
  14. Sachs shock absorbers

    Watching this with interest as I have a saggy rear end. Here are the dots you will be looking for (note mine are the lowered factory sports suspension), and the paint codes below....
  15. Full Throttle - pedal 'feel'

    Hi, As the weather drys out here in New Zealand I've been using full throttle more frequently and notice the pedal 'feel' is awful. There are obviously some indents/switches for the cruise control/gearbox as you approach full throttle but these points are sticky/restrictive and make it harder to modulate the throttle. Throttle movement and feel is fine up to this point. Does anyone else notice this? I wonder if My throttle cable or anything else needs lubricating... Thanks Matt

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