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  1. Have a look here http://www.iceboxauto.com Based in Liverpool.
  2. Bluetooth syncing problems

    What happens when you press the phone button? If it turns off the volume only then no Bluetooth.
  3. can anyone identify thesewheels

    Aren't they the new Golf R alloys.
  4. Android Head Unit

    Have you looked at this website http://www.iceboxauto.com
  5. Otavia vrs blackline xenons

    To put OEM xenon's is a big job. If you mean a hid kit then get a non canbus kit and get it coded by someone with vcds.
  6. Lancashire Members

    Live in Wigan. I went to the last meet at guys thatched hamlet think there was 4 turned up, 3 were regulars.
  7. Looks like a good one that,Mike. Enjoy.
  8. Bluetooth module coding.

    Try giving Mike Holroyd a pm. He's up in Whitby.
  9. No different modules do different things and connect to different phones. But need to establish part no first.
  10. Depends on the Bluetooth module fitted. It may not play audio via Bluetooth. You need to check the part number, if factory fitted the module should be under the drivers seat.
  11. mk II octavia vrs issues

    Be Careful as early facelift do not like hid kits. You can fry the control module and at around £300 plus fitting I would just go down the upgraded halogen bulb route.
  12. new battery fitting

    Just swap it over everything will be saved.
  13. Mobile Phones & Columbus

    Its not the Columbus that stores the phones its a separate Bluetooth module. I believe you can store up to 5 phones.
  14. preFL VCDS lighting adaptations

    Leave the light switch in the on position. They will switch off after the timer has elapsed. CH works on mine but not LH. I haven't got rain/light sensor on mine.
  15. Bolero bluetooth issues

    Need to get somebody with vcds to allow pairing. So your phone can connect.

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