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Need info on onboard computer settings and use

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My Skoda Fabia had a flat battery this week and now I have lost the date time settings etc from the on board computer. I have never had to reset these myself and do not know how to do so. Cannot find instructions in the user manual. Any advice please on where I can find out how to reset these and the computer settings generally?

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On mine (2008 no maxidot) you twist the trip reset button in the binnacle by the Speedo either left for hours and right for minutes or the other way round, can't remember, rather than pushing it. Hope that's helpful and clear enough!

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maxidot? binnacle? Translation needed. When I bought it I think the garage manager showed me the settings by twisting or pressing the end of the stalk on the steering column but to be honest I do not really recall it. 

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Under the central instruments (where the speedo is) you will either have two buttons (one with a folder on, the other with 0.0 on) or the old school push stalk.


Once you are in the computer settings bit, you can jump around the menu with the button on the end of the rght hand stalk (wipers).


Of course, I know how 2010 onwards works - they have the buttons, but if your car doesn't have the buttons, then I am not so sure.


Do you not have the handbook?  Or seached online for a PDF version of the handbook?

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    • By kylemorrow1990
      I'm pretty new to this sort of thing so apologies if I'm talking nonsense or being too vague.
      I recently purchased a 2010 Octavia S 1.6 TDI. There are no buttons on the wiper stalk to control the display on the trip computer and the black stick protruding from the dash only allows me to either set the time, reset the trip or see when the next service is due. I would like to be able to see my MPG, range etc.
      If I were to replace the wiper stalk with the version that has the rocker buttons on the end and underside; would I then also have to reprogram/replace the trip computer?
    • By Shacky13
      Owned my Octavia 1.9 tdi 3 months now and totally unsure on the accuracy of the mpg average and the miles left with fuel remaing .... looking at mpg ....generally getting around 60mpg on my trips to work ...my old car claimed around 48 ... yet the old car seemed cheaper to run on fuel ... and then the computer miles left thing .... say I fill up to around 3/4 a tank ...it'll say I have 620 miles of fuel left .... drive 25 miles to work and check again ..580 ...always get around 200 miles less than the computer says for the fuel I've put in......any thoughts? 
    • By mattwood1991
      Hi all!
      I have just bought a (used) Octavia II 62reg CR SE 1.6 TDI. This trim level has the maxidot display (verified by opening door as suggested in forums), bolero radio and bluetooth connectivity.
      My problem is that the maxidot screen only shows phone connectivity status/options and car image when a door is open. The controls for the maxidot in this octavia are the buttons on the windscreen wiper stalk.
      When I hit reserve fuel, my mileage range pops up on the maxidot for a few seconds, likewise when the outside temparature drops below 4oC I get an ice warning.
      I would like to know if I can scroll between the range/MPG/other options as the main display on the maxidot (as other octavias (and golfs) I have been in, do).
      I have attached some images of the options I get on my display below.
      As this is my first skoda, I am new to this forum - I have searched and scrolled through to see if my problem has already been mentioned, but I have been unable to find anyone with exactly the same problem as me (Although a few similar problems). If I have missed this please let me know!
      Thank you!

    • By RicardoM
      As you may know, there was a trip computer (TC-6 and TC-6P) made specifically for Skoda Felicia 1.3 and 1.6. According to user manual, the fuel consumption of a Felicia 1.3 warmed-up engine at idle is 0.8 liter/hour.
      What do you think of that value? To me that looks way too low. Do you have any measured data?
    • By Ryan96
      Can the trip computer be installed in a mk1 fabia classic? 

      i've got another SDI comfort and elegance TDI to get parts from, obviously the clusters will need swapped over, anything else? i'd assume it'll need coded??


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