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huxdra    0

Hello all. I have Octavia 2018 and I want To activet traffic sign i need's Code for A5 and 5f and17 control's unit 

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huxdra    0

I got to activate the traffic sing.  Its Work  O.k. can be enable the traffic jam? I think I have to coded the abs can anybody know the bit I have to change?

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    • By spinifex
      So I re-enabled my Traffic Sign Recognition again over the weekend using OBD11.

      I can put up with the default "ding" and error message after about 30 seconds, when starting the car... and the feature IS kinda cool and useful.

      Couple of odd symbols I've seen on my display though, that I have no idea what they mean.
      Sometimes more than one speed sign will display, sometimes the speed with another odd symbol.
      They display perfectly on the satnav, but they overcrowd on top of each other on the maxidot if you have another display for the main screen, and just the symbols on the top header line.

      If you select the road signs as main display in maxidot, they show up multiple signs perfectly.

      Thoughts on what these obscure symbols mean?
      [ PS: apologies, I can't work out how to place pictures inline with the text, they only add as attachments at the bottom of the post.... is this normal? ]
      Image TSR (2), TSR (3), TSR (4)

      This one obviously means different speeds for different times of day?

      I can't remember exactly where this was, but I've only seen it show up once, and I've been through many school and roadworks zones with time-specific speeds, but this doesn't make sense.  Schools would be 40.  No idea where I've driven with a 30 limit that was time-specific.

      Image TSR (5) & TSR (6)

      This one was around the canal-side upper class areas of Gold Coast.
      What's this one?  Causeway?  Boat ramp?  Road prone to Flooding?

      Again don't remember seeing the specific sign(s) that the camera recognised these from... I must have been staring at the mansions and massive boats (sorry, yachts), instead of the road !

      Image TSR (1):  And NFI what this one indicates !!!

      Presumably a 2-lane road, but I can't think of any road sign that may be interpreted to display this symbol?
      UNLESS it's the "euro" method of displaying Two Way traffic.

      Being from a predominantly LHD database, this would make sense, with the red car being the oncoming car on the Left side?



    • By Loctodorum
      I have a 2013 MY Octavia Elegance with Amundsen Sat Nav. A couple of days ago the dynamic route guidance and traffic features stopped working correctly. The DRG is not showing routes that are clogged up - eg, my commute on M1 between J15A and J8 always showed up with red traffic warnings, but nothing for the last few days, even when I am at a standstill. Likewise when you press the traffic button, it is not picking up the latest problems. The top traffic entry is the same one that appeared 4 days ago a traffic jam that cleared up 4 days ago!
      I have tried to hold down power on/off button and menu button for a re-boot, but this has proved unsuccessful. Before I take it to Skoda for them to charge me for diagnostics, can anyone suggest a solution?
      Many thanks,
    • By littleredduck
      I have an 80 mile a day commute round, for the large part, the M25; a road well known for being a car park.
      For this reason I leave the traffic reports (TP) on for most of the drive as to be notified to either take another way home or prepare for the long haul!
      The other day I hit the back of traffic and realised that the radio hadn't chirped up once with the traffic reports. Since then I've come to the conclusion the function has entirely ceased to work?! I've tried many configurations of turning off and on the TP/ car and nothing seems to work?
      Can anyone shed any light? Its a 58 P-FL PD170 vRS with a factory Stream MP3 and jumbo box.
    • Guest Leebus
      By Guest Leebus
      Does anyone know if the traffic function on the Columbus system works in Australia?