Radio upgrade on 06 Octavia II

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I've not posted on here before but i have a some issues that hopefully someone can help me out with

I have an 06 reg Skoda Octavia II L&K Diesel, I would ideally like to un-clutter my Dash by removing the sat-nav and bluetooth hands free etc and replacing the existing radio/CD player with something that combines the sat-nav, bluetooth and adds iPhone 4 compatibility, dvd and SD card and video playback, but i would also like to keep the connectivity with the steering wheel and 6 CD multi-changer in the boot.

I've found several Radio head units online that do some of the job but not all of the job, some work with the iPhone but not with the CD multi-changer and some vice versa, some say the work with both and then when it actually comes to it they dont work with either or the sat-nav is some brand i've never heard of and cant be updated or is an illegal copy of an named brand.

Any advice on what to buy and where to go without spending £1000's which is what i'm being quoted by many car audio people and even then i'm being offered a solution that only does part of the job.

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I might be wrong but I think the Columbus is the only unit that will come close to meeting your requirements because as I understand only the VW/Skoda units can connect to the CD changer. The Zenec units seem the best of the non-VW ones for integrated with the car but I don't know if they can connect to a CD changer as they don't mention it in the spec:

There's also no SD card slot on the front for music/video although it looks like there's a USB adapter to add multiple devices which may allow you to add an SD card.

The Kenwood DNX520VBT is a Canbus controlled unit and a straight swap but it doesn't really integrate with the car (no Maxidot, climate control or parking sensor display), definitely doesn't connect to the CD changer and it doesn't have an SD card slot for music/video either. I'm just mentioning that in case you come across this unit and were wondering how well it worked.

There are the no-name brand Chinese units but they seem to get a very mixed response so I decided against one.


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The Audisources ANS-810 also looks like quite a good option. Lots of people using them in the VW brand. They have a new one coming out in the next few days which might be very intersting

(It interfaces with the reversing system and the climate control system which is very rare for non VAG brand products)

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The newer Amundsen unit will do the job. It's got built-in Bluetooth too that only needs enabling with VCDS. You'd have to manually install the OEM mic in the light unit but it's as OEM as you can get.

Here's the install guide - http://www.briskoda....install-how-to/#

Edited to add: not sure about video playback actually. I guess it's definitely the Columbus plus OEM Bluetooth module if that's a priority.

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    • By timetell
      the only thing i dislike about my car is my imfotainment. i tried to import radio logos and there are no support for that at all.
      it was at this point among other functuons like not having smart link or smartgate that i have finally become displeased with it.
      is it then possible for me to take it out and put in a bolero unit that has these supported features or another infotainment system from another brand that fit into my car.
      has any ony one done rhis before?

    • By keith1955
      Hiya Folks,
      Please advise me.    I have a 2012 Octavia 1.8 TSi DSG MK2 FL Elegance, (Manufactured on 21st June 2012), with a Bolero radio 6CD unit installed with no Bluetooth.
      I would like to replace it with a Bolero WITH Bluetooth, possibly a used unit from Ebay or the like.    Or is it possible that mine has bluetooth but has n
      The 2nd hand ones I have seen advertised, show the 4 options along the top of the screen, one of which shows "BT" unlike mine that only has 3 boxes.
      I know some of you would suggest one of the lovely aftermarket, all singing all dancing head units, but " She who must be obeyed " said I'm not allowed to, and for fear of Death, or worse, much to my sorrow, I must take this route.      ( I'm a very young 61 yr old who loves modern Tech. ).
      Now, I know I would have to buy a microphone,unless it's already there,(I haven't checked yet), pref the correct one that fits in the light unit above my head, but will a straight head unit swap work. ?
      I do not have steering wheel controls or a maxidod display, and I want to keep the car looking standard, hence the like for like swap.
      I don't mind going up a model in stereos, as long as it is a Skoda one that looks like it came with the car.  I don't like the option that is offered by my skoda dealer with a little screen on the dash.
      Obviously, I want to keep all of the functionality that I get now, such as reversing display, AUX input, (Socket under armrest), Climate control display, etc.....
      Below are pictures of the VIN plate and the radio software screen etc if it helps at all.    But if there is any other info you need in able to assist me, please ask.   I can extract codes from the ECU, as I have a CARISTA OBD2 Dongle and APP. If there are any you need.
      Thanks to all.
      Regards from Keith in Clacton on Sea, Essex.  


    • By Dutchcloggie
      I have recently bought a 2014 reg CitiGo and I am finding the sound a bit pants so I want to get a new stereo. It seems easiest to upgrade to a Skoda-stereo as this will guarantee the Garmin thingy will still dispay all the info and that the dashboard will look nice :-)
      But... Is the sound of the Skoda upgrade any better or is the problem with the speakers? I'm happy to buy new speakers etc but I would rather prefer to check if the problem can be solved with a new stereo before I rip the car apart.
      I am worried that if I fit an aftermarket stereo, I will lose functionality on the Garmin.
      I know nothing about fitting car stereos or about speakers so most of the posts in other forums about improving sound are way over my head. Basically Halfords want to sell me a new radio and a facia first and then see if the speakers are needed as well.
      Anyone able to tell me about the sound difference between the 'old' and 'new' Skoda stereos?
    • By alextait
      I am wanting to add Bluetooth to my bolero stereo in my Octavia.

      Not sure where to start. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
      I'd mainly like to make calls but being able to stream music would be nice too.
      Had a look through the posts on here but so far nothing definitive.