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  1. octavia dip1

    I've used the trade mark plastidip. There is 2 versions, European and USA. The latter is more. IMHO using both there is little difference to justify the price. I cannot comment on other brands, but if you use the same process the results should be fine. Had them on the car since doing it and the plastidip is still fine. You can use a "glossifer" to give them a slightly gloss effect,It's harder to get a gloss effect so leaving them matt is easier.
  2. octavia dip1

    At least 4 light coats. No need for a knife as the sticking pads on back of the badges form a edge. So when you peel it will break away at that point. Key is thin multiple coats.
  3. octavia dip1

    No need to, the plastic dip will just peal off.
  4. VRS TSI Exhausts Choices ?

    I can't say I've noticed that, only thing I can feel is the "fart" on full charge, this does give a slight vibrating feeling. But I sort of like it......appeals to my inner child I guess.
  5. Yep, in 2014 it was about £51k for the base model and no options (with Gov grant). Funny enough I was just thinking about Tesla again today. And in fact if I took the plunge and got one, with the "free" (upto 400kwh a year) charging points, it probably wouldn't cost that much more that a quickish petrol car.
  6. VRS TSI Exhausts Choices ?

    It's the mid section. Between the car and the rear mufflers. Basically a straight pipe. Gives a louder DSG fart and a bit more deeper note
  7. A few more changes. Now on spacers, R600 Intake, VWR90Turbo pipe, Forge DV, Forge cap cover (oil/water etc) and the recoloured engine covers. I will have some more interesting changes shortly.
  8. VRS TSI Exhausts Choices ?

    In the end I have gone for the resonator delete. Gives a bit more of a fart and i little more noise of full throttle. It will do until I can afford or find a second hand after market one.
  9. I also had this issue at a few Mercedes-Benz dealers, came to the conclusion my appearance did not suit the MB clientele
  10. The Merc is by a large margin a better place to be sat in. I personally love the w205 interior! Albeit it the stupid looking ipad stuck on screen.
  11. Had 3 Citroens and all where dogged with issues. Would I buy one.........no unless very very very cheap! Horses for courses some people say they have had equally bad experiences with Skoda.
  12. Suspension

    FYI...if you buy with demontweeks you can get an extra 10% off with a discount code. I think the current one is NEWR17.
  13. As above......very expensive, with that cost most would go for air ride. Looked at it and walked away........bought KW V1 coilovers instead.
  14. Make it loud!

    That's the biggest problem with Remus, the price tag. Not knocking it's value of the workmanship, but it's a big outlay.
  15. Octavia mk3 & mk2 alloys

    Mods please close/lock this one. No longer for sale

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