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Found 8 results

  1. Can anyone who's done this conversion give me some feedback please. Wanting to know if you've noticed any improvement in braking after swapping the drums to discs? I've got chance of a rear axle for SWMBO's Fabia, and personally think rear discs perform better generally, but want to hear actual like-for-like reviews. Not planning on doing it for the aesthetics, but for improved performance/safety. Cheers.
  2. New Brakes

    Hello All i am not sure if You know that, but i am front of brake renewal, and found a good website. for all brakes and pads it is more then 100eur less then from the official way. full origi oem brakes and lot of discounts hope i helped https://shop.ahw-shop.de/
  3. Rear disc wear

    Following my complaint the rear discs have been replaced under warranty. According to the dealer the callipers and guide pins have been cleaned. Time will tell.......
  4. Wheels and Brakes

    As mentioned in a previous post, I have just bought a pre-FL 140 Elegance in Steel Grey. Will be looking to modify my Yeti to personal preference and very much welcome any advice/tips along the way. My first question is this... I'll be looking to replace the standard Spitzberg wheels with a new set of alloys. I would like the new wheels to be (1) black/smoked/dark grey in colour, (2) official Skoda wheels ideally and (3) able to accommodate large brakes than standard. Anybody know any that I should take a look at? Leads me to my next question... What would be the simplest but most effective upgrade for the brakes? Presumably the larger discs from the 170 model would be a fairly straightforward fit. Any other good options? I think I saw a post about an owner who had fitted larger discs and callipers from an Audi TT. Will probably also be looking to add a decent anti-roll bar in due course, as well as a Shark remap. But will save those questions for another day! Thanks!
  5. I took delivery of my yeti last June, 2nd owner, Skoda approved, 13000 miles. I've never been a fan of extended oil changes and cos I'm towing a caravan I decided to opt for the fixed service regime. I had it in at my local dealers last week for "my" first service, at 24000 miles. Fully expecting this to be a formality I was surprised to receive a call from the dealers informing me that the rear discs are shot. I've read elsewhere on here about similar issues at lowish miles, all down to driving style, not using them enough etc. etc. Since I got the car it's been pretty much used every day, including a cross country commute which involves negotiating a fairly steep gorge, so whilst I pride myself on being a reasonably smooth driver, I'm confident that the brakes should have been getting a reasonable work out. Factor in the caravan towing and I'm damn certain they've been well used. Given that the rear discs are well grooved, what are the chances that the damage was done before I got the car, and if so, should the supplying dealer have picked it up? The other issue the garage flagged up involves the rear fog lights. Only the near side light comes on, but no bulb failure is indicated and the bulb on the off side has been checked. My garage think it might be the tow bar installation but apparently they reckon on a couple of hours to strip it and investigate. Can anyone confirm whether or not a 2014 FL should have 1 or 2 fog lights illuminated as standard. As far as I can figure out, the towbar lighting is otherwise ok: it appears to be linked to the canbus as the fog light goes out when you plug in the caravan, and the car seems to recognise when the caravans hitched up. I've read elsewhere here about the issues with trying to make both bulbs illuminate via vcds but don't know if that applies to all models. Apologies for the lengthy post, I look forward to your thoughts. John.
  6. Hey all, Wondering if anyone knows or what is the easiest way to find out the size of the front and back discs on a 2008 Octavia 2.0 TDI VRS PD Engine. Thanks Euan
  7. Can anyone tell me if this is an easy enough job? 1 has come loose so thought I'd replace the both rears before it starts coming in contact with anything. Happy enough if it's a case of removing caliper, carrier and disc but anything more technical and I would it done at a garage! Also, be great if someone knew the part number for these (rear left and right) for a 2007 VRS 2.0TDI Thanks in advance
  8. Hello I'm about to buy front and rear disc and pads. My Roomster has done 82000 miles and the discs are a bit 'lippy' and corroded around the edges. I wondered if anyone has any experience of the best cost vs performance replacements. I have looked on Ebay and Mintex and Brembo seem very cheap compared to the £199 Fixed Price each for front and back on Skoda.co.uk as I have a friend who maintains a rally car who will do it. Do I need fitting kits? Thanks in advance

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