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Does anyone know much about the egr valves on the Octavia 1.9tdi engines? I got an engine light saying 'insufficient flow on egr' I had it removed and cleaned but the gasket blew on it and melted some plastic part next to it and now theres a weird rattle noise. Can anyone advise?

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Does anyone know much about the egr valves on the Octavia 1.9tdi engines? I got an engine light saying 'insufficient flow on egr' I had it removed and cleaned but the gasket blew on it and melted some plastic part next to it and now theres a weird rattle noise. Can anyone advise?


If you search in the mk1/2 octavia sections or throe the post up there instead, you ll get a quicker answer on it than buried in the ireland meets section. Bit of a quiet corner this bit ;)

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    • By NaneK
      Hi everybody,
      I am having a bit of problems with my Yeti. It seems that EGR valve is dead.
      I had a warning light come up while driving (3x) and at the Škoda service they said that it was EGR system reporting a error and that it needs to be replaced (whole EGR system - valve, cooler, etc.). Repair is expensive since (in a way) I get nothing from it.
      So I went to check for another solution, and I think I have found it, so I am asking for your advice.
      I am thinking about blanking of EGR and doing a remap (110hp to 145hp) at tunning shop in my country (SM Chip tunning).
      They offer me a good deal, a remap and EGR problems resolving for price that is 30% cheaper then just replacing EGR at Škoda. So for the almost the same money I get more.
      Thing that bugs me is that EGR fault. They said, and I quote: "We can permanently shut off EGR." Now I read that there are more then one way to deal with EGR (or shut it off), software fix, removing, some put metal plates etc. But the outcome is the warning lights. I want to fix this and never again have a EGR warning light or something like that. What do the mean when they say shut it off?
      So my question is, what is the best way to "shut off" EGR so it does not make any problems later or warning lights flashing? I don't what to pay for all of this at tunning company and still have limp modes on or warning lights flashing.
      Also, I read somewhere that tunning compaines do not "fix" EGR when it's already broken (or something like that). Like they can't "shut it off" if the EGR is faulty, only when it's ok. Is that true?
      Prioritety is resolving EGR fault.
      Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI 81kw 4x4 manual, 111.200 km on the clock
      Thanks in advance.
    • By JFN
      My car is a Octavia Combi MKII VRS PD170 with the BMN engine code. I want to know if the EGR valve is working correctly and I have a VAG-COM 12.12.0. I replaced weeks ago the OEM EGR gasket with the reduced 9mm gasket. But I´m not sure if the egr is working properly, even if I haven´t the EML light on. So I need help because I´m not an VCDS expert. I read that te EGR of the PD170 is electronically regulated, and I want to know if it´s possible to check and adjust the EGR using the VAG-COM.
      Can someone tell if is possible? Or some link to a tutorial to do it? And a reference to the correct values that the EGR need to have in orden to work properly?
      Sorry for my english.
      Thanks a lot.
    • By nealey
      Fabia VRS Pressure Hose. Brand new. Its the one that go's onto the EGR valve. Part no: 6Q0145838E Year 2004.
      £30 Posted. Or you can collect (still £30), I'm near Loughborough.
      Cheers, Pete.

    • By Francisco
      Hi, I have a question re Daylight Running Lights (DRL) and EGR on a Skoda Superb Ambition 1.6 Greenline from June 2013 with 71,000KM. I had the Glow Plug Warning sign come up on the dashboard recently. I had taken the car out of the garage into the street on a very cold morning around -1ºc, had driven around 15km and the Glow Plug Warning light came on and automatically slowed the car down. It was the first time in this car, or any other, so called Skoda who suggested I turn off the car, restart it and get to the nearest dealer to run a diagnostic as the warning sign can mean different problems. I restarted the car and the sign went away and went directly to the nearest dealer. As they were busy I booked in for a few days time and was told that I could continue driving just that I could get the sign again slowing the car so as not to cause damage. In the meantime, the weather continued cold and every morning for 3-4 days the sign came up about 20 minutes into the drive and usually when I passed over dips in the road without braking.
      In the meantime, a local garage was recommended as the Skoda dealer was over 50km away so I popped in for them do diagnose. They connected their PC with a cable to a slot under the drivers knee area and found an error message for the EGR. They cleared the fault and suggested the part could need cleaning or replacement but to try a few long runs with the car as they had found that a lot of short runs led to the EGR getting clogged up and if the Glow Plug Warning sign came up again that they could try cleaning before replacing anything. After paying the €30 for the 15 minutes, expensive I thought for here in Portugal at a local garage, I got them to remove the cable and happened to notice my DRLs were on during the test and also when the cable was pulled out, this was as expected as the DRLs were selected on the dasboard and the key ignition was on during test (motor not running).
      Later in the day I went out at night and thought the lights were a bit dim, got out the car and found that the headlights were on, as expected for the Auto setting inside the car, but only 1 of the DRLs were on where as normally both would be on together with the headlights. I switched the car off, turned off the DRLs on the dashboard and then turned them on again and now found that only the headlights came on and no DRLs.
      I tested things out in my garage and found that the DRLs now only turn on when all other lights are off. Having read the manual in detail and having done a few internet and you tube searches it looks like the car is doing what its supposed to, however, I'm sure my DRLs were always on during the day and on when in Auto at night. Any thoughts? Its not a problem its just that I paid €30, got guidance on one issue which I'll test in the next few days but I am worried about having got a non Skoda diagnostic cable attached to the car which may have affected the settings I had.
      Also, any thoughts on the Glow Plug Warning Sign? the garage only had an error message for the EGR, no mention of a faulty glow plug. The weather has got better and the sign did not appear this morning. I wonder if the long run in the car will help the EGR? or any suggestions on why the Glow Plug Sign would appear based on the summary above ?
      Sorry to be a pain, but a bit lost with cars and don't want to be ripped off on the EGR and from my searches on this site these things can prove pricey.
      Thank you in advance
    • By indars
      Good evening/night guys,
      Kindly ask for help with my Mk1 Fabia (not tuned 1.4L 16V 74kW BBZ petrol engine, prod.02.2007, 225k km, manual gearbox).
      Yesterday evening started car and went out to clean snow from it..
      After few minutes engine stopped by itselves. Started again. After few min.- stopped again.
      Decided to drive home- but after few meters engine started to jerk, Exhaust Warning Light (alias Check Engine = Engine symbol) went on, engine stopped. 2nd gear, engine started- and with jerking and keeping hard on accelerator returned to job.
      Engine couldn’t be started no more- jerking on 200...300 rpm and stopping all the time.
      Attached X-tool VAG401 scanner > only one error, 17848 „EGR valve N18 / open circuit”.
      Tried to make „click” test for EGR valve- silence; throttle body, fuel pump relay etc.clicked normally.
      Erased error, went home with work car.
      Next morning, after -13*C windy night in yard, car started perfectly- and died again after ~14min.idle. Same symptoms, same one error.
      Recognized that unplugging of EGR makes sense- engine can be started and seems, works ~ok. Except Check Engine light in dash and bonus error 17851 regarding EGR’s potentiometer G212.
      When re-attached EGR plug to working engine, it stopped.
      Dismantled EGR. Coil resistance ~8Ohm, valve inside perfectly clean and clicks when supplied with outside 12V. Pipe from EGR to throttle's flap lower side- clean. Throttle body- clean.
      Attached EGR to plug, made a click test- clicks! Attached 5W bulb to plug’s pins 1+5 > light flashes.
      Mounted everything back; car started normally and stopped again after few minutes of idle. EGR click test afterwards- not successful.
      Engine couldn't be repeatedly started.
      Only one, the same error 17848 „EGR valve N18 / open circuit”.
      Disconnected EGR plug- can be started and is working.
      Have feeling that it’s concerned somehow with excessive exhaust supply under throttle flap + looks like problems starts after some warm-up.
      When EGR was dismounted, made a check: closed with plug EGR pipe’s bore in throttle body, started engine > it started/worked. When tried to pull closing plug out (i.e., add.air supply appeared under flap)- engine started to jerk and stopped.
      Any ideas, guys, what could be the problem?
      Is it SAFE FOR ENGINE to drive with EGR unplugged until some solution will be found? Am pushed to drive ~50km in working days...
      Sorry, haven’t and am not familiar with VCDS.
      My good workmates have VCDS but they’re Audi „dieselheads” and are not quite familiar with „petrolhead’s” EGR problems and how to check them in VCDS...