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EGR Issue

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matthews92    0

Does anyone know much about the egr valves on the Octavia 1.9tdi engines? I got an engine light saying 'insufficient flow on egr' I had it removed and cleaned but the gasket blew on it and melted some plastic part next to it and now theres a weird rattle noise. Can anyone advise?

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mac11irl    2,264

Does anyone know much about the egr valves on the Octavia 1.9tdi engines? I got an engine light saying 'insufficient flow on egr' I had it removed and cleaned but the gasket blew on it and melted some plastic part next to it and now theres a weird rattle noise. Can anyone advise?


If you search in the mk1/2 octavia sections or throe the post up there instead, you ll get a quicker answer on it than buried in the ireland meets section. Bit of a quiet corner this bit ;)

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    • By Xylynx
      I've attached an image of the EGR on my car (just realised how dirty the engine cover is) and as you can see there's a fresh oil leak coming from it. I know oil in the intake is normal but the fact there seems to be enough to find its way out the top the EGR is worrying me. I've checked the oil regularly and there's been no discernible loss.  I've also tested the EGR valve with a vacuum pump and it holds a vacuum and I can hear it opening and closing so it's fine in that respect. The car also runs totally fine and there's been no power loss to speak of.
      Is this nothing to worry about and the seals being worn around the EGR valve or is it something more sinister (rings?)

    • By Declan1000
      My 2012 Octavia 1.6 TDI started making a whistling noise after I got the EGR valve replaced. I noticed the noise literally as soon as I got the car back, and it wasn't there before. First the mechanic said that this was normal and they 'never sound the same again anyway'. Now after several months I asked him to look at it again, and now he tells me that he thinks it's the 'turbo' but that 'it does not necessarily mean it on the way out'. Something tells me he's lying and he doesn't want to fix it? It just seems too much of a coincidence that this only started after I got the EGR replaced. Any ideas what could be the problem?
    • By wilfyboy1
      Hi everyone, I'm new to skoda and this site so I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a 2010 Octavia 1.9 diesel. One day it started spluttering, lost power and chucked out lots of smoke, it had done a similar thing before and the egr valve was replaced. I assumed it was the same so removed/blocked  the egr pipe at the top of the valve. This made it drivable but wifh less power and when you reach 65 or need extra power it goes into limp mode. Switch engine off and back on and it runs again but will repeat the fault continuosly . I cleaned the valve and throttle body and it was fine for about a day then reverted to the problem. changed the egr with new but it is still the same. I changed the throttle body but it was an eBay buy so might not be as working as promised. Also on both the throttle bodys the valve appeared to be open all the time. Any help would be appreciated thanks
    • By fabdavrav
      Did a scan of a friends diesel engine (CFHF) 4wd Yeti & this code came up for the engine module,
      1 Fault Found:
      5171 - Boost Pressure Regulation
                P0299 00 [096] - Control Range Not Reached
                Intermittent - Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear
                   Freeze Frame:
                          Fault Status: 00000001
                          Fault Priority: 2
                          Fault Frequency: 1
                          Mileage: 55974 km
                          Date: 2017.08.04
                          Time: 07:09:59                     Engine speed: 2575.50 /min
                          Normed load value: 71.0 %
                          Vehicle speed: 84 km/h
                          Coolant temperature: 72 °C
                          Intake air temperature: 16 °C
                          Ambient air pressure: 1000 mbar
                          Voltage terminal 30: 14.400 V
                          Unlearning counter according OBD: 38
                          Charge air pressure specified value: 2466 hPa
                          Charge air pressure: actual value: 2012 hPa
                          Air mass: actual value (mg/stroke): 791.6 mg/stroke
                          EGR Solen.val.: actual value: 62.57 %
                          Throttle valve adapter: actual value: 99.52 %
                          Charge Pressure Actuator: acknowledgment: 79.20 %
                          Mean injection quantity: 44.10 mg/stroke   Car has been in limp mode various times prior to this code. Car was previously in dealers to get the cause fixed, obviously they wiped all codes & then it threw this after car left dealers workshop. From initial inspection it could be boost hose, but that was supposedly fixed at dealers. Car runs on best fuel & does long runs only.    My question could this be the dreaded EGR which involves taking driveshafts etc off...
    • By MrPomeroy
      My 2006 fabia vrs may be on the way out which it saddens me to say.
      For the last 9 months have had the amber engine warning light on and this is code P2100 which is throttle actuator (I bought an OBII device). No issue and it went through an MOT fine.  I did notice the main pipe off the EGR valve to the intercooler pops slightly off and I cannot get it to stay on, plus there is a lot of oil in it which I clean out regularly.
      Anyway, this aside it ran totally fine.
      This week I had another fault where my traction control light comes on intermittently and now seems to stay on. I reset it but it is code P2102.
      Put the car into my local mechanic and he has it run through the diagnostic and it came up with a few faults, one of which was low manifold back pressure (or similar). Since it went on the diagnostic it does seem to have a worse throttle response, randomly being ok or either not picking up when I press the throttle. Was fine before it went on the proper diagnostic and reset the codes that way.
      Apparently the other mechanic reckons it may be either the turbo on the way out an/or the ecu burning out and developing faults.
      I have an MOT until Jan and was aiming to keep the car for as long as possible, as it is quick, economical and i really like it.
      Any ideas on what i should do next? Is a new ECU a reasonable option or is this a bit of a nightmare?
      Car has 2013,000 miles but apart from the above runs sweet. hate to get rid of it but mechanical says part x it before the MOT runs out as it will fail.