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Hi All,


I'm on the cusp of ordering a new car and I'm torn between a few models. Frustratingly, having waited for Kodiaq pricing and release information I now find that the Octavia (also in contention) is due to be facelifted 'soon'. I really need to order a new car soon as I'm paying through the nose for a Yeti on a short-term flexi-lease at the moment.


I can't find any definitive information on when the new pricing and specs will be available, let alone when the range will actually be available for delivery. 


Does anyone know if this information is available yet? I'd also be interested to know if all models (estate, scout etc...) are going to be available at the same time, or if they are to be released over time.


If anyone can provide definitive information I'd be really grateful!



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For the best definitive answer it really should be a Skoda Dealer that is going to put in an order for you that tells you, 

or Skoda UK Customer Services since they are all about sales and very little now about after sales or technical knowledge.


all the best


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Thanks George. I spoke to my local dealer today and his estimate was late April / May for vehicles to be leaving the forecourt. 


It was good in some ways - it's helped me to make up my mind and go for the Superb... :-)

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      For sale is my well looked after and cherished Skoda Octavia VRS CR TDI 170. I spent a good while looking for something with a spec this good - please read on!
      2011 Facelift Model
      66,000 Miles
      12 Months MOT - UNTIL MARCH 2018
      FULL SERVICE HISTORY at Skoda Main Dealerships INCLUDING Cam Belt and Water pump change in Dec 2015.
      Dealership demo car + 2 owners.
      4 matching premium Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres
      Usual VRS spec PLUS the following set of options:
      RARE Xenon Headlights - Adaptive with washers
      FULL black leather with heated seats
      Front and Rear optical parking sensors
      Cruise Control
      Auto Lights and Wipers with dimming rear mirror
      Storage pack
      Winter pack
      Spare Wheel
      I've added a couple of bits to make the car even better than it is already - Light tinted rear windows, Professionally colour coded front grille surround, Retro fitted Maxidot display.
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      ESP light cosntantly on, no traction control and error code 01435... ( assuming G201 sensor failure)
      I know this is a well-discussed topic and a very well know issue. Is there a definitive answer to whether Skoda UK are covering the cost of repair 100%? I have read examples of people having the repair fully covered but also told to p*ss off..
      I also read that the topic of ESP failure on VAG vehicles was covered by Watchdog? Does anyone have any further info on this? Or any other solid info to help fight a case for Skoda to pay for a repair?
      My car is a 2006 with 80k on the clock.
      Thanks in advance!
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      I'm looking to buy a mk1 octavia estate, preferably a vrs or an elegance 4x4 1.8t. I'm new to the forum and wondered if anyone could recommend sites or groups to look at to find one (other than the obvious auto trader,eBay etc) the ones I've seen so far are either modified or not in great condition so I was thinking an enthusiast owned in original spec would be a good bet. Any help would be gratefully received!
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      20170321-P3210001-Edit-Edit.jpg by Simon Grimes, on Flickr
      I bought a 65 plate manual SE 1.4 TSI from one of the car supermarkets in January. What a great buy that was! 12.5k on the clock, stock SE except for a full size spare wheel and metallic paint, £11k. 
      I came from a small family hatchback and I wanted something with a bit more size and a lot more comfort inside. Having test driven at the main dealership, I took a punt on one of the car supermarkets and saved about a grand and a half on the approved used sticker. I'm not sure if this was a risk or not - the car was ex-rental so may have been flogged I guess, but it was clean as a whistle and low mileage. 
      I love the drive - having played around with the various modes, I just leave it in sport for the throttle response. 2nd is a bit revvy and I find myself block changing a lot, but it's just getting used to how the car likes to pull. It's very refined when keeping the revs down, and has plenty of grunt (not instant, but not far off it as long as you are above around 1800 rpm). I'm getting around 47mpg on a mixture of town, country and motorway. My only real complaint is that the dipped headlights aren't bright enough. I live in the middle of nowhere, no street lamps, and could do with more vision. 
      Two quick questions:
      It's yet to have service, due at 18k or two years. Will I have an issue having not bought it from a main dealer if I get it serviced there?
      Is smartlink worth getting? I have a £5 phone holder from Amazon which does the job, but would rather it was put away while still allowing use of google maps. Has anyone added this as an aftermarket add-on?
      I've attached a couple of pics taken today after giving it awash. It does shine up nicely!
      20170321-P3210004-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg by Simon Grimes, on Flickr