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Hi All,


I'm on the cusp of ordering a new car and I'm torn between a few models. Frustratingly, having waited for Kodiaq pricing and release information I now find that the Octavia (also in contention) is due to be facelifted 'soon'. I really need to order a new car soon as I'm paying through the nose for a Yeti on a short-term flexi-lease at the moment.


I can't find any definitive information on when the new pricing and specs will be available, let alone when the range will actually be available for delivery. 


Does anyone know if this information is available yet? I'd also be interested to know if all models (estate, scout etc...) are going to be available at the same time, or if they are to be released over time.


If anyone can provide definitive information I'd be really grateful!



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Headinawayoffski    9,473


For the best definitive answer it really should be a Skoda Dealer that is going to put in an order for you that tells you, 

or Skoda UK Customer Services since they are all about sales and very little now about after sales or technical knowledge.


all the best


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Thanks George. I spoke to my local dealer today and his estimate was late April / May for vehicles to be leaving the forecourt. 


It was good in some ways - it's helped me to make up my mind and go for the Superb... :-)

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      My partner has just discovered that her black Octavia Estate (2010) has been keyed by some ****er down almost the entire length of the offside . Down to the bare metal in some places.
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