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Hi All,


I'm on the cusp of ordering a new car and I'm torn between a few models. Frustratingly, having waited for Kodiaq pricing and release information I now find that the Octavia (also in contention) is due to be facelifted 'soon'. I really need to order a new car soon as I'm paying through the nose for a Yeti on a short-term flexi-lease at the moment.


I can't find any definitive information on when the new pricing and specs will be available, let alone when the range will actually be available for delivery. 


Does anyone know if this information is available yet? I'd also be interested to know if all models (estate, scout etc...) are going to be available at the same time, or if they are to be released over time.


If anyone can provide definitive information I'd be really grateful!



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For the best definitive answer it really should be a Skoda Dealer that is going to put in an order for you that tells you, 

or Skoda UK Customer Services since they are all about sales and very little now about after sales or technical knowledge.


all the best


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Thanks George. I spoke to my local dealer today and his estimate was late April / May for vehicles to be leaving the forecourt. 


It was good in some ways - it's helped me to make up my mind and go for the Superb... :-)

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    • By smiley1609
      Hi All, 
      During this weekend I have made a purchase of my first ever Skoda.   Having decided to upgrade from my previous Audi A3 S-line which had achieved 142,000 miles...  I am now the proud owner of a much newer Octy mk3 vRS (diesel variant).   Very happy so far with the purchase, features, and overall driving of the Octavia. 
      I look forward to interacting with the forums and getting some much needed tips.   First job is to check out the superskoda.com store for a boot liner and Skoda net system.  I found the references for this online store from your forum already, and it seems that there are some good prices possible with ordering Skoda accessories in Europe compared to the main dealers in the UK. 
      Kind regards Smiley

    • By wlange
      Did anyone try to clean air conditioning / evaporator in Octy III?
      I have that ugly smell coming out of it after winter (yeah, I used the AC rather seldom this winter).
      I'm not even asking about the chemicals but rather the exact procedure.
      From pictures I've seen I assume the evaporator may not be directly accessible from the filter box, or is it?
    • By malibu200786
      Hello , I'm looking at a couple of Octavia vrs's , I'm looking at the mk2 2007 -2009 , and I'm also looking at the mk3 there's one which is on 2010 and one which is on 2012 plate , which I'm interested in .
      Is there anymore rear legroom in the 2010 mk3 shape than the 2007 mk2 version? 
      Or are they on the same chassis? 
      Rear legroom is important to me has we got 3 kids .
      Got a mk1 superb at the minute which I was going to keep , but 2 days after putting nice alloys on a truck went into the front !!!
    • By Paul thornton
      So, I'm advertising the car that I swore I'd never sell....
      I originally purchased this car back in 2004 from Horners Skoda in Manchester.
      Our first son had just been born and I wanted  a sensible ish family car.
      This ticked all the boxes as was a 5 door with a massive boot and of course a 1.8t under the bonnet.
      The car had been bought new by an elderly gentleman who traded it back in after 2 years because he fancied a yellow one!
      I bought it and the next day had the windows tinted by autoglass. They remove the glass to install the film and 13 years later its still flawless (cost a fortune though)
      I lowered it on gmax springs (all that was available at the time) and fitted some rs6 reps with 225 tyres.
      All was going well for around 18 months until I found out the car of my dreams was about to be put up for sale (sierra sapphire cosworth 4x4 in moondust silver). I sold the Mrs car and gave her this to drive around in and I had the cossie.
      Eventually the costs of running 2 performance cars got too much (we were both in our 20's at the time) so I briefly advertised the Octavia for sale and bought the Mrs the 4x4 she wanted.
      The Octavia was bought by a friends sister and her then boyfriend. They spent an absolute fortune on it running back and forth to Jabbasport for upgrades. I used to see it quite often as they lived local and it was always kept mint. I really regretted selling it at the time.
      My friends sister and boyfriend eventually parted ways and the car was transferred to her. She soon decided to trade the car in at a dealer for a Merc so guess who went and bought it back?!
      That was 5 years ago. Me and my wife haven't really needed separate cars as we work different shift times so have always just used my company car leaving the octavia as a spare / weekend car covering very few miles.
      Since I bought it back I've fitted the TT V6 wheels which are bang on offset wise, pro sport coilovers, a few other minor mods and basically just kept it serviced, clean and tidy.
      This is without a doubt the most reliable car I've ever owned. It carried me and my family on a round trip from Manchester to Paris, to cannes to Monaco and back again around 3 years ago and never missed a beat.
      Even after all these years it still surprises me how quick it is and handles like its on rails!
      why's it for sale then again??
      Well basically my wife has started a new job and she requires a car for work. I wasn't keen on the Octavia being used every day and my wife was struggling to be honest as its low and we are surrounded by pot holes and speed bumps.
      There was no way I was going to raise it so we compromised and bought a range rover!
      This has since sat at the side of the house. I had great intentions of lowering it a bit more and doing a few other bits and bobs then just using it for summer VW / Skoda shows. As with life I've got 2 kids, house, mortgage and have started a new business etc so its never going to happen, especially as I've just ordered a new Golf for a company car. Thats me sorted for the VW shows anyway.
      I really don't want to sell but I'm struggling to justify, (even to myself) leaving it sat doing nothing so I've come to the conclusion that if it sells, all good, if it doesn't I'll gladly keep it.
      Enough waffle, here's a bit about the car.....
      2002 (52) Skoda Octavia vrs
      110,000 (ish) miles
      Black magic
      Private plate not included
      4 previous owners ( 1 being me, 2 being the couple I sold it to) so just 3 different owners in total.
      Non sunroof model with all black trims etc
      MOT 19/9/17 (done around 1400 miles since its last)
      Recent single mass flywheel and clutch conversion
      Breather hoses all renewed with silicone upgrades
      Thermostat and water splitter replaced
      New battery in 2015
      Cam belt changed on 12/7/13 @94,430 miles
      18 inch Audi TT V6 alloy wheels with Falken fk452 tyres
      Jetex SS exhaust and Cat
      Jabbasport induction kit
      Engine (call / pm for details)
      Audi TT strut brace
      Pro sport coilovers (1yr old)
      Double din bluetooth / ipod head unit
      Upgraded speakers all round
      Amp and hidden sub
      Tinted rear glass
      Cat 2-1 alarm
      2 keys
      No rust anywhere
      Lots of paperwork for servicing and MOT's including the original bill from 2004 when I first bought it
      Original hand book and sales brochure
      There's probably loads more I've forgotten
      Bad bits. Every car has them....
      Wheels were powdercoated around 3 years ago. There are some slight curb marks / chips etc but still look very good. worst wheel is pictured.
      Tyres are well within legal limits but are starting to crack a bit in between the treads due to age
      Interior light doesn't always come on when you open the drivers door. The micro switch is sticking but I'll try and get this fixed before sale
      Its due a service. Was last done around 4000 miles ago. I'll get this done before sale, just didn't see the point of it sitting around with fresh oil in.
      The bonnet was dented a few years back. It was going to take ages to get it booked into the body shop so as a temp. measure I had the dent filled and put the vinyl stripes on. It looked that good at the time that I cancelled the body shop appointment but unfortunately the filler sank a bit over time and if you look carefully you can see the outline if the dent. Never bothered me though.
      Front bumper is scuffed a bit at the bottom from running low (just being picky)
      Many years ago the bonnet and front bumper were painted to get rid of stone chips. They lacquered down the front wings to blend it in. Its a very good job but there's a tiny bit of lacquer peel around the mud flap on the nearside wing and a small run at the bottom. (all barely noticeable to be honest)
      Its a 15 year old car so tiny marks here and there. 
      Price - £1800
      Car is located just outside of manchester
      Please no time wasters
      Thanks for looking,
      zero 7 five 4 four 3 nine four 5 eight zero










    • By alextait
      I am wanting to add Bluetooth to my bolero stereo in my Octavia.

      Not sure where to start. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
      I'd mainly like to make calls but being able to stream music would be nice too.
      Had a look through the posts on here but so far nothing definitive.