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  1. I've never been more over the moon.........

    I can feel a new car coming on
  2. Venue: The Snipe at Sutton, Alfreton Road, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire NG17 1JE (just off the A38 off M1 J28 heading towards Mansfield) - See here for map and a menu...... https://www.hungryhorse.co.uk/pubs/nottinghamshire/snipe/ For those using sat nav - if you put in 295 Alfreton Road, you'll be about 150 yds away from the pub Date: Wednesday 18th April 2018 Time: 7:30pm I can't personally make this one due to a work-related do, but I'm sure others will still make an appearance
  3. Paddle wheel retrofit to L&K

    Thanks Yes, straight swap and everything works It's different apparently if you buy a vRS paddle wheel as the buttons are different, hence why I stuck with the round Superb wheel, I also didn't want to lower the tone of the L&K
  4. I've had my L&K for over a year now, and love it to bits, but I've always been a bit disappointed that it didn't have paddles on the steering wheel for the DSG, so after a hunt on eBay I sourced one from a 1000km Superb in Germany, and got it delivered for 159 Eu I didn't want a vRS flat-bottom, so it is literally a paddle version of my own wheel Yesterday I finally got around to having a go at fitting it myself, after the usual contact with my dealer said it couldn't be done I did it by the book, using a scredriver at the back of the wheel to release the airbag, then disconnecting the battery and waiting about 20 minutes before removing it, then a M12 spline bit on the nut to remove the wheel itself Lining the wheel up was pretty straightforward, as there are marks on the wheel and the spindle to assist Then plug the airbag back in, reconnect the battery, and the job's done, no coding required If I can do it, anyone can
  5. Mk2 Octavia dash air vent outlet

    It is indeed
  6. Front bumper in candy white from a 2012 Fabia Elegance estate, removed when I put a vRS bumper on Includes black plastic grille Very good condition £65 collected Lincoln area NOW SOLD
  7. Part no. 1Z0820951 from a Mk2 Octavia facelift, including switch As new condition £35 plus postage
  8. Used offside tail light from Mk2 Octavia pre-facelift estate £20 plus delivery
  9. Brand new pair of Octavia tail lights - part numbers 1Z9945111A and 1Z9945112A These are OEM on the Mk2 facelift estate, but will also be a nice upgrade to the pre-facelift I bought them to go on my own car, but due to other plans they never went on, and have been sat in the garage ever since £60 plus delivery for the pair May be willing to split
  10. It's there, I looked earlier
  11. Really had forgotten I'd posted this thread, sorry about that Yes, the lower accessory price was indeed the price paid, so a replacement wheel was £189, not the £400+ originally quoted

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