Felcia electrical problems.. 1.9d

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Hello, I recently bought a 1998 Felicia 1.9d, really love it, but I am experiencing a couple of issues:

- The left hand dipped headlight seems to work intermittently, have checked the wiring around the actual lamp and everything seems fine there, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, i have noticed that it tends to work more often when the car has actually been moving.

- The fan/blower/heater, whatever is the correct term, also seems to be operating intermittently, when it is working it is either full force or just a little. The temperature aspect works fine but the actual blower has been on and off since i bought the car..

the third enquiry I have is to do with the clutch/transmission, i'm not sure if it is even a problem, but there is a very noticible clicking sound whenever the clutch is engaged or disengaged, and often a slight rattle as i am travelling along.

Any help here would be very much appreciated as it would be really good if i could sort these problems out by myself rather than going to a mechanic.

Regards, Andrew.

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Heater blower - have a look on here about the brushes; a common issue is that they stick a bit, stopping power getting into the motor, or the springs can give up.

Other electrical issues - the fuse boxes on Felicias can give trouble, often because of the water leak that is common, so have a look at the fuse box (again, common thing on here, search for fuse box).

Gearbox noise is difficult with a description like that, but search for "fifth gear nut" or similar, see if that is what you're getting?


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