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The MkI Fabia Fuse Layout Post *updated with bulb types*

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    • By michaelg17
      Selling a DTUK Pedalbox Plus which was bought for a Fabia III 1.2 TSI 90PS but I was told via the chat that it would fit other VAG group cars too such as a Golf and an Octavia. Feel free to confirm yourself if unsure. 
      Comes with original box but not the little holder for the device as it remained stuck to the dash of my Fabia (now sold). Most people pop it into the cubby hole to the right of the steering wheel out of sight anyway. Cable has a little residue from heavy duty tape I used to tidy the cable but it's in otherwise very good condition (bought on 30th August 2017 direct from DTUK).
      Was £189 new; looking for £90 plus postage (shouldn't be a lot as it's quite small).
    • By ZMumf
      Fabia VRS 05 plate.
      Before i start i don't know much about cars, bikes are my thing.
      I've been having issues with the coolant light coming on recently, I have took it to a garage recently, they said the radiator had a leak so they replaced that. 
      It started about a month ago, the coolant light came on weekly for 2 weeks, then more frequently which i assume was the radiator leak getting worse. After they replaced the radiator it's been fine for 2 weeks then yesterday the light came on again. I don't know if this is strange or not but if you release the pressure in the expansion chamber slowly the coolant goes back up to the normal level. Once you stop and check it you can hear the pressure pushing out slightly, this may be normal i don't know, you can also see what looks like coolant on the engine top cover and down the side of the engine bay slightly. 
      The car temperature never goes above normal at any point, even when sat in traffic.
      I'm hoping it's not the head gasket.
      Give me good news please.
    • By bmbmdmb
      Car - Fabia 1 vrs 07
      Symptoms - Front left (Near side) noise (grinding, crunching) intermittent noise. Later developed heavy feel to steering a few days later, particularly front left.
      No warnings on dash.
      Last Friday when going over a speed bump at low speed the front left wheel, which I believed was the suspension made a noise (not a knocking) but a crunch. Never done this before. I looked under car but could not find anything out of place or trapped. 
      I drove it without incident yesterday (Monday). Today (Tuesday) wife calls Green Flag out reporting a grinding noise, she pulled over and when I arrived and Green Flag we could not replicate the noise. Nothing trapped under car. The front suspension spring (original with 75k on it) looks okay, console bushes were replaced 20k ago (so not this), not loose caliper carrier or anti roll bar, CV joint looks fine (no tears), drop link intact. Nothing out of place. Not a binding caliper (changed around 60K) and disks on same axle were both same temperature after a drive with frequent braking.
      I'm going to have a more thorough look with car jacked up tonight (at the spring). Is it possible for a McPherson style strut (as on the fabia vrs 1?) has a knackered shock absorber?
      Green Flag said possibly the spring or the steering rack was on its way out. But only guess work.
      Anyone any ideas? I've searched and someone mentioned the steering angle sensor or power steering. 
      Probably worthwhile plugging into diagnostic scanner that I've been meaning to buy.
      I've heard a power steering pump and its not this (whine noise continually on a 5yr old Audi A1). I'm going to check the power steering fluid level but this is under the battery tray (joy!)
    • By abaxas
      Hi all,

      Title says is all really. What are the best options? Also, I'm a bit paranoid about electrics so do they just 'plug in' or is splicing required?

    • By jayy2895
      Does anyone recognise this car? Bought the car with briskoda sticker on rear screen, love to speak to a previous owner! 


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