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    Compiled a dimension comparison sheet a wee while ago and thought I would share it. Pic and PDF attached Karoq Yeti compare.pdf
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    We sure were! An amazing weekend at the last CSCC event of the year. With 5 Fiestas taking part in the Tin Tops race and 3 in the night race we had a busy day. The track was wet, greasy and extremely slippery after the recent truck racing, with about 20% of cars not finishing some races. But all of our Fiestas finished every race. We took the outright win in Tin Tops and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th in class. Then we took the win in the mixed night race too with all 3 cars in the top 10 out of 30 cars, 1st and 3rd overall. Amazing results, top drives and huge fun with a great pit atmosphere. Really can't thank everyone that helped out, worked on the cars, drove and ran support enough. Thank you so much, such a great team of people. A brilliant way to finish the year.
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    Been a while since I posted here so here's a picture from 14th June this year in a... well named village which happened to be next to "Wanghausen" and "Tittmoniger"
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    Greetings from Sydney, Australia. My Superb 206 TSI (aka 280) has arrived.
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    Time to laugh This is my run on petrol heads heaven, Nurburgring lap, was slow (comparing to other cars) but fun, because that was my 1st time ever on race course i was having only 1 thing in my head - Lukas, is not a fcking playstation, you dont have second chance :D.
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    Picked up my FL Octavia 2 weeks ago. Still very happy.
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    After a 1.4 Yeti for three years followed by a 170 TDI Yeti for a further three years, we now have an Octavia estate with the 1.5 EVO engine. I am staggered at how frugal and civilised it is. On a run to the west country and back last week via the M4 and M5, generally running at between 65 and 70 mph, we posted a door-to-door aggregate consumption of 58.7 mpg. At these speeds the engine is practically inaudible, and spends a lot of time on two cylinders. On good surfaces tyre roar is not that intrusive. So far we are finding Octavia ownership a very pleasant change.
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    So, our russian friends already published the link for MIB1/MIB2 Columbus: link And I managed to figure out (again) the link for MIB1 Amundsen: link No news about MIB2 Amundsen yet. MIB1 Amundsen tested and works.
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    Thinking back fondly to the Summer picture thread, I thought it might be good to kick off with some Autumn pictures. I'm thinking drifts of Autumn leaves, frosty crease lines, and an increasing amount of mud. I'll start things off with a few atmospheric Lake District shots of my SEL, which I'm disappointed to say I wasn't even present for - my parents borrowed it to take on their holidays last week....
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    Hi everyone. That’s my car been found. Members public got in touch after seeing all the Facebook posts that I put out. Found in Carluke. A few streets away from an Audi Q7 that was found after being stolen the same night. It was left to see if a tracker was fitted as that’s the usual method of the pro thieves round about. safe to say a tracker will be fitted now. car is off to forensics. Hopefully get some identification from prints or dna hopefully. Anyone know now how much new keys, coding and locks are fitted?
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    A few pictures I took earlier on. Did well this time, organised a track day and managed 3 laps driving the GT-R and 3 driving the TCR car... Typical mix of track day cars waiting to go out for sighting laps. Fantasy Green Fabia, Rage Buggy, Van, Skyline GT-R and an RX7... Fast Fords and Skodas My GT-R and TCR cars 2016 spec BTCC car along to do some passenger laps. It was FUN! Jade Edwards trying out the TCR car. The end of a brilliant day, time to pack up and go home.
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    Low & Slow This is my moded S3 with Eibach Pro-kit & Eibach Pro-Spacer. more pics, here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/OT53bHJFdBFZfRDl1
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    Well after the interview on the Wednesday I got a phone call on the Friday saying I had the job. Have had to work my months notice. So Started new job today had a really good day. Looking forward to tomorrow. Usually work 8 till 5 a 20 min drive away but now its 7.30 to 4 and it's a 5 min drive away. So goin to get a bike soon as its 3 miles away. A guy cycles 10.5 miles to get there. Any ways Very happy :-)
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    Greenbird in the Scottish Highlands this week. The green colour has really grown on me, and it hides the dirt well!
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    Good evening everyone.... so I picked her up brand spanking new last weekend and today was her first wash... last week was manic busy for me away with work so not had chance to post piccys up or drive about much. VRS diesel .. and she will be having a little bit of magic applied over the next few weeks ... oh yes - DTUK tuning box going on soon, god help me she's fast already without it! vrooooommmmmm!! .....I'm totally in love with the handling out on the road.. its my first ever VRS.. and can I just say wow, she's one awesome car! She handles far better too than my previous car which was a M sport BMW X1! So without a do...please meet mistress vader! very proud to be Briskodian member officially now
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    I took my 245 for it's first track day today. "you what? In a new car?!" yes, since that's what it's designed for and one of the reasons I bought it. Plus having things like lap timer and the boost/G gauges I think that's what Skoda had in mind Anyway, I'll start by pointing out that I've only done two track days before in my old Fabia vRS, so my observations are based on those things. First things first, the power. There is a lot of it and i found it very easy to keep up with the faster traffic (BMW's, Clio cups etc.). That's not meant to sound like a boast btw, just an observation. I only had to let a few faster cars past and I found a lot of people were letting me past them. In the Fabia with that level of traffic, it would be me with my indicator on most of the time. Then we come to the grip/traction. The track was wet and slowly drying out as the day went on. Still being a new car, I left the traction control on. Had it been dry and I probably would have turned it off, plus I'm still getting used to how this thing behaves so didn't want to take things too far. Anyway, it did flash when exiting a couple of corners. The diff however made a huge difference. You can really feel it pulling the front end into line when you're understeering. It's disconcerting at first but once you let the system work it's very good. The DCC in sport mode was also very good with minimal body roll. What about stopping? Well, i was impressed with the 245's braking ability on the road and it's still good on track. I did get ABS a few times, mostly because i left it a bit too late, plus the wet track. They didn't feel spongy at any time either. But hey, they are sports/road brakes not full on race ones! Finally, comfort. It's good, I didn't feel any muscle ache at all, and the driving position is very good when wearing a helmet. I could still move my head around without banging it on the roof. so to sum up, it's an awesome car both on road and on track!
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    Apologies for the night time shots here but the beading was epic. Fresh coat of Autoglym HD Wax:
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    Really pleased with my Skoda Octavia Vrs 2.0 TDi had the car 5 weeks now and its been a dream to drive, gave it a good bath and shine yesterday
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    Picked her up last Wednesday, a genuine pleasure to drive. Haven't had the chance to do a photo shoot yet as it has rained basically every single day since Wednesday and she is already dirty!
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    Hi, After a couple of years away from the skoda brand, I have returned. And I am loving it. Having had a Mk2 Skoda Fabia Vrs, I have returned to the brand in the larger Superb. Never had a car which has had only 37 miles on the clock. It is a Skoda Superb 2.0 TDi SE Technology. It has got so many features that I am still getting used to such as the adaptive cruise control and lane departure. Certainly a step up over the Fabia. I chose the business grey and think it suits it perfectly. Will get more photos at the weekend.
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    Personal Mobility Vehicles - Pods make perfect sense.
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    Just received my mk3 fl on Friday and I have loved every second so far!
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    I know that there is already a thread where we are posting photos of our cars at their best, but... what about one of them at their worst? ...I will get things started with some photos from my car after a particularly crappy trip on bad weather and sitting behind trucks: I think this is the dirtiest any car I ever had was ever - I forgot to make pics from the sides, but in a nutshell, you can barely tell the color of the car
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    It works and works well. Pic of the battery holder i didnt post.
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    Random photo collage
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    She survived her first track day! Didn't do too badly to be fair, better than I expected. Brakes and diff next... The 3 1.8t motors chasing the 32...
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    I was singing in the shower this afternoon and Mrs G shouted " DON'T GIVE UP YOU DAY JOB " I haven't the guts to tell her I already have
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    You won't be disappointed, always looks clean. This is my Pre FL 230 original number plate and my private plate.
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    Haven't been on here for a while but I'm back Just done a deal on an Ex-demo 230 vRS with DSG, DCC, Canton, Front and Rear Heated seats, reversing camera and a few other options. Metalic Grey. Time to read up on what I can enable with VCDS. I'll post some pics when I get it next weekend. Paul
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    Winter shoes are on... and also the winter coat (of dirt...)
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    some better photos now the covers are actually off it. Laser White sportline 280ps 4x4
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    Got my Octavia VRS TSI with DSG transmission, Black Pack, ACC, DCC and reversing camera. It was a painfully long wait from order to collection but I think it is going to have been worth it.
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    Fitted driveshafts and all bolted up. Wheels on and lowered to the floor. All intercooler pipework installed, just front bumper to chop up to fit. Started it and it runs!!! WHOOOOOOO Just need to jubile clip everything and go for a drive. Get 500 miles on the engine then mapping on Thursday. Tight
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    Nonrev. I guess I must be getting old (84) but I am ex police advanced driver and know my cars. Performance in this country is very over-stated as it can very rarely be used LEGALLY. I do like quietness and comfort with brisk acceleration but find compared with cars 50 years ago they all have this. Compare some very ordinary family saloons of today with high-powered semi-sports of yesteryear??? I am amazed the manual gear-change is taking so long to disappear! Whatever you get, make the most of it - we'll l be battery powered and driverless before long. Best of luck with your choice.
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    Hi guys, I just found this forum a few weeks ago and have enjoyed getting up to speed on topics regarding the superb. I just took delivery of my MY17 2.0 tdi dsg style in brilliant silver, thought I would share a picture. Thanks for all the great content!
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    Don't use the M5 near Bristol on Fridays. It simply stops from the M32 until past Weston Super Mare, I blame all those affluent Londoners chugging down to their holiday homes and gagging for Doombar and pasties
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    Finally got our 1.2 TSi SE L Black Edition looking the way we want it. Why can't it come out of the factory like this? Monte Carlo Rear Spoiler KW ST Coilovers Wheel Spacers (8mm at front, 16mm at rear) Yellow Painted Calipers Supersprint Exhaust with cut bumper Forge Induction Kit Forge Blow-off Valve OSRAM Cool Blue 'Xenon Look' Headlight Bulbs Interior LED Bulbs
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    Have now spoken to the financial ombudsman about this whole case and he said to me once you have spoken to skoda uk and told them you are not happy with the outcome and they re look at the case and once/if they do still turn around and say we are not paying, contact us then and we will get started and if they have mis sold you a extended warranty policy or if that part is covered under warranty we will get them to pay out for a new engine! Sounds abit more promising:)
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    All rebuilt and fitted. Put my 19mm piping for the breather, just need to finish off once TIP is all connected. Adapting a few of the cooler pipework to make the sit better. Changed oil filter and i'm putting Quantum Platinum 5w-40 in now. Made a new battery holder as for the past 18 months the battery has only stopped sliding about as i wedged a bit of plastic i found in a petrol station in Belgium Tomorrow we shall see if its cured the leak.
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    Have done almost 2000km in my new VRS wagon - have mastered all the buttons/controls - and settled into normal driving mode. Very distinctive look, with the new headlights - looks fresh, modern and aggressive. I'm looking forward to a long driving weekend in a few weeks - haven't done more than about 80km in a single trip.
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    My 5 and a half month wait was finally over today as I collected my new VRS!
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    (With Crocodile Dundee voice: "That's not a snowy vRS, this is a snowy vRS." )