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    Hi all, Just thought I'd better jump in this forum from the MK2 one and start a thread. I currently drive a 2011 VRS hatch CR170 DSG, bloody great car! Then this happened...... !!! So yeah....... crazy week!! Short of it is I'm off to the dealers tomorrow morning to spec up my new VRS230 DSG, probably an estate this time, the extra space will be handy but depends if they can do something about the £1200 price hike! So I'm currently here with the spec: Moon White Metallic Panoramic Electric Sunroof (PH8) £1,150 Dynamic chassis control (DCC) (PFH) £850 Adaptive cruise control (PSB) £565 Canton sound system (RA3) £500 Tow bar with adaptor (PK1) £550 Heated windscreen (PH5) £300 Temporary space saver spare wheel (PJC) £100 Umbrella (for electric seats / CANTON) (QE7) £0 Heated washer nozzles in front (9T1) £50 Crew Protection Assistant (7W1) £150 Rear side airbags (PE4) £285 5 Year / 100k Extended Warranty £515 Anything else REALLY worth having? Any of the lighting, lane assist, blind spot monitoring or such things worth what they're asking for them? Any ideas on the current build time at the moment? Thanks!
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    So I picked this up yesterday! Love it! Drove it 200 miles today and it got a lot of attention!
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    Collected yesterday (Moon white, 190 manual), this car has surpassed my expectations in every area. Ride is very comfortable (19's), handling is excellent, throttle response acceptable (bit of a delay but manageable), after reading on here all these were of concern but tbh should not have been. For reference, came from Seat Exeo ST 170 remapped to >200bhp (old tech at this stage) but also have clocked many Km in a 2016 E220 AMG, I am loving the Superb experience!
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    Finally managed a few hours on the old knacker tonight. Got the hydraulic link pipes fitted to the calipers, fitted the pads, anti rattle clips and then fitted them into the car. The previous custom HEL stainless braided brake hoses were used, along with new copper washers obviously. Then refitted the freshly freshened up stud and nut kit, run out of loctite on the very last stud!! Rear brakes are next!!!
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    Yes, for some reason Brisky Racing got a bit busy and now we are looking at TCR new year. Which has meant that a track day toy fell down the list of priorities.... Anyway, yesterday we ordered the manifold and some other parts so we can start to get back on this over the winter as it's been too long and I'd love to see it out again. And shock a few supercar owners in it! I've also spoken to two people that are very respected Syvecs ECU dealers over the last week and they are happy to do the ECU work and mapping. The only issue could be the manual box life, but following discussions with a Eurpoean VAG tuner there is a way round it. Worse case we use the stronger DSG box from the Tiguan. But hopefully we can retail the manual. I'll update with some shiny parts pictures when they arrive.
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    Many thanks to all who attended today, I got good feedback about the venue, made better by the rain holding off, so I'm sure we'll be back. Colin and my daughter did a sterling job of issuing tickets, checking names, and chasing down those attendees trying to sneak round the back! Thanks again for coming.
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    Just picked her up today, so still with the dealers, ahem, "valet". will get better pics once I have done a proper wash and wax 280 4x4 DSG Sportline Options over standard spec: Heated front and rear seats Heated Front Screen Heated Washer Nozzles High Beam Assist "High" LED Rear lights
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    It is still. She's lovely. She's going to meet the boy on Sunday so that's a bit of a step change.
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    Not been on here as much as I would have liked, but big things happening at Brisky Racing. Next year sees the start of a new UK Championship, using the TCR regulations already active in 14 countries since it started two years ago. This is planned to fit between the Clio Cup and BTCC on a cost/car scale. We are planning a three car team, with the first already built and due for collection from Germany this month. we've gone for the VW Motorsport Golf GTI TCR car, well proven over the last year in many TCR series.
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    My17 again in Peak District
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    First wash in 2 months. Snow foamed, then washed and finished with Brilliant Shine Detailer. Looks much better clean! A neighbour also commented that it was nice and thought it was a "BMW or something". I guess that's a compliment to the Skoda...
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    Sorry to see this mate, glad no one was hurt anyway. At least the repairs should be cheap, they won't need to paint it, just primer
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    Well all went well. She's good with kids, boy was well behaved. We're having disturbingly grown up conversations about things
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    Finally got it. Managed to take one picture before the rain came down.
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    A week & 450 slow miles in I have some observations. Its quick but, unless you floor it from a standing start its not outrageously quick feeling however, a look at the speedo will remind you it is quick & how fast you are actually going. Although, its in-gear acceleration is great, its quite refined, I'm sure this can be rectified by aftermarket tuning. DCC, Sport setting isn't too harsh for road use but, wifey loves comfort setting & its does refine the sports nature of the car for longer journeys. LED lights are very good if the self-leveling doesn't help on up hill down dale country lanes trying to find ways round traffic jams however, the main beam is just epic. The wet 7 speed DSG is smooth & slick, I'm really liking the manual paddles too. Other than the size of the new Amundsen screen, the standout feature of the car for me are the seats, perforated Alcantra with fake leather backing is easy to use & keep clean & does stop you sliding around during moments of excess. The support from seats is great with the electric control of the lumbar support being well, actually supportive which so often isn't the case. The new Amundsen is not only bigger but a lot faster, the in journey re-routing is a very helpful feature although, I have cause to doubt the age of the traffic info. Haven't got around to Skoda Connect as yet but I do fear, it will require a new mobile as mine is getting on. What else, I like the seat release levels in the boot, nice touch on a hatchback that I haven't had before. The single side compartment in the boot means a full set of golf clubs fits straight across the boot & the factory fit towbar has a place in the spare wheel foam tool piece which, is handy too. In short, I'm very happy with the basic car, the insurance company only wanted forty quid to upgrade from the little 1.4 TSI too although, I've not yet found how much for the mods as I've yet to do them. Oh & black is a biatch to clean !!!
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    Some night shopping pics... Pays off to go right before they close, I guess
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    Your headlight No, its not that simple. You also have to order split front headlights.
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    20 blanket limit? - I know it gets cold up there, but 4 should be enough
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    From what I have read lighting performance is very similar but LED has several advantages. *Far longer LED life-expecatncy (4-5x). *No moving parts for LED's should increase reliability and make replacement easier. *LED's are more efficent. They will demand less load from the electrical system. The main disadvantages are:- *FL Octavia front split-lights are FUGLY. *FL Octavia front split-lights are FUGLY. *FL Octavia front split-lights are FUGLY.
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    Hello from Belgium , im Amalio This is my Superb :
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    We just got back from the dealer, just a day before our vacation, so just in time! Me and my wife only had a quick drive around the city and it's already great. I can't wait for the trip! I promised some photos, so here they go. RS230 Meteor Grey with silver (standard here) 18 Gemini Alloys and a black pack.
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    I had Sam Fox on my wall. Look how she turned out.
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    TBH I'm off the dating site now. Still seeing the 'girl' from Edinburgh. That's nearly 3 months we've been in contact and a good few dates so I was uncomfortable with the site still pinging up matches (and the contacts from the rather excitable mature ladies) so I suspended my profile a few weeks ago. The distance means it's enforced slow dating how ever that doesn't seem to be a bad thing since we both put in a bit more effort when we do get to meet up. A few mishaps have meant I've had to let the family in on that fact I am seeing someone. My folks are happy. Late wife's parents seemed to think that they had some sort of right to put an opinion in. MIL is "totally fine" yet had a massive got at me about pretty much everything I've done over the last year and how I should be ashamed of myself for not having taken a whole week off through the school summer holidays. I didn't take a 'whole week' but I did take 12 days spread over those weeks. Which I thought was ok considering the former in-laws buggered off to Canada for 3 weeks in that time so I had no support from them. So being the shrinking violet that I am I did give an opinion back. "Lost the heid" I believe is the correct term. Former MIL did not enjoy being put back in her box, but put back in she was. She might have tried to be a helicopter parent with my wife but I'll be ****ed if she's trying that ****e with me. She's always been a nippy bitch tbh. So some tension there then, but they'll either learn or lose contact. They seem to think they're martyrs but they do very little to help in reality and it's all got to be arranged around them. My dad does 90% of the helping. Anyway moan over.
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    BoyesenREEDS SEL exec 2.0 150 DSG
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    I can assure you that mike is ok. he informs me that he has not visited the forum since july because of some members questioning his knowledge, and taking great pleasure in trying to wind him up by challenging his answers and general bickering. mike has given his unlimited time in trying to help people, even driving to their homes to carry out repairs and alter settings with his software, for no payment at all,not that any was expected. thank you to you all you have shown concern as to his welfare, its a shame that a member like him has to resort to this measure
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    I'm trying to get my Sat Nav settings altered, when Mrs G goes out in the 230 she returns home via the " Take me home button " I'm looking into the settings, trying to to find a " don't bring her home " button Any Ideas ?
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    It was great to meet and chat with some fellow Skoda Enthusiasts, and to see so many great examples (what a variety of colours and specs too!) Disappointed that I didn't get to see more of the cars close up and speak with more of the Owners (my five year old Son had other ideas about how best to use the time and what to see - namely things with wings!!!) Hope that everyone gets home safely. Final mention has to go to the event Organiser (BaileyDog), as well as his Daughter, who did an excellent job of handing out the Permits and stickers (already in the car) - WELL DONE!
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    Still with protectors on, up for collection on Friday :-) I can't wait to have the first drive!
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    Yep. Love this car! Still familiarising myself with it and all the toys it has... An absolute cruise missile of a car! Very impressive.
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    To be fair, it's not *that* much of a surprise that you didn't meet through the internet in the late 60s
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    Legality issues aside... is "the look" really a priority over safety? I'd want the best light output possible, not only for my own benefit, but also for other road users to see me. I can't imagine the standard halogen reflectors are that great in the first place for light output, so any reduction on that doesn't seem a wise move. Not my car though...
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    Dealer sent me on a pic of my new one today, can't get to pick it up until Monday. Getting the plastics left in place and I'll bring it straight for its ceramic coating.
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    @mikeholroyd Your supporters club awaits your return, don't be too long. Too many good members have vanished under similar circumstances over the years, don't be one of them.
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    All of the above comments regarding Mike being a true gent are so true! He will, and always has gone, the extra mile to help anyone he can, either here at Briskoda or elsewhere. I know this from personal experience and watching him help others on here over the years. As has been said. People taking things for granted, and (in the main) "newbies" winding Mike, and others, up are the reasons behind Mike's "sabbatical". I know of more than one instances where he was verbally abused, once because he could not just drop everything to do some VCDS work for someone who had only that day found Briskoda and wanted VCDS adaptations doing that very day. When Mike told him he could not do them immediately, the guy threw a big hissy fit and had a real go at Mike telling him he had already set off towards Whitby and what did he mean it's not convenient just now! As Mike pointed out later "The word please never once entered the conversation"! In particular, he finds the deliberate winding up of members, many of which are trying to help others particularly distressing. Many of these people are new to Briskoda and one wonders if their sole purpose is to try and get a rise out of people. Mike, (and Kim!) are fine. Whilst he has not logged in for some time, he is aware of our feelings and that we miss his contributions, humour and expertise. So keep posting the "WE WANT MIKE BACK" posts here and who knows? We all may get lucky!............................Tony
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    Last gasp at a summertime photo! The lord of the manor has a look at my Sportline sitting on his drive in Rock. He and his wife were impressed with the ride and the space in back when we drove to Wadebridge to hire bicycles for a ride along the Camel trail to Padstow and back. The car doesn't look too bad after five hours on the motorway in the driving rain.
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    Yes I've been rather distracted with GT-R and race car stuff. But having a mass sell off of collections and un-needed projects because my main car focus is not doing daft stuff at great cost again and again. So missed having the Yeti as it's always a great laugh. Time to sort that out. And do more track days.
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    Got my new vRS 184 DSG on Friday, thought I'd share initial impressions Colour - Meteor Grey, you love or loathe it - I think it looks fantastic, especially with the black back Fit and finish is very very good, a big leap from my 2015 Leon FR and I reckon it's 95% of the current crop of VW's Infotainment is really good, the new glass screen on the Stereo is a revaluation, night and day to the old model with the higher resolution graphics. My only criticism is with the sound quality - I think it's lacking a bit of punch Ride/handling is good, not much road noise and the engine noise is kept to a minimum inside the cabin Lane Assist - This is the strangest feeling ever when you feel the steering wheel tighten and straighten itself going round a bend. I'm not sure if I'll keep it on, but i'd imagine on a long motorway drive it would be ideal MPG - Early days I know, but i'm about 12 mpg down on my Leon 1.4T 150PS but I dare say the results will get better than the current 45 mpg Space inside - Hardly a surprise, this car is HUGE inside - faultless Alloy wheels - I initially regretted staying with the standard 18's when I ordered but after seeing them in the flesh, I'm perfectly happy! They do look like they will kerb very easily as they are flush with the tyres LED Headlights - Had them on the Leon, I'd never order a car without them as they are great, especially in the winter A couple of things I wish I knew prior to ordering or things I wish I could have had fitted: Auto folding door mirrors - I'm going to miss this, even as a visual reference to make sure the car is locked. Surprised there isn't an option to push a button on the door to fold them in Kerbside door mirror that dips when engaging reverse - I had this on my Leon and it is so handy when parking and it help protect your alloys! Interior LED's I assumed the car came with all the lights inside being LED's. A shame to see the map reading lights and lights near the floor being the old fashioned bulbs. Hardly a big deal though! I've never had so many people comment on how nice the car looks, especially in the colour. I'm over the moon with it and looking forward to a couple of years behind the wheel
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    Superb Sportline 4x4 280 DSG Quartz Grey MY2018 Backrest Release Bluetooth phone connection Canton Sound System Crew Protection + Rear Side Airbags Dynamic Chassis Control Front Parking Sensor Heated Front and Rear Seats Heated Washer Nozzles Lane Assist + High Beam Assist Panoramic Sunroof Power Boot Premium WLAN Rear Parking Sensor Rear View Camera Removable Parcel Shelf Sunblind for Rear Side Windows Temporary Spare Wheel Travel Assist + Traffic Sign Recognition Tri Zone Climate Control Virtual Pedal for Boot Opening Ordered 26/5/17 Collected 1/9/17
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    I am planning to bring our brand new TCR car there for the forthcoming 2018 TCR UK Championship too if you want a nice close look at it.
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    Picked up today 190 Tdi DSG 4x4 L&K Candy White, sunroof, black ventilated seats, spare wheel, rear wiper and DSG Paddles. coming from an O3 VRs Tdi manual estate it sure is more refined and huge. I'm going to enjoy this weekend.
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    After much deliberation and having tested Passats, Insignias, Kadjars, i40, Tucson we decided on a Superb, it seemed so much more resolved than any of the cars we looked at, and felt in a different league in terms of refinement. My wife really wanted an auto, and loves the refinement of my petrol Passat so we looked at the petrol Superb, settling on a 2016 1.4tsi ACT DSG. That model is not available here in Ireland, so I travelled from Dublin to collect the car in Southampton, having got a good description of the car via the dealer and set off for the Holyhead ferry, an epic 8 hour drive in sun, hail, rain, countless traffic jams and one rushed petrol stop. I made the sailing with 30 mins to spare. Impression of the car. Super impressed. From the way the door opens and the closing 'thud', the build quality overall and the sheer ease of use of all the controls everything just exudes quality and attention to detail. I drive a B7 Passat and this felt better in every way. The isolation from road noise and suspension suppression of bumps really felt more 5 series than Passat class. ACC is simply brilliant. The highlight though is that engine gearbox combo, just so refined, whisper quiet yet as fast as you could want, seamless gear changes, it just makes for such and easy and relaxing drive. It may have been an 8 hour slog to get the ferry but it was the perfect car for the job, not once did I feel tired or uncomfortable. So the wife is delighted and I feel we may just have bought the bargain of the lifetime. So much car for so little. It feels like such a premium product without any of the baggage that comes with 'premium' brands. I'm seriously considering changing my Passat for the same car.
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    It's working! Found someone local who can fix 80s PCBs. (Thanks Fraser for the tip). There were two main problems, a leaking capacitor and a cracked wire in one ribbon cable. He's going to replace the other capacitors just in case.
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    I am sick to death of hearing some of the younger generation bleating about house prices. I bought my first house when I was 22, on a 25 year mortgage. 2 up 2 down, kitchen & bathroom Victorian terrace. No parking, tiny back yard / garden. It cost 10 yes TEN times my annual salary. The lenders refused to add in my then wife's salary. The deposit was almost exactly the same as my annual salary. Basically we saved up for the deposit. We lived for 2 years in a grotty 1 bed flat in a HMO, sharing a bathroom. No holidays for 3 years. Sold a 12 bore shotgun left to me by my grandfather and my motorbike to put towards the deposit. Bought a 16 year old banger for transport. My daughter and her partner have a joint income of around £65,000 and moan about house prices. They get little sympathy from us. In the last two years they have bought a new car, had 4 weeks holiday in Australia, 2 weeks in Thailand, various short breaks away plus all of the usual electronic toys. Their argument is that they want to "do things" whilst they are still young enough to enjoy themselves. Fine. They have made that choice. Just stop bleating about how unfair house prices are. They were always similar in terms of comparison with income.. People just make different choices as to how they spend their money.
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    Any Yorkshire member on here
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    Not a great photo but the new car boarding the ferry to it's new home. Se 1.4tsi 150 DSG.