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    My new vrs 230 just been ceramic coated.
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    Managed to get hold of this in PDF format. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gytrz5h2n19030f/Superb III [3V] 2016-2017.pdf?dl=0 Enjoy!
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    Update time. The Yeti is in having it's extra cage bars painted today. Due to the carbon doors I was encouraged to get door bars added, and a harness bar is going in too because it's going to be a bit manic in there apparently. Then next on the list is a Carbon Ceramic brake kit to replace these steel discs, but retaining the PB calipers. In the meantime, it's off for mapping next week. Road fuel and race fuel as the 5cyl suffers with high EGTs on road fuel at high states of tune.
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    A tiny moment of having a clean, waxed car before the salt on the road encrusted it once again. I can't believe how many different shades of green this car looks in subtly different lighting conditions.
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    We had a Skoda Octavia mini-meet yesterday ping @Petunet
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    Car is starting to look like a mean wagon!
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    245 DSG Hatch arrived last Friday. It really is a lovely piece of kit. Very pleased with my choice.
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    Since this is my car, I thought I’d better put the record straight as to what happened..... Had travelled from Northamptonshire that morning, on the way to Maybole. had already travelled over the A712 - anyone who knows this road will know how bad this probably was. The car was fine on the standard Pirelli P7s, quite sure footed and not edgy at all. on reaching the A713, the road was OK - certainly a little slushy but fine for 30mph. on getting to about 4 miles south of Dalmellington, a snowplough came up the road, and I had to pull right over as he was taking all of his lane and most of mine, was travelling about 20mph as it had just started to blizzard. wether I caught a patch of black ice, or just put a nearside wheel on the verge, I do not know, but over the next couple of hundred yards or so, the car just took itself into the ditch very gently - you can see the gentleness of the wheel tracks in the snow in the photograph, at this point, I had - not surprisingly, no brakes or steering...... the car landed in the ditch at about 2mph, no one was injured, no airbags deployed, no glass damage - not even nearside door mirror, but the car took a week to recover due to the weather. I travel about 50-60000 miles a year as a service engineer - they don’t pay me enough to speed or take risks, and have been driving since 1983. have to say though, the Superb is the best car I’ve ever had as a company vehicle (and I have had a few........)
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    Hi all, just arrived at dealer yesterday my s3 L+K TSI 280 Business grey 19" Trinity anthracite. Ordered mid January expected 16 week wait but yesterday when I asked if they had a build date yet I was told it had arrived, WOW what a surprise. its a bit of a different look to my 66 plate red s3 Sportline 190 TDI 4X4 trade in.
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    I feel special owning a ‘limited edition’ FL 230...
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    Snowed a bit last week. What you can see on the car came overnight! Running 17" Stratos on studded Continentals. Going over to 18" summers in due course. Brilliant silver 190 DSG 4x4. Bags of goodies on a really great car.
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    Rare Neuspeed rse10 19x8 et45 light weight wheels and big brake friendly (no spacers needed) in matte bronze with 235 35 19 tyres
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    Don't you just hate it when the vehicle requires 3 hours of detailing fresh after delivery!!!
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    This article describes locating and rectifying a catastrophic water leak into the nearside passenger compartment of a six year old Škoda Yeti, which had a standard-fit panoramic sunroof. The leak was traced to the NSF corner of the sunroof by removing the top of the NSF door seal and the NSF screen pillar trim. Subsequent removal of the headlining and testing of the sunroof showed the cause to be failure of the seal between the aluminium channel forming the nearside of the sunroof frame, and the plastic channel forming the front of the sunroof frame. The sunroof was removed from the car in order to run a penetrating sealer vertically down into the defective join, using a syringe and needle. Upon re-fitting the sunroof, the remediation was found to be successful, however the corresponding join on the offside front had been compromised, presumably because of the mechanical trauma inflicted on the structure during re-fitting. The offside join was subsequently sealed successfully with the sunroof in-situ, using the same method. Experience showed that (once correctly identified) a repair could have been effected without any dismantling, although the seats, carpet and underlay were subsequently removed in order to dry them properly. The full story, together with annotated images is in the attached pdf document. If you're suffering with the same problem, I hope you'll find it of help. Please post any comments or questions. Yeti Panoramic Roof Leak.pdf
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    Mrs G and myself moved into our new house today. We have moved from North Yorkshire to East Yorkshire. We'll be unpacking boxes for the next days..................
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    Luckily we dont have either snow or hills in Norway We do have a lot of Skoda's, many of them with DSG. (And no, they are not 4x4 all of them) You just cant blame the car. Its all up to tires and driver
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    Collected this a couple of weeks ago.Candy white, L&K, 190 manual with a few extras.
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    Finally! Collected my car, what a car! To recap, I went for: 7-Speed DSG gearbox Moon white metallic Grey interior stitching Panoramic Electric Sunroof Dynamic chassis control (DCC) Keyless entry and start (KESSY) Adaptive cruise control Canton sound system Rear view parking camera Heated windscreen Temporary space saver spare wheel Umbrella (for electric seats / CANTON) Heated washer nozzles in front Crew protection assistant Rear side airbags 5yr warranty extension
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    Pre fl 230 estate in moon white
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    Skoda fitted some of the crappiest brakes they could come up with to the 180ps Mk2 Fabia vRS, and not only that they fitted 25KG of Ballast Weights on the rear crash bar to get the car as heavy as the estate version and still it was not as heavy as the sister cars in the Polo GTI , ibiza Cupra & A1 185ps with the same crap brakes . *Designing and manufacturing the ballast weights and the cost must have far outweighed the cost of decent brakes and suspension, but VW Group and others fit thinner glass, less paint, less trim to save weight, but add ballast to a Euro 5 emission car incase it was faster than a VW / Audi that costs more to buy, it also put the still lighter car in a higher VED band.....* (2013 the Ibiza Facelift gave the Option of paying more and getting Brembo as a factory fit.) So as to VW Group having road users safety at heart and fitting the best available for the job, that needs taking with a pinch of salt. That same salt that has VW Brake discs as some of the worst corroding there are fitted in the modern era. If anyone has access to VW Parts catalogues maybe they can come up with the Retail Price of a set of Ballast Weights and fasteners and the Post & Packaging price. The cost of producing these would be interesting to me.
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    Winter Greetings! I just drove home from work and the trunk looks like this. Rearcam view
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    I can't afford a romantic w'end away. This 280 ain't buying itself If she's 'lucky' a trip to the Midlands on collection day and maybe a Premier Inn brekkie.
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    A couple of days after pick up on first drive around some twisty snowy terrain
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    This forum is how I found out about and applied to Openreach to become a Network engineer. I thought it would be fitting if I did likewise and gave a link so others can apply if they wish. Best job I've ever had. 'Livin' the dream' as we say eh, @Soot1e No smart arsed comments about brewing tea all day please, @Auric Goldfinger et al https://www.btplc.com/Careercentre/careersatbt/openreach/Engineers/index.htm We’re looking for people who are: Able to make a connection with our customers in their workplaces and homes. Happy working outdoors. Whether it’s glorious sunshine or bracing British weather, our engineers are out connecting people. Open to new technology. Nothing too scary and we’ll always support you, but you need to be comfortable using smart devices and ready to learn as new tools emerge. Ready to give their best. The sort of person who always sees a job through and takes pride in doing it properly. Physically fit. You don’t need to be a marathon runner, but will need to be fit enough to safely climb a telephone pole and carry a ladder. Prepared to roll up their sleeves. Working in the great outdoors on our network means getting your hands dirty from time to time. Able to manage their time as well as their workload. This is critical, our customers rely on us and we need individuals who are truly committed to delivering service. What does an engineer do? As one of our engineers you could be responsible for building our network, or installing and maintaining broadband for our customers – covering residential customers as well as businesses on behalf of a variety of communication providers. This isn’t an office job so you won’t be tied to one location. Instead you’ll be on the road, in your van and out in the fresh air. You’ll be visiting lots of different places and working in all kinds of buildings including our telephone exchanges – our central hubs for connecting customers. You might find yourself working at a street cabinet, up a telegraph pole or in the customers’ premises. The type of work you’ll be carrying out will be physical, for example you might be required to climb a telegraph pole and work at height. This is a customer focused role so quite a lot of the work is done alone, but you’re never really alone as you’ll be interacting with customers, getting together with your team and there’s always people for support at the end of the phone - from your manager and team mates to dedicated teams there to help.
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    Two can play at that game, Skoda mission to Mars.
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    Traded in my 220 tsi SE-L Barge today for the one I should have bought 6 months ago , a Sportline 280 in same colour ... the 330 mile drive home was a blast . Absolutely love it.
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    So my black Friday order turned up today. The racingline parts are beautiful I dont want to put them under the bonnet lol Racingline oil management system with catch tank and Racingline oil cap, oil filter housing and dipstick Neuspeed rarb
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    I took the Fabia vRS into the local garage for its MOT this morning and got chatting to the owner. It seems he bought himself a classic Ford Cortina about a month ago and after chatting a bit about classic cars and Fords in particular he invited me into the garage to have a look. It is in fantastic condition; apparently the previous owner never took it out in the rain and it shows, with no rust whatsoever. It has a Zetec 2-litre conversion and is now running on throttle bodies and is running approx. 160bhp. As well as the engine conversion it has had suspension and brake upgrades whilst keeping the bits you can see as original as possible. I love it!
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    Stick. After less time than you think you will be exactly the same about your new car. You will drive a Whatsits Thingummyjig GTi XRS ABC 123 and you will start over again. Just one more car "upgrade" and then I'll retire... and then another... just one more... I retired 18 months ago - best thing I ever did. I've seen too many friends and family work themselves into an early grave. They say "life begins at 40" - no way! Life begins when you retire. And finally.... After retirement I realised very quickly that money and possessions are a very poor substitute for time!
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    Popped along to Dungeness got a set of three themed images I was quite pleased with..
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    There is a good reason for the first change not being needed for three years - fleet drivers. Minimal maintenance needed for the first three years of the cars life, that's all fleet managers care about, the lowest possible running costs across the average three year life of a company car. This is partly why we ended up with long life / variable servicing. Us private buyers aren't of much interest to Skoda UK, our 'one car every three years' is nothing to a company placing a repeat order for 30 cars every three years, big business. Once the fleet buyers are taken car of its back to two years to ensure Joe Public contributes towards that extra free year Skoda UK have given away to their loyal fleet buyers. Ooh, don't I sound cynical!?
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    Our choice is: 1.5 TSI DSG Edition in Magnetic Brown and Beige Interior with below options: -3 spoke multifunction leather heated steering wheel with paddle shift -Isofix attachment on front seat -Steel space saver spare wheel -Adaptive cruise control -Heated front and rear seats -Family pack -Personalisation of drive mode selection -5 year warranty with roadside assistance Ordered 26th of Nov 2017 We collected ours on Tuesday, very happy, car drives well, easy to steer, great driving position and considering its on 19" alloys ride is good - this will vary with different users especially those comming from smaller inch alloys and active dampers suspension setups. I expected beige to be lighter but its more towards darker tone, but still prefer that over black. The electric boot, this is strange but when i tested in a demo car, the boot opened so fast, i was impressed, this is not the case with ours, think maybe its needs to be used few times to be properly lubricated? Not Simply Clever: 1. a hole in the wall: rear central seat has to be folded to use cup holders, you end up with big hole into the boot 2. Top spec Edition but driver's seat is electric but not electric on front passenger 3. Columbus infortainment system, all vital touch buttons (volume, power) are on wrong side of the screen, no haptic feedback, shame, got around by enabling touch sound at least 4. No electric opening boot proximity sensor, can be opened accidentally into parking wall, i guess this applies to most similar cars I cant find where is the total mileage counter?! Some amateur quick pics:
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    Last week the Yeti told me to check RH front foglight. Sure enough the bulb had gone. I was a bit puzzled as I can't remember ever using the foglights, until I remembered that they also come on when low speed cornering. I replaced both sides (the LH bulb was working but fairly black) with Osram Ultra-life H7's from Powerbulbs, as I'm more interested in lifetime than brightness. A remarkably easy 10 minute job to do both sides without tools, total cost £12-79. As this is the first thing to need replacement (other than servicing) in over 5 years I wasn't too put out !
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    ' Aye, he's got nice seats but you should see the state of his steering wheel and B pillar !
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    You may try to block the cabin mirror for a while. By this, you will learn to use and trust you wingmirrors. And a filthy rear windscreen won't bother you anymore
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    Jumped on band wagon for black light brows and diffuser cover. Liking the combo.
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    Hi guys, driving a ‘17 pre facelift Octavia RS230 Combi Manual in Metallic moon white and based in Ireland!
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    Car just been brought back from first service (Autosales Cannock). Job sheet states "Checked and found customer concern to be correct, found technical information recall 94K1 referencing customer concern. Carried out 94K1 recall. Car now all ok" We will see . . . So if your dealer can't find the fault refer them to 94K1.
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    Wont stay this clean for long....
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    Been a while since my last update, but to bring you all up to speed, I ordered my vrs245 (standard spec, pch, meteor grey) at the start of October and right up until this morning I didn't even have a build week. I know... totally mad, and no good reason given by Skoda CS. However, as well as a £500 voucher from Skoda CS, by way of apology, the dealer has taken my part ex today and given me a brand new car on loan until my order arrives. OK, its not a Vrs (it's a 67 plate Yeti with 20 miles on it - see below) but it's still a nice new motor! Also... perhaps due to the added pressure of me now riding around in their motor, I was informed today that I finally have a confirmed build week 18 (so mid April). So in all, I'll be in the new Yeti for over three months! To be honest, I reckon between the voucher, the loan car and the fact my vrs will end up being on an '18 plate, I can put up with the delay. Always look for the bright side, I say!
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    No reply since Thursday. And is it any wonder? OK, with the benefit of hindsight the fella would have done well to have included the information about it being Cat D ... but he overlooked it in his first post. So why then do you have to talk down to the bloke and make him feel like a naughty schoolboy.... as you always do. Do you talk to everyone like that ? The likelihood of him returning for another basin-full of scolding is pretty remote ... I certainly wouldn't

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