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    Sorry to see this mate, glad no one was hurt anyway. At least the repairs should be cheap, they won't need to paint it, just primer
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    Your headlight No, its not that simple. You also have to order split front headlights.
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    20 blanket limit? - I know it gets cold up there, but 4 should be enough
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    From what I have read lighting performance is very similar but LED has several advantages. *Far longer LED life-expecatncy (4-5x). *No moving parts for LED's should increase reliability and make replacement easier. *LED's are more efficent. They will demand less load from the electrical system. The main disadvantages are:- *FL Octavia front split-lights are FUGLY. *FL Octavia front split-lights are FUGLY. *FL Octavia front split-lights are FUGLY.
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    I'm trying to get my Sat Nav settings altered, when Mrs G goes out in the 230 she returns home via the " Take me home button " I'm looking into the settings, trying to to find a " don't bring her home " button Any Ideas ?
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    An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman walk into a bar. The Englishman wanted to go so they all had to leave.
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    Last gasp at a summertime photo! The lord of the manor has a look at my Sportline sitting on his drive in Rock. He and his wife were impressed with the ride and the space in back when we drove to Wadebridge to hire bicycles for a ride along the Camel trail to Padstow and back. The car doesn't look too bad after five hours on the motorway in the driving rain.
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    He's hard on cars Scott, have you seen what he does to clutches? Only kidding !!!!
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    My black beastie, absolutely loving this car
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    Ok so, I've had a 05 plate 140pd TDI Mk2, a 1.4 tsi DSG Mk3 & now a vRS245 Mk3 fl. If you're coming from a Mk2 to a vRS245 Its a no brainer, the difference is so extreme, if it was just from a Mk3 to a Mk3 fl, you've gotta look hard to find a smoother, more finished product. The seats are awesome, the screen is great, with the sat nav being so much better than the O3's. Love the punch of the 245's engine but, its quite refined, possible requirement of a tuning box, depends on how much edginess you like. DCC works great for my family, comfort setting for them time refines the cars to almost limo feel, other settings can be used when feeling enthusiastical Like the looks a lot, the wheels are huge & look even bigger although, mine will be down graded to 18's as I have them & the 65% increase in the cost of 18 to 19" tyres ain't gonna work for me. The 19's really do crash loud & hard when you hit a pot hole, I mean bad enough to make you stop, get out & look at tyre. The seats are something else, comfortable, electric, heated & Alcantra means you don't slide around but, electric adjusted 4 way lumbar support actually means you get out feeling good after 3 or 4 hours behind the wheel I like the 245 a lot, I'm not naive enough to believe I'm gonna get much more than 25mpg avg but, I'm kool with that. I think its gonna be very hard to replace this one at the end of the PCP but, I won't be buying it at the end of the term as I'm gonna "DRIVE IT LIKE I JUST STOLE IT" for the entire 3-1/2 year term
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    Personally I found the Jeremy Corbyn pic amusing as well as the twitter feed, but I understand that the picture at least is in bad taste. The twitter hashtag I get, as a way to undermine evil is to ridicule it. It shows them that they are not going to scare and cower us and we will fight back using everything possible, fighting back does not have to be physical. Last night at work I was a little uneasy as I was testing and walking through trains that could easily have been the one at parsons green yesterday if they had been scheduled differently, and a bit more wary of even the newspapers left, but it was not going to stop me doing my job with only the information at hand (the only extras I know from the public are where the train has gone and who removed the CCTV footage from the train for the police which does not matter) it's easy to see what happened and where it thankfully went wrong. The train would have been headed Eastbound, and would have been heading towards Upminster/Barking (the other option would be edgware Rd or south to wimbledon but that would not have been as busy) The device failed to explode (there is not even damage to the train) the device went off too early (20 mins later the train would have been full up and right by Victoria/the houses of Parliament) All the last two points everyone should be thankful for as it stopped a major loss of life. There are one or two other things that the person could have done to have made it much worse had it worked, but I think it's best not to write those on an open forum just in case.
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    Obviously a smear campaign...
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    Hey all, thought i'd log any progress on the Fabia that I initially planned on just maintaining it as its my daily driver. My wife got got a promotion at work which came with a company car, so I decided to keep the Fabia vRS which she had been using for the last 3 years, that mean't that I could ditch the Volvo. Here we have it a bog standard vRS don't think it has a single optional extra on it still it's clean and has been a solid car from day one. I signed up to the forum and perused the sticky threads to see what common faults may crop up and would need addressing, then moved onto build threads and before I knew it I was in the Classified section looking for upgrades. Didn't take long before I thought about lowering it, it's bloody high as standard!.. I bought an unused set of KW V1 coliovers from another forum member for £500 which was not to be sniffed at, I ran the same coilovers on a Mk2 Golf i'd owned in the past and they are by far the best i've experienced. I'm not one to jump in and get parts bolted on as I acquire them, so thought as I wasn't really in a position to get other parts straight away, I would bide my time and get as many less expensive components together as possible so they could be fitted in one go, I'm not the handiest when it comes to cars, so anything that I'm not sure about I leave up to my cousin Steven who luckily for me has his own garage BnS Autos they're located in my home town of sunny Oldham Dropped it off on Monday to have the following fitted: KW V1 Coilovers Febi f/r top mounts Meyle HD drop links Lemförder track rod ends Febi ball joints Meyle Rear wheel bearings Meyle Front wheel bearings Seat Ibiza Cupra rear bump stops PSB wishbone and rear anti-roll bar bushes SuperPro FARB bushes Whiteline rear anti roll bar 312mm/256mm calipers/carriers Brembo High Carbon Discs & Brembo pads I also got new genuine nuts and bolts for most parts that where being replaced On the lift, excuse the filthy state, but once I get it back, a reight good scrubbing will be given! Here are all the crusty old parts which where removed, apparently the brake disc back plates just crumbled off I bought a set of Golf Anniversary front/rear calipers and carriers from ebay for £88 which I was well happy with the price, they arrived whilst I was on holiday, so I just dropped them off on my return to store at the garage. They where stripped down to be checked, cleaned and repainted in Pantone 348c only to find that one of the rears was completely seized and unusable, one of the front carriers had been repaired previously with a helicoil and the other one had knackered threads, so they where no good to me. So I managed to get another pair of carriers off ebay this week and dropped them off. Needless to say I have opened a PayPal case to try and get a partial refund. The calipers have come up nice though, i'll just sell the others on if I can and try to recoup a bit of money. Rear axle needs a rubbing down and some paint on it, I'll tackle that along with other cleaning up here and there. So that is where we are up to so far, Steven is painting the 2nd set of carriers today and hopefully get it back on Saturday, he said he's not rushing painting as the others came up so well with 3 coats of primer and paint, so be rude not too. Future plans in this order: Replace the intake the with PD160 variety which I got off one of the many Facebook Fabia Breaking pages, seriously there are so many pages with people breaking cars which look like they have plenty of life left in them, it's untrue! Get it remapped to improve economy and performance. Fit the Xenons I got off @hutchysrs50 along with the Cupra splitter I got off @gav_is_con Get a nicer and more importantly darker interior, not a massive fan of leather, so maybe will have to see what crops up. Get the 2 small shopping trolley dings sorted. Sills painted as there is some surface rust. Rear bumper needs painting as a kind neighbour who didn't own up scuffed it parking up. Ultimately I'd like to take it on track for a bit of fun, especially now all the handling should be spot on.
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    Back from Indian Queens, a lovely car to drive, so pleased
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    That would be the NCAP ratings from the EU legislation that you should know all about with your avatar
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    Problem is, that puts Skoda, VW, Seat and Audi out of the equation. Porshe as well if its a diesel. Mercedes is having to do an emissions update on almost every diesel they sold in the UK in the last 6 years which means their version of an emissions fix . Apparently, its not a cheat to just turn off the emissions at 10 degrees Celsius because you are "protecting the engine". Finally we have proof that rich Northern Europeans with Mercs are dirty buggers, even if Mercedes forgot to tell them They are probably excluding the Renault engines that Mercedes have been using recently on their A,B, and C classes. But then you read that Renault is under threat of an emission cheating investigation and has already recalled cars. So why not go for a Nissan or a Dacia? Well, they all use Renault diesels as well. Perhaps a BMW Mini or a Peugeot? Well, Peugeot and Citroen are under investigation too and they share engine technology with BMW. Actually, a BMW would be nice. Unfortunately, they along with Daimler (which means Chrysler too) and Opel, have agreed to "voluntarily" update the emissions software on diesel models that they have sold over the last 6-7 years too. So, even the guys not caught with their pants down like VAG are queuing up to "voluntarily" apply "emissions improvements". Maybe I should just buy an EU 6 diesel? Not so fast - they are getting "voluntary improvements" too (VAG, BMW. Daimler-Chrysler-Mercedes and Opel so far in order to keep them motoring in German cities). I love my Superb diesel estate and I'll hold onto it for awhile yet. That's partly because it been a reliable luxury cruiser and partly because I don't know if anything else I buy will not get its engine behaviour changed after I get it..... oh wait, there's petrol...ummmmm, just been reading about CO2 and MPG and particulate shenanigans there too...
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    I work with one or two that are looking at doing the exact same thing. And they don't see the irony of wanting to leave the EU and then emigrating to an EU country. Let alone the fact that they were fed up with immigration and want to become immigrants themselves. Where I work the majority voted to leave, I voted for remain and would do so again as none of the arguments stack up for me and i would not trust anyone in the current government to open a tin of beans, let alone negotiate an exit.
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    Ok you 2, can we move on and be civil please
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    Today is our 40th wedding anniversary. Our three 'girls' organised a surprise party last night with family and friends in a function room at a local hotel. Three children, one grandchild, Two houses. Not really sure where forty years has gone
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    It’s called good customer services, no they are not obliged to do it FOC, but as they have already charged you for the map, by re-flashing the ECU for free after VAG wiped the re-map will leave the customer with a nice experience of them, this will usually lead them into recommending the company to others. It can be very shortsighted to charge them again and potentially lose further custom. How many of us are willing to pay a bit extra for good customer service? (providing the product is equally as good)
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    What & this looks slow does it? Its even got auras of sunshine beaming through it FFS
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    Sorry for delay, the blanking plug and o-ring were replaced and the leak is no more! Total bill from independent garage = £56, just a small saving on the £1005 quoted by the dealer for a head gasket replacement (and we may still have had the leak). Hopefully it really was this simple to fix. But nit a huge bill if we discover further leaks in a short while. I'm not clued up enough to follow some of the conversation above, but will try to learn. Very happy with the independent garage who have been very helpful.
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    Its not just for snow. Cold weather prevents the tyres from warming up properly and winter tyres cope with this far better. Stopping in the rain on a cold day, the winter tyres will stop you far faster
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    Michael O'Leary / Ryanair seems to have got the grasp of this forthcoming BREXIT thing worked out, they must be learning from Whizz Air. Lets see how the EU makes sure that EU Flight Delay or Cancellation Compensation is handled as supposed to be in the EU. Maybe also see how the EU Commissioners get on with having Germany get a grip of the VW Group and the treatment of customers after all the assurances they gave to fix vehicles.
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    Reminds me of this thread, a very disappointing Thread title......... I/we asumed it was for a good Saturday night out, but sadly not.........
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    Wow, I've never seen that before, I wouldn't bother replacing the socket, just make a long jumper wire and send it round the plug and hide it in the rubber boot, if you ever have to remove the door you can just cut it.
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    Evening All, Well I've dropped on a little, 3 years ago saw me sell my beloved and one of the first Mk3 Octavia vRS Estates after only 12 months of ownership due to going in to a company van. After 3 years of various personal cars for the wife and vans for me, I have found myself ordering my first company car (limited choice), to which due to budget restriction from work I went for the following: - FL Octavia SE L - 1.6tdi - Pearl Black - LED Rear Lights (High) - Alios 18" wheels - Canton Sound System I am very glad I went for the LED rear lights, feel it makes he car much more modern, good comparison of the two here with another SE L parked next to mine. Id never seen one in the spec so was keen to see it (hoping it was how I thought), I received my reg from the lease company and it just so happened it was a local reg so thought id have a look at the local dealer and it so happens a car of my exact spec was there. I have post as I have not yet seen the spec (i.e. wheel, lights and colour) so thought id share to help others. Look forward to it being delivered next week. Thanks Rob
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    Railways, subways, shopping centres, hospitals, cinemas, motorway services, airports, football grounds, euro tunnel, sports centres, ferries et al. You tighten security on one, they move on to another. The security services have to be lucky all the time. They just need to be lucky once.
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    Morning all. Couple of pics, not the best but they'll do.
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    Picked up my new Octavia Estate 1st of Sep. It's a 1.4 TSI SE L, replacing a 2015 1.2 TSI SE hatch. Love the upgrade to the SE L. Lots of new toys to play with and didn't think moving up the 1.4 would make much of a difference, but it is definitely a lot more nippy! Not had LED headlights before. That and the Amundsen are probably my favorite things. Miss the beeps when locking and unlocking though. Not sure why they removed that?
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    Correct part no is as above: 8V0 498 625A - £95 delivered from eBay, genuine part. Fitted and noise gone.
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    Proud owner of new Superb, well now 3 weeks old ^^. This is also my first car ^^. I love it so much that I've already driven 3000km in my free time. Absolutely love it! Got 2.0 TDI 190HP Style with: - DCC - Canton Sound - Alarm - Pegasus wheels 18inch (as seen on pics) - DAB - Heated Steering wheel - Smart Light Assist and Lane assist - Spare wheel I was deciding between 2015 Audi A6 190HP automatic and this blue monster. I'm happy I decided for this one. Audi was a little better in build quality / sound proofing but the rest was worse by my standards (less space, less comfy at front (i'm big guy), less acceleration, worse sound (it didn't have BOSE to try, tho I'm sure BOSE would not be as bad as Canton) etc...). It didn't justify price of 40.000€ for used one. My only down sides at Superb are sound quality and thing like throttle response (I ordered ODB11 but not sure I'll try coding to Audi). Didn't find anything else so far. Simply loving it! I also got MY2018 which may be worth mentioning, some minor improvements. Only have one small issue with dealer, but I believe it will be fixed soon (waiting for new Media screen):
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    I knew that had to be it. A dirty little Reliant Robin told me that Skodas happen when the Audi's do filthy things behind the bike sheds...
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    Don't know why they don't build bumpers the way they used to. I once hit a wall while parking in a Passat - the wall fell down - the bumper? Edged in rubber and seemed to be on springs, because it was undamaged. They are for bumping after all - so why make them out of plastic?
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    Thanks Mate Yeah no injuries, lad only passed his test 8 weeks ago - but it was all polite and no drama - what annoyed me was the car that let him out behind me didn't bother to stop so she could come forward as a witness (hopefully shouldn't be needed but even so) Thats a good point, perhaps they will try to respray the whole car thinking all the paint fell off in the accident!!
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    Some years ago I had a Volvo V40 2.0T that was a bit of a flyer (at the time) in a pool of company cars, and was nicknamed Greenbird. This is the second green car I've owned, though it's not really a flyer, yet anyway.
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    JR, have you sat behind a Superb (or many of the cars that use LED brake lights) for long a period of time, they are very bright and unnecessary when the vehicle behind is stationary... which is why I then put the handbrake on to turn them off.
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    I voted Remain, not because I'm an EU fanboi - I'm not, by any means - but because I would not side with a bunch of bigots, fascists, nationalist, isolationists, and general fools. Oddly, I'm yet to be proven wrong. I see absolutely no upside of Brexit for the ordinary bloke (or bloke-ess, I'm not sexist) in the street. We will potentially lose our auto, pharma, financial, and manufacturing industries. Much will get more expensive due to a weak currency and import duties. We will rush to free trade deals with much bigger countries while we're weak and desperate - which means we sign them on their terms, not ours. What we then import might be cheaper, but it will replace what we thought we were protecting: Indian steel, Chinese cars, African food. Companies will relocate (they are already), so corporate tax receipts will go down - unless we slash corporation tax to keep them here, in which case corporate tax receipts will go down. The country needs to spend more (Keynesian investment, welfare, f/x) when we have less. We'll have to strip away workers' rights - "regulation", as people call it - and wind back welfare, pensions, health spending, and everything else, as we rush to form a small-state model: like the US, but smaller, and weaker. No, no chance of changing my mind here. Not because I think Brexit is bad, but because pulling out the the single market and customs union with no Plan B is just criminally incompetent, yet that's what bot Corbyn and May seem to want to happen.
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    Thats all well and good Coops but if I forget to reset it, when I press the " Take me home " button the Sat Nav will take me to her
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    I've had itconfirmed pick up Saturday am. Will be sorry to see the Superb go though!!
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    After initially being told it'll be next year.. I've just heard mine's getting bolted together next week ! BW38. Huzzah!
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    Hello. Newbie still waiting on delivery of my Skoda and I know how forums like pics so you'll have to make do with one of my two-wheeler for the moment
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    I took delivery of my Sportline on 03 Mar 17 and this morning the odometer rolled over to 10k miles. So far, so good with only one potential problem that's not worthy of booking in outside of it's first service; my driver window switch doesn't seem to have the seem feel as the other windows for one-touch opening and unless I get it just right it won't work consistently. I've tried the reset procedure several times but it just seems like a dodgy switch. The Superb has so far proved a very capable car and an enjoyable place to be on long journeys and despite it obviously been set up with comfort in mind, it's not exactly a barge when I wish to press on. No rattles and no diesel gruffness as yet, on the whole I find it quite refined, despite sitting 15mm lower and running on 19" alloys. Overall I'm very pleased and it has the potential to be the best car I've ever had.
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    This BW34 puppy showed up today. Didn't have much time to play with it this afternoon. I'm looking forward to getting all the options configured.
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    Managed to get it for £3k, love It!
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    Yes, for some reason Brisky Racing got a bit busy and now we are looking at TCR new year. Which has meant that a track day toy fell down the list of priorities.... Anyway, yesterday we ordered the manifold and some other parts so we can start to get back on this over the winter as it's been too long and I'd love to see it out again. And shock a few supercar owners in it! I've also spoken to two people that are very respected Syvecs ECU dealers over the last week and they are happy to do the ECU work and mapping. The only issue could be the manual box life, but following discussions with a Eurpoean VAG tuner there is a way round it. Worse case we use the stronger DSG box from the Tiguan. But hopefully we can retail the manual. I'll update with some shiny parts pictures when they arrive.