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    Compiled a dimension comparison sheet a wee while ago and thought I would share it. Pic and PDF attached Karoq Yeti compare.pdf
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    I took my 245 for it's first track day today. "you what? In a new car?!" yes, since that's what it's designed for and one of the reasons I bought it. Plus having things like lap timer and the boost/G gauges I think that's what Skoda had in mind Anyway, I'll start by pointing out that I've only done two track days before in my old Fabia vRS, so my observations are based on those things. First things first, the power. There is a lot of it and i found it very easy to keep up with the faster traffic (BMW's, Clio cups etc.). That's not meant to sound like a boast btw, just an observation. I only had to let a few faster cars past and I found a lot of people were letting me past them. In the Fabia with that level of traffic, it would be me with my indicator on most of the time. Then we come to the grip/traction. The track was wet and slowly drying out as the day went on. Still being a new car, I left the traction control on. Had it been dry and I probably would have turned it off, plus I'm still getting used to how this thing behaves so didn't want to take things too far. Anyway, it did flash when exiting a couple of corners. The diff however made a huge difference. You can really feel it pulling the front end into line when you're understeering. It's disconcerting at first but once you let the system work it's very good. The DCC in sport mode was also very good with minimal body roll. What about stopping? Well, i was impressed with the 245's braking ability on the road and it's still good on track. I did get ABS a few times, mostly because i left it a bit too late, plus the wet track. They didn't feel spongy at any time either. But hey, they are sports/road brakes not full on race ones! Finally, comfort. It's good, I didn't feel any muscle ache at all, and the driving position is very good when wearing a helmet. I could still move my head around without banging it on the roof. so to sum up, it's an awesome car both on road and on track!
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    Greetings from Sydney, Australia. My Superb 206 TSI (aka 280) has arrived.
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    Hi, After a couple of years away from the skoda brand, I have returned. And I am loving it. Having had a Mk2 Skoda Fabia Vrs, I have returned to the brand in the larger Superb. Never had a car which has had only 37 miles on the clock. It is a Skoda Superb 2.0 TDi SE Technology. It has got so many features that I am still getting used to such as the adaptive cruise control and lane departure. Certainly a step up over the Fabia. I chose the business grey and think it suits it perfectly. Will get more photos at the weekend.
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    Personal Mobility Vehicles - Pods make perfect sense.
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    Just received my mk3 fl on Friday and I have loved every second so far!
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    Nonrev. I guess I must be getting old (84) but I am ex police advanced driver and know my cars. Performance in this country is very over-stated as it can very rarely be used LEGALLY. I do like quietness and comfort with brisk acceleration but find compared with cars 50 years ago they all have this. Compare some very ordinary family saloons of today with high-powered semi-sports of yesteryear??? I am amazed the manual gear-change is taking so long to disappear! Whatever you get, make the most of it - we'll l be battery powered and driverless before long. Best of luck with your choice.
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    Hi guys, I just found this forum a few weeks ago and have enjoyed getting up to speed on topics regarding the superb. I just took delivery of my MY17 2.0 tdi dsg style in brilliant silver, thought I would share a picture. Thanks for all the great content!
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    as the saying goes.....
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    Had my winter wheels fitted on Friday. They are ACE 17" Continental WinterContact TS850. They offer nice feedback but are slightly noisier than the Bridgestone summer tyres on 19" rims. Now all (summer & winter) rims have been treated with Soft99 Fusso Coat fluorine polymer wax with strong anti-fouling and aquaphobic properties. I anticipate they will be easier to clean and stay clean for longer. All the best, Rob
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    It's that time again. Rainmaker's decided to write another guide lol... These days speed cameras are everywhere, and even law abiding motorists will occasionally creep over the limit either through momentary inattention, a limit artificially too low for the road and conditions (making it easy to speed without realising) or for any number of reasons. This guide isn't here to debate the legitimacy or necessity (or lack thereof) of speed cameras and speed enforcement. The author has his own views, but they're irrelevant here. Either way, people on Briskoda often ask about whether it's possible to add speed camera locations to the Columbus unit, and if so - how? Here is your answer. Acknowledgement and Introduction First of all, none of this would have been possible without @BillyJim writing his original (wonderful) guide and translating some German for us. Since the time he wrote his original guide, however, several things have changed. You now need to use a different URL (website address) to access VW's POI site, and you also need to substitute their metainfo2.txt file with an older Skoda one for it to work (VW's site updates changed the file and broke comparative with Skodas). I've tweaked and updated the guide, with step by step screen shots, to hopefully help out the new (or not so new) members who regularly ask about this. Note that although I used Windows to make this guide (we have Windows, Linux, MacOS and BSD machines in our house) the basics are the same across operating systems. If you have any individual queries (eg using Finder instead of Explorer, or using command line on *nix instead of a GUI) just ask away and I'll help you out. So, without further ado, here we go: Prerequisites A Skoda with a Columbus nav unit. A subscription to PocketGPSWorld (£19.99 a year at the time of writing). Some other providers are available, some even free, but none even close to as good or as comprehensive. If you want to skimp and not do it properly, just use an app on your smartphone and save yourself the hassle. A computer with a fairly modern(ish) operating system and browser. A USB drive or SD card. Terminology Columbus: A sat nav / infotainment unit on some (higher end) Skoda cars POI: A 'point of interest'. This is a programmable function on your Columbus which allows you to import marker posts for, well, points of interest. It can be banks, a brand of petrol station, or - helpfully - speed camera locations. PocketGPSWorld: The best database of speed cameras, updated weekly. Hitherto shorthanded as PGPSW. Gatso: A stationary speed camera, rear-facing (it snaps the back of your car as you drive away from it). Often - but not always - painted yellow. Mobile: A classification of camera location on PGPSW. Known and verified 'hot spots' where police are known to site camera vans or traffic cars to use a hand held / mobile speed camera. pMobile: A classification of camera location on PGPSW. Unverified (by PGPSW) 'hot spots' for mobile camera sites, submitted by the user community as and when they come across them. Due to the nature of 'mobile' it's obviously impossible to retrospectively confirm the sighting, but as mobile camera sites are often (usually?) reused by law enforcement, the community works on trust and adds these sites to the camera database. Subscribers have the option to include this category in their weekly database download, or not, depending on their preference. I recommend you use them. Red light: A camera at ATS (traffic lights), used to detect people going through the light 'on red'. Nowadays often also combined with a speed camera (these combined red light / speed cameras are often called 'speed on green' cameras). SPECS: Variable speed limit cameras. Contrary to seemingly popular belief, these don't actually snap your speed as you pass them and decide whether or not to issue a ticket. There will be one or more pairs of cameras through a variable speed limit zone (eg roadworks, variable limit 'smart' motorway). Some or all of these pairs will be 'live' and will be the ones doing the actual detection. Basically your reg is snapped at live camera 1, and again at live camera 2. Since speed = distance / time and the distance between the two cameras is known, it's easy to then work out your speed based on the two times you crossed the cameras in question. You can't slow down as you pass each camera and then speed up again, as so many seem to do on the motorways - you will get a ticket. Getting the database First go to the PGPSW website and log in. If you don't have a valid subscription create your account and then pay the £19.99 to access the camera database. Go to the blue 'Speed Cameras - Download Now!' tab across the top of the site, and then click 'Download speed cams' under the date at the top of the menu that appears. The date is the last camera database update, and they roll out every week. You will need to go to the options just below the headers/menus across the top and choose your camera database. Set the 'Sat nav system' option to 'Other - CSV'. Then in the next box choose your camera type. We'll focus on UK here but you can grab whatever you like. Note that the Columbus has a POI limit. You can load as many into the unit as you want, but can only display half a dozen at a time. My preference is to get UK and EU cameras (two separate downloads), sorted ('consolidated by type'). That means you get a database listing gatso, mobile, pmobile, red light, SPECS cameras as separate entries on your Columbus unit, with different icons for each. This makes it easy to drive cross-country on back roads with the sat nav open and zoomed out, and be able to see at a glance what's coming up in the next mile or two camera wise. Because of the Columbus display limit it means you can only display UK -or- EU cameras doing it this way. That's no hardship though as you don't drive in the UK and the EU at the exact same time (yes, I know, but you know what I mean...). Switching them over takes seconds, so no hardship. Your other option is to take the cameras as a single file. This means you'll get all UK (or EU, etc) camera sites but they aren't sorted by type. You'll simply know there's 'a camera' ahead, but not what it is. Your call. Once you've decided which database type you want, and set the two options, click Download to have your browser download the files to your PC (or Mac, or whatever). One thing to note - and it's explained on the page at PGPSW - is that in France and Switzerland it's illegal to display 'speed camera locations'. You are allowed to display 'accident hot spots' though. Police do sometimes check, and if they find you with camera alerts, it's an on the spot fine! So for EU cameras, you have a specific tick box to choose to have those countries or not. Personally I tick them, but use a hazard icon instead of a camera icon for them... More on that shortly. Once you have your file (or files), you need to extract them on your PC. They are in .zip (compressed) format. All modern operating systems understand this natively with no need for extra software. Windows Explorer, macOS Finder etc all understand 'zip'. You may also already have 7Zip, WinZIP, WinRAR or other archive software which does the job. Either way, right click your file(s) from PGPSW and choose 'Extract to [folder name]' and they will unzip into a new folder next to your original zipped download. You will see the new folder contains all the camera database files (CSV files) and some handy icons for the Columbus (BMP files). Converting the files so the Columbus understands them Now we need to visit VW's website. Skoda has a POI page but it's very broken, has been forever, and they refuse to acknowledge it. It's German, but don't panic! You can easily follow this guide as it's actually just a bit of button pushing. Google Chrome browser will actually offer to automatically translate the page for you, so if you use that you're golden. If not just follow my pictures. Now to the business end of things. Click the button on the left (Read in other POI categories). It will open a box that allows you to upload your database and image file(s). Click the top 'Choose File' button and choose your UK camera CSV file. If you have - like me - chosen multiple database files 'consolidated by type' then start with the Gatso file (it's the first one in your file chooser window). After choosing the CSV file, make sure you tick the box underneath to 'Inform when approaching these POIs' if you want the Columbus to beep as you approach a camera! It's actually a bit useless in a way, as it will beep for a camera on either side of the road (Columbus doesn't support directional functionality) and it can beep rather close to them giving limited - though still very workable - time to slow down on approach. Still, better to have it than not imho. Your call again. Assign a category name. I use 'Speed cameras (UK or EU) - Gatso (or SPECS etc)'. Click 'Choose File' under Load map icon' at the bottom of the box, and now choose the right icon file. This will be gatso.bmp for the Gatso database and so on. If you have a single camera database just use the provided camera icon, or else the 'hazard' warning triangle I have attached here (especially for those pesky French and Swiss 'accident blackspots'! ;)). You're done - or at least for this one if you have multiple databases/camera types to add to the list. Repeat the steps above for any other database files you may have (camera types, different countries etc) until you have all your desired POIs listed on the site, like this: Now click the orange button on the bottom right to 'Save POI collection'. A box will pop up in German giving you a default file name, and the chance to change the text before you save the file. I just leave it as default but you can change it if you wish. Either way, when you're ready just press the button at the bottom right to proceed. Another final pop up confirming your file will download. Just click the button on the right to continue to the download. Now your browser will download the converted Columbus friendly POI files. This only takes a moment or two as they're actually very small files. The format is one text file called metainfo2.txt and a folder called PersonalPOI. You need to delete the metainfo2.txt file, as it's designed for VW cars and won't work on your Columbus. Your attempts to add them would just fail. Once you have deleted that metainfo2 text file, you can substitute the Skoda friendly one at the bottom of this post in its place. Just click it to download, and put it next to (NOT INSIDE!) the PersonalPOI folder. You can now copy these two items (metainfo2.txt and the PersonalPOI folder) to a blank USB drive or SD card, plug them into your car, and upload to the Columbus. Your USB drive or SD Card can be in many formats, but FAT32 and NTFS both work OK. Adding (or updating) the POI in Columbus Finally just plug the USB or SD card into the car. Start the Columbus unit (or turn on the ignition). Go to Nav and click the Settings cog. Go to Version Information and press the Update button. The car will search and find your files on the USB / SD card and load them onto the unit for you to decide whether to use the update or not. We want to do just that. Ignore the date (it will quite possibly be wrong sometimes, but it won't affect your POI upload or the fact the camera database is up to date). Just click Next. Once it's finished (this will take a moment or two) click OK. You can then go back into the nav settings cog and click Map, and tick the box to show POIs. Next click 'Select categories for POIs' and tick the relevant camera POIs to be displayed on your Columbus. For example in the UK choose your single UK cameras POI, or all the separate UK camera POIs as necessary. Then you're done! Use the back arrows to get back to the main nav screen (basically going through the above menu process in reverse). Your POIs may not show immediately - don't worry if that's the case! They will show up shortly, and may even need the ignition cycling and a short wait before they're all parsed and loaded. They will load though, as long as you've followed the above steps. If you have any questions or problems, just post below. Have fun, and drive safe! CLICK THE BELOW METAINFO2.TXT LINK TO GET THE NECESSARY REPLACEMENT TEXT FILE, AND THE HAZARD WARNING ICON IF YOU WANT FRENCH AND SWISS CAMERAS FOR EU DRIVING. metainfo2.txt
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    Should the EU be standing by a previously agreed commitment beyond Brexit in respect of the competition though - in the same way they want us to pay our share of previously made commitments beyond Brexit?? Seriously - is it not a bit hypocritical of them??
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    Meet your green credentials by keeping it running for as many years as you can before it gets scrapped. It is very green so far still running and not replaced by some Euro 5 TDI with Defeat Devices and cheating EU testing.
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    My new ride Skoda Superb 2.0tdi SE Technology
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    I lost. Quiet badly.......... It was only a 0-40ish drag from the lights but in cold damp conditions I struggled to get the power down. He was perfect. Suppose that what a 400bhp 4wd auto with launch control does! Over 50k? I suspect so. It did sound nice aswell Oh well.... now where's those pesky corsa's to boost my ego..........
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    It is, my old Seat needs warming up during the winter. Not for the engine but because of the doors. Once at -28°C I warmed the car for 2 hours before starting it up. Doors opened ok but when I got to my customer 55km away, I couldn't get out. I had to call the customer to come outside and bring a hairdryer...
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    80, with two small children? By the sounds of things he doesn't seem to have an issue when it comes to emissions!
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    I nailed an 'R' in my Diesel VRs once. Then ran out of first gear and watched the tail lights dissappear with a rude bark of a gear change in my face...
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    Just picked mine up today! Moon white, manual, DCC, ACC
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    Just bought 2 Monte Carlo Black badges, rear bumper protector and rubber boot mat. All 20% off.
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    220TSI DSG Sportline Black magic pearl effect 19" Vega rims Sunroof Power tailgate Heated front seats Front parking sensors Ropey start to ownership but i love the look of the thing.
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    Collected our 67 plate SE L Executive today. (2.0 TSI 220PS DSG) Magnetic Brown 19" Anthracite Acamar Alloys Heated Windscreen Heated Washer Nozzles Front Parking Sensors Reversing Camera Thought I'd post purely for the Acamars. Not seen any Superbs with them yet and ours was the first that the dealership had seen. Might help others decide whether or not to choose them.
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    Exactly. Precisely, by far the greenest thing you can do is to STOP CONSUMING, buy a decent secondhand specimen and run it into the ground, do this for every major purchase, cars, washing machines etc. I don't buy anything big new, I only buy quality older things, I have Bosch and Miele stuff and I fix it if it goes wrong, I hardly ever have to throw anything away because it's beyond repair. My old Bosch dishwasher packed up recently, I took the circuit board out and found I just needed to reflow all the solder joints, popped it back in and hey presto good as new.
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    Bit of an update. If anyone's interested, drop me a PM with your name and email address and I'll put you forward. I'll post a few more things soon... Oh and if you followed the "semi" announcement, I went a bit mad...
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    Some folk being a bit oversensitive, perhaps a slightly raw nerve being touched. My thoughts are each to his or her own, if folk derive enjoyment from their memorable/flashy/novelty/different numberplate - great, but it's not for everyone. It is great that we are not all the same.
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    Should be picking it up tommorow at 2 so will get some pics up when i take delivery.
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    When I started this post - I did say that I would not buy another Skoda for the reasons stated. As the year progressed, I did go to other dealers but got no satisfaction at all. My simple request was that they drive my car (hot or cold) - and then drive another of similar spec (1.2 TSI 86 SE) to make a comparison. This did not happen. Yes they did drive my car but said it's 'OK'. I could not live with this and In consequence I have just purchased a VW Polo, and waved goodbye to the Fabia. In fairness the Fabia had never let me down, and has always performed with out missing a beat. I did consider a Mk111 Fabia, but the overall width had increased, making entry into my home and garage a little 'tight'. Again in fairness I did not compare the latest Fabia to the latest Polo - But can say that the Fabia Mk2 and the Polo Match (2016) are streets apart in every respect. The Polo has been a remarkable and welcome contrast in terms of vastly reduced road/tyre noise - Engine (still a 1.2 TSI) is without any harshness AND I have re discovered what dipped headlights should be like. I'm sure the Mk3 is a good upgrade on the Mk2 - but the lack of expertise at the dealers, and the continued denial of Skoda UK of problems with their product generally made me go to an alternative provider. Will continue to view this forum, which has been quite interesting (and amusing) over the years.
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    The DQ200 issues should all be fixed now, whether they be by mineral oil change or HW and SW updates. I'd be more worried about the new 1.5 TSI engine reliability than DSG issues.
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    I've recently put raised gel plates on mine, the rear being slightly shorter than standard... I think they look better than bog standard and are 100% legal so no issues there
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    Standard. No stupid fonts. No daft logos (excluding country flags), no ridiculous spacings to make the plate look like something it isn’t. Anything else for me belongs in a McDonalds car park late at night. Trays under the rear wheels optional.
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    When I rang my dealer, all he could offer me was a bag of weed.
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    Yes it's a vulnerability but no you're not really at much risk. If you regularly transfer millions, are a prominent Executive of a Blue Chip or FTSE 500 company, defence contractor , a UK MP or Minister then yes someone might well expend the time and resources to attack your home wifi. If you're just pretty average, have a few pennies in the bank and you're not known internationally then no. The criminals don;t really give a **** about your wifi. You're at risk form ransomware, drive by downloads, banking Trojans and many other things but not KRACK. the newspapers like these dramatic titles but really most people's main risk is clicking on a dodgy link. Not much has changed there in 10yr.
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    In another thread I was investigating SmartLink suddenly not connecting to my phone, which I thought might be the wiring to the USB connector, but it wasn't. I have now "solved" the problem which is due to a bug introduced by the November security update to Android 8.0 Oreo. My phone is a Nexus 5X but it may apply to others that have had this update. The solution is as follows: settings->system->about->phone tap "build number" 7 times that will enable developer options settings->system->developer options. Enable "USB debugging". Verify USB status under "connected devices". Then disable USB debugging. Incidentally the bug prevents connecting from a phone to a PC via USB, the solution is the same. No doubt Google will fix the bug when they have had enough complaints.
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    First real chance I have had to see my car in the daylight
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    Has anyone who has a 245 noticed that the exhaust seems to get ALOT louder after a few hundred miles? Been driving mine around today and when i first got it i thought it was really quiet but since i have hit 500 miles it sounds so much raspier and the DSG changes seem to be more audible
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    hopefully the link works. This was at volksworld show earlier this year
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    They were the latest and greatest engines, so much so that they are discontinued, dropped, no more replaced by 3 cylinder 1.0TSI's. So cherish the greatest and best and maybe have on Fixed Servicing and since that no need for Long Life oil, just change to 5w 40 FS VW502 00 at the first service. that might give a longer lived engine. http://volkswagen.co.uk/owners/servicing/regimes
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    Beautiful moment today with my 3 year old daughter in the car. (She sits in her child seat in the centre of the rear bench, so she gets the best possible view, with full panoramic sunroof advantage...) We get some open back country road after I overtake a sedate road user and I fully floor it and just keep my foot down... Comment from my little girl in the back is simply - “we’re flying!!” I just smile, “yep” What a car!
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    In fact, thinking on I've decided to plonk my size 15s on poor BillyJim's feet and write an updated guide with pictures. You're by no means the first or last to ask about this, and as the process and URLs have changed I will save his fingers from doing it all again... I'll update you with a link to the guide once it's done (won't be long...). Bear with me.
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    I don't think you need to be a psychic to have made most of those predictions. reading the news would give you a pretty sound basis
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    Hold your horses, it's (at the time of writing) still Sunday in Honolulu
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    Joys of front wheel drive eh! I remember trying to race my mates M3 off the line in my Sharked Mk2 FL TSI and I was shown up quite severely ha!
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    Mine is also aproaching 1 years old and 20,000 miles, apart from the cruise control issue I had a few days ago it has been faultless. Worked hard lately pulling trailer and this caravan.
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    Customer yesterday... I'd fitted a wireless room stat last year for her mother (just a simple room stat but no programming function) and she was over the moon with it. Yesterday I went to her fathers house (he'd just died) and repaired the boiler, and she asked if I could fit the same type of wireless stat in that house too. I said I'd need to order it and then be about an hour to fit it. She said "Could you just post it through the letter box next time you're passing?" I explained that even though the room stat was wireless it still needed the receiver wiring in at the boiler end so it would actually work...
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    These are worth getting IMO.