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    245 DSG Hatch arrived last Friday. It really is a lovely piece of kit. Very pleased with my choice.
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    Hi all, just arrived at dealer yesterday my s3 L+K TSI 280 Business grey 19" Trinity anthracite. Ordered mid January expected 16 week wait but yesterday when I asked if they had a build date yet I was told it had arrived, WOW what a surprise. its a bit of a different look to my 66 plate red s3 Sportline 190 TDI 4X4 trade in.
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    I feel special owning a ‘limited edition’ FL 230...
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    This article describes locating and rectifying a catastrophic water leak into the nearside passenger compartment of a six year old Škoda Yeti, which had a standard-fit panoramic sunroof. The leak was traced to the NSF corner of the sunroof by removing the top of the NSF door seal and the NSF screen pillar trim. Subsequent removal of the headlining and testing of the sunroof showed the cause to be failure of the seal between the aluminium channel forming the nearside of the sunroof frame, and the plastic channel forming the front of the sunroof frame. The sunroof was removed from the car in order to run a penetrating sealer vertically down into the defective join, using a syringe and needle. Upon re-fitting the sunroof, the remediation was found to be successful, however the corresponding join on the offside front had been compromised, presumably because of the mechanical trauma inflicted on the structure during re-fitting. The offside join was subsequently sealed successfully with the sunroof in-situ, using the same method. Experience showed that (once correctly identified) a repair could have been effected without any dismantling, although the seats, carpet and underlay were subsequently removed in order to dry them properly. The full story, together with annotated images is in the attached pdf document. If you're suffering with the same problem, I hope you'll find it of help. Please post any comments or questions. Yeti Panoramic Roof Leak.pdf
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    My new vrs 230 just been ceramic coated.
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    I can't afford a romantic w'end away. This 280 ain't buying itself If she's 'lucky' a trip to the Midlands on collection day and maybe a Premier Inn brekkie.
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    A couple of days after pick up on first drive around some twisty snowy terrain
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    Our choice is: 1.5 TSI DSG Edition in Magnetic Brown and Beige Interior with below options: -3 spoke multifunction leather heated steering wheel with paddle shift -Isofix attachment on front seat -Steel space saver spare wheel -Adaptive cruise control -Heated front and rear seats -Family pack -Personalisation of drive mode selection -5 year warranty with roadside assistance Ordered 26th of Nov 2017 We collected ours on Tuesday, very happy, car drives well, easy to steer, great driving position and considering its on 19" alloys ride is good - this will vary with different users especially those comming from smaller inch alloys and active dampers suspension setups. I expected beige to be lighter but its more towards darker tone, but still prefer that over black. The electric boot, this is strange but when i tested in a demo car, the boot opened so fast, i was impressed, this is not the case with ours, think maybe its needs to be used few times to be properly lubricated? Not Simply Clever: 1. a hole in the wall: rear central seat has to be folded to use cup holders, you end up with big hole into the boot 2. Top spec Edition but driver's seat is electric but not electric on front passenger 3. Columbus infortainment system, all vital touch buttons (volume, power) are on wrong side of the screen, no haptic feedback, shame, got around by enabling touch sound at least 4. No electric opening boot proximity sensor, can be opened accidentally into parking wall, i guess this applies to most similar cars I cant find where is the total mileage counter?! Some amateur quick pics:
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    Last week the Yeti told me to check RH front foglight. Sure enough the bulb had gone. I was a bit puzzled as I can't remember ever using the foglights, until I remembered that they also come on when low speed cornering. I replaced both sides (the LH bulb was working but fairly black) with Osram Ultra-life H7's from Powerbulbs, as I'm more interested in lifetime than brightness. A remarkably easy 10 minute job to do both sides without tools, total cost £12-79. As this is the first thing to need replacement (other than servicing) in over 5 years I wasn't too put out !
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    Hi All, I've been browsing the forms for a little while, but only posting my first post now. After driving a Superb Estate (2015-reg) for the past 3 years, via the Motability Scheme, its now time to swap the car for something else... guess what, its another Superb Estate - the 2.0 TDI SEL Exec DSG (in Black Magic Pearl) with Pegasus Alloys. Ordered on Saturday - Estimated Delivery late May 2018 We (my wife and I) have found the Superb to be the perfect size for our needs (my wife's a wheelchair user - and we have a large dog also) and the Superb fits everything in. The only thing about the latest model, is that the rear seats don't fold completely flat like they do in our Mk2 model - which is a bit of a downer, but we can get around that). In 3 years and 42000 miles, only had a few minor faults on the MK2 (Heated seat replaced on Driver side, Replacement Boot Hatch struts, and some niggly Infotainment gremlins) but customer service has always been excellent - never been fobbed off with excuses to not fix anything. I'm hoping for 3 more years of hassle free Skoda Driving!
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    You complained about the flat rear attracting dirt as a bad design from Skoda. The design is what most if not all here like about the car for practicality but you could not see or accept that. You then moved on to the mirrors that are the same as most other cars have and complained about them when nobody else did. It seems like one of the other members here you just want the thread to run and run and will pick up a problem where none exist. Please do not leave I'm sure we can all get on.
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    Lost the will 3 or 4 pages back .... cant believe that using the supplied wash/wipe mechanism with water/screenwash can generate such volume of dialogue/drivel, its a flat vertical back car, live with it, or change it. Glad I got that of my chest
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    The technicalities of the laws in many European countries, such as France and Germany, is that you have a spare bulb if you are stopped because a bulb has blown. It is not the law that you must carry spare bulbs, per se. If you have the misfortune of being stopped for a blown bulb and you can show you have a spare, you will not be expected to replace it there and then but rather at your earliest safe and convenient opportunity. Being able to show you have a spare bulb is basically a 'get out of jail free' card to avoid an on-the-spot fine for a defective light. This is archaic legislation dating back to when all bulbs were incandescent filament with short life spans. Don't worry about LED and Xenon bulbs. These are highly unlikely to 'blow' but if they do it's often a major job to replace them anyway. Unless you've already changed them for LED equivalents you really only need a spare (rear) indicator, reversing, index plate and fog light bulb. These days you're more likely to blow a fuse than a bulb, so ideally carry a few of them. I have a really old spare bulb kit that's been transferred every time I've changed my car. It serves the sole purpose of being something to point at to avoid a spot fine if I ever have the misfortune to have a blown bulb and be stopped for it. Hints and tips have already been covered in other threads, but... You need a reflective vest for each passenger inside the car (the alcoves at the rear of each door storage compartment is intended for this purpose). A first aid kit in France and also a blanket (space blankets are acceptable) in Germany. A warning triangle is a requirement in most countries. Breathalysers are a legal requirement in France but there is no penalty for not having them. So why bother? Don't have camera icons displayed on your SatNav whilst driving. They're unlawful in France and Germany as well as some other countries. Radar/Laser detectors, jammers and other active devices are unlawful in most countries. You won't need beam deflectors. Xenons auto-adjust without you needing to do anything. You will need (optionally) to adjust the clock manually (just change the time zone to +1) and/or switch from imperial to metric measurements. Some town and city centres in France, Germany, Netherlands and Scandinavia have low-emission zones that require a (usually colour-coded) sticker in your windscreen. Check before you go. If you do require one then you can usually order online in advance but do it directly from an issuing authority as 'agents' will charge a ridiculous premium. The German sticker officially costs €5 but I've seen sites that charge 10 times that amount. Alternatively acquire one when you arrive. All you usually need is a copy of your V5. Cars on motorways that are only passing through these low-emmision zones do not require them. Documents: Driver Licence, Insurance Certificate and V5. European Health Card is highly recommended. I always take a couple of additional copies of the Insurance Certificate as in the hopefully unlikely event of being involved in a collision it's easier to give the other parties a copy without struggling through the language barrier. Technically you need a national identifier (a GB sticker or the official blue EU "GB" flash on your index plates - flags or names like England, Cymru, Scotia, etc, aren't official). That said, I've seen countless 'foreign' cars on the continent with no form of national identifiers displayed. I'd also take some minor medications with you, like ibuprofen, paracetamol, cold and stomach remedies - whilst these are cheaply available in virtually any outlet in the UK they are often only available from Chemists/Apothecaries in many European countries and can be expensive without a prescription. If this is your first trip on the continent here are some things to be aware of on the road that are different than the UK... Right-before-left. This is actually quite uncommon and mostly found in residential areas away from the main roads. A yellow diamond road sign means you have right-of-way so right-before-left does not apply. If the yellow diamond is not present at the approach to a junction or it has a line through it then slow down and prepare to give way to traffic from the right. A town name sign is where the urban 50 kph speed limit applies unless otherwise indicated. The town name sign with a line crossing through it indicates you have exited the urban speed limit. In France the town name signs are white. In Germany the town name signs are yellow but some rural villages have a green sign which means it's simply a place name and the urban speed limit does not apply. Pedestrians and pedal cyclists have right-of-way when crossing at side junctions, but not to cross the main road unless it's at a signal-controlled pedestrian crossing. In that case, when turning right or left onto a main road, an additional single flashing amber light indicates you should be prepared to give way to pedestrians/cyclists crossing the main road (they will have a green signal) but you do not need to stop if nobody is crossing. When turning right at a traffic signal controlled junction look out for a green non-illuminated right arrow sign. This means you may turn right against a red light if it is safe to do so. Traffic lights may display a flashing amber (or simply turn off) when traffic is light, particularly at night. This means you should treat the crossing as a Give Way and proceed with caution. "Green wave". Although present in a few places in the UK they are far more common in continental cities. This is an illuminated white sign showing a speed. If you keep to the indicated speed the next traffic signal you encounter will be green when you reach it.
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    Don't you just love a bloke who signed up with the forum just a couple of weeks ago and is already quoting chapter and verse and putting people straight about on just about everything there is to know, UK Law included, plus sundry other matters that he kindly explains to us numpties. Not to mention making uncalled for remarks towards a fellow member who has eleven years of valuable and reasoned content behind him on here. I'm just wondering how we all got on before he graced these pages with his knowledge and wit. The most recent lesson being mirrors. How have I got by these past 50 years using convex mirrors on all the vehicles I drove? ... including, as I recall, twenty eight years of driving fire engines, all equipped with convex mirrors? That would explain why I had so many darned accidents driving to incidents. .... oh, hold on a minute ....
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    ' Aye, he's got nice seats but you should see the state of his steering wheel and B pillar !
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    Finally had confirmation that the order for my 280 Sportline hatch is on the system, no build week allocated as yet though. Spec: 280 TSI 4x4 Sportline Hatch Colour: Meteor Grey Options: Canton Travel Assist/TSR Heated Screen Heated front seats Front Parking Sensor Power boot Rear wiper Spare wheel I'm still not 100% committed on Meteor Grey. In certain lights it appears to be a dull beige/mushroom colour. The sportline also has anthracite wheels rather than full on black and I think the gloss black trim, meteor grey paint and wheels may look a bit of a hotch potch. Dealer thinks I may be the first person to spec it which means I may never get a chance to see one until mine arrives never mind in time to change my order. There's no others showing as being in production or even ordered. Starting to sway back to Business Grey or possibly Black Magic, I have 4-6 weeks to amend the order apparently.
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    saw as this at work today & fell in love, from the outside my perfect spec.
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    Got the neuspeed rarb on tonight and what a massive difference to the rear. If your doing the mod make sure you've got a new set of rear drop links as the original ones wouldn't come off the standard rarb. I got a genuine set from my local tps at £51
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    @kelper - if you're struggling to judge distance in a convex mirrors and keep the rear screen clear, you should consider if you're safe to be driving. You could try using aftermarket mirrors, at least some on eBay claim to be flat and compatible with a Yeti. As for your rear window: - ensure you always fill up the washer fluid before every journey - clean the screen before every journey - carry extra screen wash and fill up when required If that's not acceptable, sell the Yeti and get a vehicle without a vertical or near vertical rear screen... Not sure if there is anything else you can do given the feedback about mud flaps and spoilers being ineffective.
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    How long have we had convex mirrors? How long does it take to make judgements using them? It's like arguing with my wife
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    Gave a quick clean and wax today for the upcoming week. She hasn't had a clean since the diffuser went on. Front strut should be here tomorrow and spoiler cap here Tuesday I think. Pics from today's clean.
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    I knwo this is areally old thread, but I've just found the OneSkopda app which gives you a 'sports display' via Carplay (and I presume android Auto). Just download the app and log in withy your skoda account and then you can go into car mode. it logs your journeys/efficiency/power used etc (231 hp so far...) and the widgets screen lets you add: Boost guage G-Meter Efficiency And some others I can't remember (some just reprduce what we can see under driving data anyway). As well as this the features menu, lets you measure 0-60 time 1/4 mile etc (on private roads..) The boostguage is forsome reason measured in % and even when i was nailing it it only went to 20% I think so I 'm assumign thats 20% atmosphere or 3 psi, but i don't knwo how much boost we're supposed to have in stock form? Hope this helps! I tried to get my wife to video it, but we were in the middle of an arguement about speed limits and a policeman, so she refused!
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    after a little incident with exploding diffs ive decided to go back to a more dailyable car. in the pipeline is new coilovers,quieter exhaust,standard steering wheel,fill the massive hole in the dash and run the standard 328 diff for now the car lost its speedo and was banging and clunking so i assumed the welded diff had broken,opened up the case to inspect it and was greeted with this !a fairly non welded diff it was only tacked in one corner yet some how lasted 4yrs and a drift day. had to do something with this aiming for the stock look
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    Just picked up mine, really happy with it! Definitely an improvement on my 08 golf
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    Seriously? Have you actually driven in thick fog? "I could agree with you, but that would make us both wrong." They're only fog lights, not bloody lasers!
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    VRS 220 TFSI - - Never a dull day's drive in this......
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    Here's a thought. Why don't you book a nice romantic weekend for you and your other half in the beautiful city of Prague? Clearly it won't be your fault if the hotel you book happens to be right next door to a large Skoda dealer that has all of the colours in stock...
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    What a car and a pleasure to own, never let me down and always treated with kid gloves. Warmed up and cooled down properly, never tracked and never abused. Show car as featured in Feb 2018 VWG Magazine. Attended several shows how's and always attracts loads of attention. Stand out from the usual VW and Audi crowd. Only selling as its time to get an estate car. Mileage will change slightly as car still being used. Washed and waxed correctly using only the finest products. Over 20k spent. VRS private plate included. Unreal car and stunning to look at! TSI 2.0-litre 16v inline 4-cylinder petrol. K04 turbo built AET Turbo . Custom 3 inch exhaust system split into twin 2.5 inch pipe at the rear into quad 3.5 inch slash cut blue burnt tips. The system is fitted with a 200 cell sports cat with 2 silencers. The exhaust was hand built by Tony Banks Exhausts. Airtec Stage 2 front-mounted intercooler, nuespeed cold air intake, NGK Iridium spark plugs, turbo smart actuator, mapped by Shark Performance. 339.7hp 525nm Always run on vpower 6-speed DSG gearbox, DSG tune by shark Performance. Just been serviced 1000 miles ago. AP Coilovers lowered approx. 50mm, Eibach anti-roll bars front and rear, superpro anti lift kit OEM GTI Brakes with Brembo pads 19 inch Rotiform BLQ with hand painted blue inserts 18 inch standard Neptune wheels painted grey Both sets included in sale Standard with a marvel wrap (easily removed) Black wrapped front grill, tinted windows, updated colour coded badges, Maxton designs from grill, superskoda rear spoiler add on, superskoda RS3 style rear diffuser, tinted rear lights, rear wiper delete. Standard parts included in sale. Usual age related marks on body and a couple of small marks on wheels, but nothing major, car is mint! First to see will buy Next MOT due 07/03/2018, Full service history, Blue, 1 owner, £10,495 ONO call 07581022544 if interested or email me neil.masheder@hotmail.co.uk This car comes with: Electric windows, Air conditioning, Parking aid, CD player, Bluetooth, Leather trim, Heated seats, Height adjustable driver's seat, Height adjustable passenger seat, Folding rear seats, Child seat points (Isofix system), Sports seats, Metallic paint, 19" Alloy Wheels, Power steering, Steering wheel rake adjustment, Steering wheel reach adjustment, Cruise control, Traction control, Central locking, Alarm, Immobiliser, Driver's airbags, Side airbags, Passenger airbags
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    Glad it sounds nearly sorted. Not wanting to perpetuate some of the more 'doom and gloom' prophecies in this thread, but the 'belt and braces' bit of my brain would suggest you ask the Manager who called you to follow up his call by confirming his responses in writing. If he won't, send him another letter/email where you thank him for the call and 'confirm his earlier assurances' before listing the points as you understand them. Just to cover your @rse in the future - unrecorded phone calls and assurances are wonderfully deniable if it becomes convenient at a later stage!
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    Ok today I received a call finally from the general manager. He opened the conversation saying ‘its the man that doesn’t call you back...’ I’m all for jokes and humour but I was in no mood for sarcastic punchlines. Especially from him. His comment was greeted by a wall of silence. Anyway he discussed in great detail the cars history, his role and also the unacceptable conduct of the salesman who frankly must enjoy feeding potential buyers bullish!t. The conversation was based around the letter I sent which he said shocked him and must have been forwarded to him from the head of operations. So whats happening? Firstly the car has not been in any insurance accident or any accident whatsoever. Secondly the trim that’s missing has been missed by the PDI which he agreed was unacceptable. He did say that somethings go missing from cars to put into another car which I think someone mentioned on here. Common practice he assures me. Thirdly, he’s agreed to honour me with a service come the time as that’s what the salesman stated early on. He also said it would be coming out of the salesman wages! Fourth, the car has actually had three new tyres over its short seven month life span. This was down to a blocked drain in the wash bay near to where he used to park the car. Over time it’s picked up nails and screws. I can’t really argue this fact but the car hasn’t had accident damage so I guess I’ll have to accept his word on that. Car at is going into dealership tomorrow to have the parts fitted and of course the all important face to face meet up. My mind is finally at rest after a turbulent few days that I really could have done without. Anyway can I just thank everyone for their contribution on this. Really did help greatly. Thank you.
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    Not sure what gains a 7 speed box will make, a digital dash would be a good bit of bling but not sure it will be worth the cost after the initial play with it. Then there is the cost of a drop in power from the current unit and a GPF to deal with as well. Happy to have my order in before the changes.
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    First time I've seen front of my car with drls on. I like them
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    It's a sad day when someone buys a VRS and doesn't push the VRS button.......
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    You've got to remember most people don't care that much about how their car works once it starts in the morning and gets them where they want to go, and they're unlikely to come onto a forum like this to just say that their car is working as they expect. Internet forums are always heavily negatively biased on issues of reliability and performance, because most people only make an effort to sign up and post when there's a problem with their car and they just want to vent on it, or find a solution.
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    An hour later and I am a happy camper. stock car with a k+n air filter. No other mods.
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    There seem to be a number of parallel threads running here. First is the "what is AWD all about" which has then moved into "AWD to aid tarmac performance of a high-performance car" versus "current AWD SUVs don't seem to be very good off-road". The second is about the relative values, current and future, of a new Kodiaq versus a 2 year old Superb, which is what I think the OP was asking. The problem is there is no history on depreciation on the Kodiaqs, with them being so new. So it would require a bit of creative thinking. What is the asking price on the Superb versus list? What is the depreciation on other manufacturers' versions of the Kodiaq? That might help (I don't know the answer to either question BTW). I guess, to make the OP's dilemma easier or more difficult depending on which way you look at it, the only thing we can guarantee is that he will lose a small fortune on either car - just like we all have .
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    Beginning to think you need to start asking a few questions about this. As in, a blunt ‘There are pieces of trim missing, the tyres don’t match - what else haven’t you told me about this car?’
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    2013 Fabia VRS CTHE estate non oil burner with a full skoda history. And 32k miles.. Metallic grey. Still got the remainder of 6months of the skoda extended warantee left. MOT until July. Has satnav, heated seats (red ones), climate control, 312mm fully refurbed (seals pistons and powder coated) brake set up with drilled brembo discs and pads, H&R springs. New set of denso plugs, and a k&n panel, tube filter that fits in the original air box. 2 sets of tyres, summer set (Nokian) and winter set (Nexen) there is not a mark on the car and we have looked after it for the 2 years we have owned it. Only selling because the good lady wife fancy’s a new fiat 500x. And I have an Octavia vrs estate anyway for the family holiday and motorway munching We want 7800 for it. Either pm me on here or phone or text me on 07790486839. Cheers
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    Honestly find the whole SUV thing puzzling. Think we’re all going to wake up at some stage and wonder why putting cars on stilts and covering them in lifestyle plastic was ever a good idea.
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    The octavia has since 2002 always to me looked like a saloon. I initially dismissed the non estate as I thought it was a saloon. When I had the superb twin boot I did actually use it as a saloon quite often. Now I've seen a few more photos the FL is beginning to settle and well... it's not as bad as I once thought. So like with everything, eventually the flat world we live on will become round. Some nice pics, makes me think, maybe I won't get a van Actually I wonder if because I'm been looking at vans so much I find the FL attractive now /ducks ps lets drop the foul words, we can have opinions, but we can do so without resorting to asterisk, because otherwise the big guy will be along...
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    I'll put this in just as a maybe. A customer brought a 3 year old car in to me before I retired. Same symptoms. After hours of head scratching, it turned out that the brake servo hose had collapsed internally. When we cut it open, the inner wall was completely flat. So no fluid loss, but the pipe itself was clearly defective manufacture. Maybe.... Or a collapsed or damaged brake hose to caliper? But a brake pedal going anywhere near the floor is absolutely not normal, and my advice would be to get this thoroughly investigated. I certainly would not be driving it like that. As anyone in any form of diagnostic trade will know. NEVER assume that a brand new part can't be faulty. And never assume that because a part 'looks right' it is.
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    I prefer not to read your negative posts. I’ve understood, that you’re unsatisfied - but all your negative posts are just too much.
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    You won't find the PR code for the front brakes on the build label, annoyingly enough. It is available if you download the full PR code list for your car from erWin. This is a problem when you're trying to buy parts that are referenced to a PR code. Also annoyingly, having had a look through Black Diamond's website, they don't list all possible PR codes for the Superb. My car is 1ZA front and 1KJ rear, neither of which are listed on Black Diamond's site. Looking up http://www.oemepc.com/skoda/parts_lst/markt/CZ/modell/SUP/year/2012/hg/6/catalog/sk/drive_standart/632/lang/e shows that 1ZA front is a Teves caliper on a 312 x 25 mm disk, and 1KJ rear is a Lucas caliper on a 286 x 12 mm disk.
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    That’s not good enough. You need to make a formal written complaint & copy it to Skoda customer services. You are entitled to answers and a remedy. So far they’ve offered excuses, some evasion, and a partial remedy which involves you having to go back again. Not acceptable.

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