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Found 8 results

  1. What tyres on Crater alloys?

    As per the title... What tyres are arriving at the moment - we are expecting to pick up over Easter. I don't think Michelin are making a Cross Climate in this size yet. So I'd also be interested in peeps experiences with 1.5 TSi front wheel drive cars and what tyres they have fitted. I'm hoping NOT to get Pirellis as I have P7's on my Superb and they are simply terrible in the wet but downright dangerous in the cold and wet.
  2. Our Car Arrived

    Our choice is: 1.5 TSI DSG Edition in Magnetic Brown and Beige Interior with below options: -3 spoke multifunction leather heated steering wheel with paddle shift -Isofix attachment on front seat -Steel space saver spare wheel -Adaptive cruise control -Heated front and rear seats -Family pack -Personalisation of drive mode selection -5 year warranty with roadside assistance Ordered 26th of Nov 2017 We collected ours on Tuesday, very happy, car drives well, easy to steer, great driving position and considering its on 19" alloys ride is good - this will vary with different users especially those comming from smaller inch alloys and active dampers suspension setups. I expected beige to be lighter but its more towards darker tone, but still prefer that over black. The electric boot, this is strange but when i tested in a demo car, the boot opened so fast, i was impressed, this is not the case with ours, think maybe its needs to be used few times to be properly lubricated? Not Simply Clever: 1. a hole in the wall: rear central seat has to be folded to use cup holders, you end up with big hole into the boot 2. Top spec Edition but driver's seat is electric but not electric on front passenger 3. Columbus infortainment system, all vital touch buttons (volume, power) are on wrong side of the screen, no haptic feedback, shame, got around by enabling touch sound at least 4. No electric opening boot proximity sensor, can be opened accidentally into parking wall, i guess this applies to most similar cars I cant find where is the total mileage counter?! Some amateur quick pics:
  3. Edition questions

    Hi all, I'm moving from an Octavia III which has been a great runner (and fantastic to only pay £30 road tax p/a!) to the 1.5 TSI Edition in business grey and can't wait. Got a really good deal via CarWow which mean it was only £500 more than the SEL (with my options) at just over £24000 after finance discount, which was a no-brainer. It was either this or the 4x4 Kodiaq but we found the Karoq more suitable for our needs as it still has lots of space. Would have been good to get 4x4 as an option on the 1.5 TSI though. But Information doesn't seem to be Skoda's strong point, anyone know the situation with the black wheel arch trim option? I read it only comes with the 4x4s but my garage told me it comes on all Edition models. Difficult to find photos of specific models as most reviewers got the top of the line diesels. And I have also seen an SEL and some Editions that have the Canton badge on the inside front doors near the handle, anyone know if there is some sort of Canton speaker system in these as the spec sheets don't state the full Canton option is a standard, and only an option. I'm just gutted I couldn't change the size of the wheels in the order to 18"s though. I found the limited wheel choice is pretty poor across the range. Cheers, Pete.
  4. 5000 Mile Review

    We bought a Yeti in October 2013 following the birth of our son. Three and a half years on & we now had two children, along with an array of grandparents who we occasionally have to cart around & so a 7-seater made sense. We seriously considered a Discovery, an entirely forgettable Kia (we hired one to do Highway 1 in the US, the thing reinforcing every single preconception I had about Korean vehicles. I suppose it was reliable – the united Departure lounge at LAX is less dull) and a VW T6 Caravelle. The T6 ticked every box, apart from its stupendous price ticket – like £55k to get one with parking sensors and modern headlights! The Kodiaq won out and we spec’d one up as follows: 2.0 tsi (because diesels are on death row), edition trim with area view, kids pack, net partition, ISO-fix on passenger seat, the free canton sound system shipped at launch along with the spare wheel and an electric tow bar. All wrapped up in cappuccino beige metallic. Delivery took ages, with the date shuttling forwards and backwards all the time but it finally landed with us on July 13th – a full 5 months from ordering it. VFWS were flexible & allowed us to extend our Yeti’s finance, retaining its 0% apr until we took delivery, though there’s an after-story to that. While we were awaiting delivery, we noticed that our Yeti had developed a resonance in the rear prop-shaft. This is a common ailment to all VW group 4x4 vehicles & stems from the fact that the rear diff is connected to the prop-shaft via a flexible coupling. This fails and allows the prop-shaft to resonate under certain loadings. VW wanted £1500 for the part alone & even independents were quoting over £900. I bunged my fingers in my ears, went “la-la-la” and hoped that it’d last until trade-in, which it thankfully did. So, what’s the Kodiaq like? Well, we’ve done 4750 miles since delivery. I’ve my own car for work, so those have been miles exclusively my wife shuffling the kids around and a monstrous 2550-mile, three-week tour of Europe. Generally, the car is fantastic. Its effortlessly comfortable & at no time have either my wife, nor I felt stressed or fatigued while driving it. Our longest stint, from Frankfurt up to Ijmuiden was handled with aplomb. Its considerably quieter than our diesel Yeti was, and tested back-to-back with a 190bhp oil-burning Kodiaq, I’m extremely glad I’ve gone for petrol. I hadn’t realised how bad the Junkers Jumo-esque din of a compression-ignition engine was. The ride is superb, as it should be given its 2.8m wheelbase. This definitely cuts into its turning circle though, which is odd as it doesn’t on my Dad’s Superb. The interior is very spacious – its very much a jacked up Superb. 3rd row space is obviously not fantastic, but it works well as occasional transport. Shame there’s no ISOfix back there. Fuel economy is excellent given what it’s hauling around. We averaged 30mpg over our trip, with numerous stints at 130kph+, with Halfraud’s largest roof box and a fully-loaded Atera bike rack hung out the back. Back home we’re seeing 35mpg with my wife at the helm and 28 with me. We’ve no issues with visibility & the area view system works very well indeed (though why can’t it function as a dashcam?). The child kit is unexpectedly good: along with rear sun blinds, you get remote control over the rear child locks, which is very useful when you reconfigure the place to carry adults in the rear. Overall the Canton sound system is great, I’ll cover the issues with the infotainment package later. The electric tow bar system is so much better than the manual unit on our Yeti. I was starting to see the plastic trim around the hatch become fatigued & the drop down for the electrical connector had become quite badly corroded. Being able to pull the button and have the thing swing down into view is great. We had a metal grille on the Yeti to contain the vast quantity of sheer crap that you have to take with you in the boot when you have two rugrats. In the Kodiaq we replaced this with the partition net system. This is a sheet of webbing that can be secured between the roof and the floor in two positions – behind the middle row of seats in 5-seater mode, or behind the front two seats with all the rest folded. This works very well indeed & is much easier to remove / reconfigure than the one on the Yeti. It’s also a lot quieter as things don’t clatter against it. The various cubby holes in the boot are really useful, as are the hard Velcro dividers. I’m still trying to work out why anyone would spec drive mode select. We didn’t & yet when I get into the car with my key the seat & mirrors automatically shift to my positions & the driving mode switches to “sport”. Conversely when my wife gets in it all shifts back & the engine adopts “economy” mode. Being able to flick the door handles to lock/unlock the beast is a game changer. I need this on our house doors! Handling is remarkable for such a tall/heavy car. If only the gearbox could keep up! It has used not a single drop of oil in the distance we’ve travelled. I plan to do a manual oil change any day now. I just need to find a good source of the, really rather weird, 0w20 oil VW have specified for it. Front assist has helped-out on a couple of occasions: once following an accident about 5 cars in front on a very busy motorway. I swear the alarm went off before the car in front even flinched! The second time was when a car unexpectedly turned off the road in front. Lane Departure Control is a little odd. I generally keep it turned off. I’ve had it warn that front assist was not available, but this was cured with a wipe of the sensor with a baby wipe. The LED headlights are amazeballs, with a good crisp cut-off to the light. The dynamic adjustment works brilliantly in the UK, but is disabled when in tourist mode. I also noted that the car switched the lights over to tourist mode automatically based on our location when getting off the ferry in Ijmuiden & back again on arrival in Newcastle. Automatic high beam is ok, I suppose. It’s a bit dopey for my liking & I got a few angry flashes when driving in the Black forest. And now the bad bits. I’ll start with the worst offenders – performance and the sat nav. The engine is a dopey lethargic heap teamed to a gearbox controlled by Baldrick. It’s a 2 litre, turbocharged, directly injected, latest generation petrol. It should have a great big wave of torque from 3000 up to about 4700rpm. It does, but you never get to exploit it, because some cretin in VW has determined that the only way you are allowed to attempt to make progress is to rev the nuts off it from 5000 to 6500rpm. As soon as you tread on the accelerator, even lightly, it downshifts, one, two or even three gears. This takes time, during which the engine has come off boost & there’s a frustrating delay in it just getting on with the job. This is true both for normal and sport gearbox modes. My Abarth 595 has pretty much identical specific outputs & in that, I can either downshift one cog or get past just as swiftly by riding the torque wave – tread on the gas, watch the boost gauge zip around to 1.8 and awAYYYY WE GOOOOOOOO! It almost feels like the kind of unrelenting acceleration you get from jet thrust. A constant shove in the back. None of this is present in the Kodiaq & that’s really disappointing. You can counter this by switching to manual & forcing it to play with the torque – which is most definitely there. It makes for much more effortless Axxx and B-road progress. They need to work on a gearbox map - make the non-sport one more torque biased and the sport one less dopey. I’ve seen them do this with revised maps on both the Ibiza Cupra and Fabia VRS boxes & is something I’ll investigate. The next big pain is the sat nav / infotainment system. Firstly, the European map it ships with is unforgivably out of date – 3 years out of date! I have no idea where they dug this fossil up from. Route planning is ok, though it has a habit of throwing you through the centre of a city, (like Milan!) rather than stick to a motorway around the edge. Apple CarPlay works well, but the lack of CarPlay over wireless is a big miss. Worse though is that if you use CarPlay, you lose all other online connected functionality – wireless sharing from your phone, online navigation searching & everything that Skoda Connect gives you. It’s a bit pants really. If you prepare a route online with some application like Tyre or Basecamp there is no way to import that into the Columbus. Worse though is that if you manually build up a route in the Skoda online system, you’re very restricted in the number of waypoints you can have per route. I think you’re also restricted to 6 routes in total. Having built a 2550mile route in MyrouteApp, & split the thing into 21 days’ worth of tracks, it was incredibly annoying to find that it was impossible to upload it in any usable fashion (I did try using VCF files, but this didn’t work as planned). There’s some other niggles to go into briefly: · The interior lights above the 3rd row of seats are easily switched on by luggage, if you pack to the rafters. · Options for luggage retention in the boot are not great. There’s two loops at the bottom rear of the boot, inside the oddments compartments. · The exhaust vents for the aircon are in a location where they are easily obstructed by luggage. · The aircon can’t really cope when outside temp = inside temp and there is high humidity. It seemed to get really confused & started heating the place up. · In the Yeti, disabling the alarm’s interior monitoring (say you want to leave it on a ferry car deck overnight) involved pressing one button on the b-pillar. In the Kodiaq, you have to go into a series of menus, find the setting, unflag it, hope that you’ve done it right, turn the car off & lock it. If you’ve left anything in the car, you have to power the car up, wait for the infotainment to boot up and then dig through the menus again. Whoever designed this actual feature needs a lecture in user experience. · The start/stop system seems intent on wrecking either the engine or the turbocharger’s bearings. I’ve regularly come off a motorway run & had the thing shut the engine down while waiting at the end of a slip road for traffic lights. I know it’s got an auxiliary coolant pump explicitly for the turbo, but I can’t help feeling it’s a bit over-zealous in its desire to shut it all down. · Aircon Air Care setting – I’ve no idea what parameters they used to develop this. I suspect it may have involved dream catchers and mind-altering substances. · VWFS completely screwed up the loan extension, firstly by not extending it as they said, then continuing to take payments, despite them agreeing the account was settled three months previously. Overall, we’re very pleased with the car. It has some great features. It also has some annoying ones, but these don’t manifest themselves in day-to-day use generally. Except the performance bit, which is a pain. I’m going to look into both an engine and gearbox remap. I reckon 230bhp would be perfect, along with a general re-education of the gearbox’s brain.
  5. Welcome, Selling my beloved 2009 Skoda Octavia VRS LIMITED EDITION NO 085 - 2.0 TDI CR170 - 75,300 miles - MOT (Oct 2016) - 2 Previous Owners Work Carried out during my ownership of the car: - Full Service a month ago - Brake pads and discs all round - MOT - Detachable Witter tow bar - Cambelt done at 60,000 along with ancillary belts Full Service History (Part Skoda) BIG SPEC AS FOLLOWS - Full leather Limited Edition seats - 18” ‘Monza’ alloys - Factory Additional 4 loudspeakers - Alarm system with interior monitoring and backup horn - Body coloured door mirrors, handles and protective side mouldings - Matt Silver look fascia inserts - Chrome finished inner door handles - Cruise control - Dual zone air conditioning - Rubber Floor mats - Front fog lights - Height adjustable driver and passenger seats with lumbar support - Illuminated glove box, Jumbo box compartment with an adjustable armrest between the front seats and 3.5mm aux. socket for MP3 players etc... - Leather handbrake, gearknob and gaiter - Lowered suspension - Rear boot spoiler - Rear electric windows (with child safety system) - Rear seats, split and folding - Red brake callipers - Remote central locking - Storage box under passenger seat - TPM (Tyre Pressure Monitor) - Trip computer - Twin chrome exhaust - Touchscreen ‘Bolero’ radio - 2 DIN with integrated 6 CD changer (can play MP3 discs) - ‘vRS’ 3 spoke leather sports steering wheel - ‘vRS’ design bumpers - ‘vRS’ design sports seats - ‘vRS’ kick plates - XDS advance stability control For further information don't hesitate to message me or call me in the evenings (past 7pm) on 07789202022 NUMBER PLATE NOT INCLUDED IN SALE Now on original plate - BN09 YUD Willing to give a small discount to members for genuine cash offers. Looking for £7000 Car is located Bisley, near Woking, Surrey
  6. Alloy Paint Code

    Hiya, New here, but have an issue. I have a Monte Carlo black edition 64 plate skoda fabia. I have scuffed a rim quite badly and really want it repaired but I am having a really terrible time trying to find out the colour of the paint. The repair men say they need a RAL code for it. I cannot find it, I have called the parts guys at Skoda they say it's not on file. It is black but seems to have a bit of grey in there it's not a normal colour. Any help would be greatly appreiciated, it's really doing my head in :(. If required, can upload some photos. Has anyone else had the same issue and what was your soloution it looks terrible and skoda really have left me hanging on this one. It's on finance so really needs to be spot on colour wise as I plan to part exchange. Thanks, Kieran.
  7. Hi Bought a Octavia Black Edition Estate 2.0 that should be delivered by the end of the month. Im having difficulty getting Insurance quotes for this as it is only on one or two insurance databases. The ones that I have seen have been very expensive. Any ideas? I dont want to put it down as a normal SE in case I need to claim. Thanks
  8. So I swapped my 53 plate yellow octavia vrs in for a limited edition fabia vrs mk1 all good so far, pleased with how quick it is, feels more than 130 bhp though? Maybe the previous owner had it mapped? Ive got afew things I want to do, spraying the grill and reg plate recess anthracite being the first thing, coilovers and adjustable drop links have been ordered today so hopefully they should be on at the weekend I need to find a decent place to spray the alloys anthracite if anyone knows anywhere in the northwest? I will upload some pictures to this page as soon as I get on my laptop

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